It pains me to see the Democratic Party seemingly in self-defense mode. A republic consists of two political parties (“And to the republic for which it stands”).

Nancy Pelosi and her sidekick Adam Schiff attempted to impeach President Trump without first getting a majority vote in the House of Representatives (required by the Constitution). Add that her petty ripping up the copy of President Trump’s speech as he was giving it. Petty, to say the least.

I long for the days of President Harry “The buck stops here” Truman. I am a registered Republican but would vote across party lines based on a candidate’s past accomplishments.

Under President Trump, we’ve had:

1). The lowest unemployment rate in history for both African Americans and Hispanics;

2). Strengthening the U.S./Mexico border wall, slowing human trafficking and drug smuggling; and

3). Restoration of the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, which President Obama promised but failed to do.

The list goes on.

L.R. Hugdahl

Redwood City

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Ray Fowler

Hello, Tafhdyd

Thanks for extending the discussion. I hope I didn't miss it, but I looked back and saw your 9/1 comments re: right wingers being inspired by President Trump, sorry, I did not weigh in on that conversation. Then, ships passing in the night... on 9/2 we both made remarks about the Civil Rights Act of 1964. So, I guess my "rebuttal" would be the comments I made today.

A white president with an administration that improves the lives of black people hardly seems like someone who is racist. The economic, social and educational benefits of those policies just don't square with a claim of racism. If you believe so, please explain why. Democratic leadership in American cities that has allowed all the ills mentioned in my earlier post to fester is just plain oppressive. Obviously, those elected Democratic officials are not racists, but why have they continued to allow the abysmal conditions found in our inner cities to continue?

I am not a rabid pro-lifer. A woman's voice should be heard when making a decision about whether she should have an abortion... but when an unborn child viable outside the womb is aborted, that child has no voice. I just wish that a greater effort could be made to explain options to late term abortions. It's beyond sad that 22 million unborn black children have been aborted since Roe v Wade. That means 36% of the abortions performed in this country come from a segment of our society that makes up less than 14% of the nation's population. Again, if those same numbers were being reported from another region of the world, it would be considered genocide by some. 22 million. President Trump is the first chief executive to state that he is pro-life. I feel working toward reducing abortions is a benefit to the black community.

Just saying someone is a racist does not make him or her a bigot. Didn't the Democratic nominee for vice president make claims of racism against the current Democratic presidential candidate in a nationally televised debate? Joe Biden is many things, but racist is not one of them. I'm not going to act as Donald Trump's apologist because as I said earlier, he does and says some things I don't like. And like Joe Biden, Donald Trump is many things, but racist is not one of them.


Hello Ray,

I took a quick look back to see just what was discussed and see that similar items were in two letters on the same day, the 2nd. The Civil Rights topic was with the comments "Where is the hope" and my reasons for racism were with the "Taking issue with Lempert's opinion" comments. If you did see the second one and you don't think I have a reason to call him racist then I guess your definition of racism is different from mine and I guess we will have to agree to disagree. Perhaps there may be a topic on which we agree in the future and have another discussion.

Ray Fowler

Ouch! You're correct. I went back to the LTEs and Sue Lempert's column, and found the comments you mentioned in today's post. We can certainly look to past events involving Donald Trump's statements then argue whether he is racist. But where else can we apply that same reasoning? Barack Obama has had many meetings with Louis Farrakhan and he has attended Farrakhan rallies. I'm sure you would agree that Farrakhan publicly shows contempt for Jewish persons and whites. Barack Obama also invited Al Sharpton to the White House dozens of times. Sharpton's race-baiting is well documented. The Reverend Jeremiah Wright? Our former president distanced himself from Wright when Wright's racial rhetoric became controversial, but for many, many years, Barack Obama said nothing. So, is Barack Obama a racist? No! Has he acted in a way in the past that could be interpreted as racially divisive?

A racist clearly acts in a way that is prejudicial against someone of another race. In the examples cited in my comments yesterday, where is Donald Trump acting in a way that is prejudicial against the black community? And why isn't the Democratic Party leadership trying to eradicate the horrific conditions that oppress blacks in our inner cities? Is the failure to do so acting in a way that is prejudicial against blacks?

