Why hasn’t our state government resolved any of California’s crises like the worst in the country education, blackouts, fires, homelessness and lack of water and housing. How is it that Democrats who have ruled the state for decades have not solved any of these?

The answer is that Democrat politicians who have been in office for decades can’t stop milking every crisis for political donations and political power. To paraphrase Rahm Emanuel — Democrats can’t afford to let a crisis end. Every contract let by the state is a source of political donations from the companies and unions involved. The HSR will keep on giving to politicians for 30 years. Imagine how much politicians could rake off from a state takeover of PG&E. The only way to stop this is to bring in a new group of politicians to clean out the corruption of the prior group.

The end game for leftists is to let every crisis run until they gain total state government control over education, electricity, health care, housing, food, water, zoning, etc. Then we will have a nirvana of Democrat rule.

Ed Kahl


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Dear Ed. it must be miserable to be you. Fire and brimstone at every turn. Buying into the right wing fear and loathing all the time. When was the last time the Republican Party was actually involved in any of the issues you pose on every level of government and offered any solutions? The Party of No has no guiding principles except being against something.

Meanwhile, the State of CA has an economy ranked 5th in the world if judged as a separate country. We have Silicon Valley leading the world in innovations. Our air is cleaner and water better than ever.

we are handling COVID better than most states resulting in fewer deaths per capita. People everywhere want to live here, or at least visit. All under Democratic rule. Republicans, meanwhile, are falling behind independents as a voting class in CA. Perhaps a reevaluation of your values is in order?

Ray Fowler


I disagree... Ed is not miserable at all.

But you know who is miserable? It's gotta be miserable to be left in the desert by a coyote after he has assaulted you. It's gotta be miserable to be the parent of a young person who was killed by fentanyl that was smuggled across an open border. It's gotta be miserable for the 460 African-Americans gunned down and killed in Chicago since the first of the year. It's gotta be miserable if you're an Afghan who helped the US but was then left at the airport. It's gotta be miserable to be one of the 15 million Californians who live at or near the poverty line. It's gotta be miserable to be the parent of a child who has suffered by missing a year of school and is now having dark thoughts. It's gotta be miserable to be an Asian-American senior who was assaulted in San Francisco. It's gotta be miserable to be a store owner and watch thieves walk out with stolen merchandise and know that the thieves will not be prosecuted. It's gotta be miserable to watch gas prices, taxes, homelessness, and inflation continue to rise.

It's gotta be miserable to know the person you elected president has the audio cut off when he starts to go off script.

Wilfred Fernandez Jr


To here tell, California is losing population. You can find details at calmatters.org. I can assure you I am not alone in wanting not to visit California. And I have met many people that sold everything and left California at retirement. Your statements about Covid deaths per capita and G.D.P. are meaningless without details. As are your claims about water and air quality. In 2019 only Puerto Rico had a lower high school graduation rate than California. Perhaps with such a low secondary education rate, it is easier to convince people to vote for Democratic rule than prosper through their own making.

No, Rel, people like me are not miserable. Except when we have to wipe the electronic spittle from the rants curmudgeons like you submit. Not to worry though, God blessed us with extra patience for times like these.

Ray Fowler

Amen, mi hermano.

Wilfred Fernandez Jr

Good morning Mr. Fowler,

California is beautiful. I miss it and worse, I will not share it's splendor with my progeny. Oh well, to each his own. I prefer self reliance and liberty.


Mr. Kahl,

You seem to be a little conflicted by your love-hate relationship with reality. On the 11th you commented, as you did in your letter today, to bring in a new set of politicians to get rid of the corruption of the prior group. I guess you forgot that America did just that when they elected our great Democratic President Biden and got rid of the corrupt conman Trump.

You also seem to have lost touch with the real world on the subject of fire and water. I hate to disappoint you but contrary to your hero, DJT, claiming he could change the direction of a hurricane with a sharpie on a map, politicians on the right or left do not control the weather. Speaking of reality, I am sure you are old enough to remember that the idol of the Republican party, Ronald Reagan, closed the mental hospitals when he was governor and thus created a large portion of the homeless problem and the prison overcrowding. 30% of the prison population is deemed in need of mental help services.

As for milking every crisis for political donations. Take a second look at the made up crisis of your conman, Donald, spreading his stolen election bunk and milking the gullible for contributions. His sole purpose is to raise money so he can skim most of it for his own pocket.

BTW, there are 50 states in the US. California education needs a lot of improvement but it is not the worst. You got that one wrong also. Depending on the metrics and source CA is 39th, 40th or 41st.

Dirk van Ulden

Taffy - thank you for your revised definition of a 'great president'. 10% Inflation, millions of illegals streaming over the border, gasoline up by one dollar, a disastrous withdraw from Afghanistan, and his staff that frequently disagrees with him. Great? Also, as a reminder, it was Governor Pat Brown who made the decision to close the mental hospitals as it was felt that many patient's First Amendment rights were violated. Reagan merely implemented the law that was signed by Pat Brown. Another great Democratic governor whose results are still in view today on the streets.



Sorry, the Laterman-Petris-Short act was a bipartisan bill dealing with the rights of the mentally disabled and was signed by Reagan in 1967, not Pat Brown. He signed it, he owns it. The biggest problem with it was there was no follow up support or planning for what to do when they closed the institutions. They figured local communities would pick up the slack but no provisions were made for them to do that. The end result was a huge number of homeless and future criminals on the streets and a doubling of the number of prisoners that needed mental help.

Dirk van Ulden

Hold it buddy, it was a bill by Lanterman, Petris and Short, the latter two were Democrats. I was wrong in stating that Pat Brown initiated the Bill but he was a major driver prior to Reagan becoming Governor. The bill made good sense in those days and was revolutionary. Even though Reagan did sign it in 1962, one cannot hold him responsible for the incomplete ramifications that placed the burden on local communities. One cannot lead a horse to water if it refuses to drink. As we know now, the responsible counties have been dropping the ball and should not keep Reagan responsible for their mismanagement. A typical Democrat response, blame it on the Republicans without acknowledging their own failures after more than 50 years.

Terence Y

I was wondering when we would hear from my friend, living-in-the-past Taffy, attempting to sway the subject to our great President Trump to avoid how Taffy still can’t list a current coward-in-chief Biden accomplishment. Let me help you out, Taffy… Old dementia Jo(k)e gets punked by MAGA kids – and pictured without a mask. I guess Uncle Joe realizes masks don’t work. And how about that new chant making its way around stadiums, and now greeting treasonous Biden visits? Priceless.



Better to live in the past of the real world than in the present of your imaginary fantasy world. BTW, how are you doing with your bamboo fibers?

Terence Y

Poor Taffy is at it again with his hackneyed fantasy world shtick because he has nothing of value to contribute. Talk about a broken record… Hey Taffy, how much do you think treasonous Biden will pay for American hostages in Afghanistan? Jo(k)e’s already gifted billions in equipment and arms to the Taliban. BTW, how IS your panda diet study doing?



I hate to let the air out of your balloon but it is your panda study, not mine. BTW, how are you doing with your bamboo fibers?


Mr. Kahl - Thanks for your wisdom and taking the time to post.


Hard to blame today's wasted spending on a governor 18 years ago.

Tommy Tee

Remember when we had a Republican governor (Arnie)? He tripled the state's debt.

Terence Y

Now, now, Tommy, let’s be equitable (assuming you know the definition, which, wethinks, you probably don’t). If Arnie used the same accounting shenanigans that Newsom does in not counting unfunded liabilities, Arnie’s budget surplus would have been greater than Newsom’s surplus.

Tommy Tee

Sure, Terence.You have always some kind of excuse, don't you? Can't wait to hear why Newsom prevails tomorrow. lol

Terence Y

Tommy, in addition to not knowing the definition of “equity”, it appears you don’t know the definition of “excuse.” And I might add, according to Mr. Fowler’s comment, you appear to not understand what “triple” means. If you send me your address, I’ll (or another dear reader) will send you an unabridged dictionary, although dictionaries can be access on-line, FYI. LOLH

Ray Fowler

Tommy... another "drive by" posting? Oh, well...

Ideally, the governor (regardless of political affiliation) will submit a proposed budget to the state legislature by January 10 of any given year. The state senate and state assembly then analyze the budget proposal. A budget... approved by both houses of the state legislature... is supposed to be sent back to the governor by June 15 for signature before the state's fiscal year begins on July 1.

You asked, "Remember when we had a Republican governor... "? Yes, I do.

Question for you... from 2004 through 2010 when a Republican governor submitted a budget proposal to the legislature, who approved those budgets... the Republican governor or the Democratic Party controlled state legislature?

When Arnold Schwarzenegger moved into the governor's mansion, the state debt stood at $95 billion. When he left office, the debt had increased to about $150 billion. If he had tripled the debt, it would have increased to $285 billion... that's a lot more than the increase you have suggested.

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