But the media keeps beating the drum... Donald Trump did not say neo-Nazis at Charlottesville were fine people. He did not ban Muslims... he did create a travel ban for anyone including Muslims from seven Muslim majority countries in an effort to prevent terrorists from entering the US. That list of seven countries was complied by Barack Obama's administration. Donald Trump disparaging emerging countries in his tweets? Yes, he has. Donald Trump does and says some things I do not like. Take Somalia as an example. The grinding poverty, political unrest, violence, homelessness, and food shortages in Somalia are heartbreaking and do not deserve such negative labeling. Bad rhetoric? Yes. Racism? No. Of the 30 major countries donating foreign aid around the globe, only five regularly assist Somalia. The US has been the major donor to Somalia for decades, and the Donald Trump administration has continued in that role. Are the other 25 donor countries racist because they act in a way that can be construed as prejudicial against persons living in Somalia? No.

Sorry... that's a lot. To keep us from going back to past LTEs, I will yield to you. Please make a final comment if you are so inclined. We've got a brand week unfolding before us.


Thanks for the follow up. I think we have beaten the race horse into the ground, pardon the pun, but I think if you were a fly on the wall in the back room you may feel differently. As you probably know, without bring racism into the picture at all, I feel he is totally unfit to be president for a number of other reasons. Enjoyed the civil discussion without the name calling that sometimes happens on here.

Have a nice holiday.



In early September, 188,000 people had died of COVID-19 in the U.S. By January 1, that number could pass 400,000.

A new projection from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington’s School of Medicine states that if trends continue, winter will lead to more coronavirus deaths. The researchers stated that the death toll reaching over 400,000 is considered the “most likely scenario.”

Tommy Tee

Yes, and experts (not Scott Atlas who reads MRI's for a living) say this number can be significant reduced if people wear masks and socially distance. But, of course, Trump says it looks weak if you wear a mask. Lots of losers and suckers in Trump's world.


Trump is a great example of someone that was born on home plate and thought they hit a home run. Totally unqualified and incompetent to manage anything legitimate but probably one of the sharpest people ever to be a conman, crook, cheat and liar. The road he travels is always smooth because whenever there is a bump he throws someone under the bus to smooth it out. Just ask some of the "best people" that he has put in the administration that tried to do an honest job, those that wouldn't lie and break the law.

Terence Y

Great letter, L.R. I bet you knew it would melt the usual TDS-infected crowd. Let's see what conspiracy theories, fake news, and lame insults these stooges can hurl at their great President Trump and his patriots. Surprisingly, they've memory-holed Obamagate and his treason, Crooked Hillary's ineptness allowing Americans to be killed at Benghazi, and noted hypocrite and childish No-masky Pelosi ripping up the SOTU speech. And welcome, Cindy-Lou. I can see your TDS has progressed to the same level as Tommy Tee-DS and Laffy Taffy Dave. Just waiting on stalker JustMikey and Jorg the JUNC man to join the thread. Stay healthy my friends. Don't forget to kneel before patriots.


Mr. Hugdahl, your lame list is woefully incomplete. Here are more of Trump's accomplishments:

1. Most corruption lead by his impeachment and number of convicted felons in his administration.

2. Greatest hate and division as 100% of all domestic terrorists deaths since 2018 have been young white right wing shooters. Political discourse has rarely been more corrosive.

3. Most racist president since Andrew Jackson with his "very fine people on both sides" beliefs.

4. Worst Commander-in-chief as those who serve, get captured, or die are "losers".

5. Greatest traitor in our lifetime. Alienates our allies; sides with despots; loves Putin; weakens the USPS; encourages people to vote twice; and breaks his oath of office daily.

This is bigly short list, but you get the idea. You must be so proud!


Albeit just the tip of the iceberg, good starting list, Rel. In all fairness, though, I would give Trump credit for one thing: he has taught his Trumpsters the fine art of ad hominem, which comes in handy when faced with so much uncomfortable, irrefutable truth about their "Führer".

Ray Fowler

Hello, Rel

Both sides of the debate re: Donald Trump’s performance as president should acknowledge that divisiveness was here before he was elected. The left, not liberals, labeling everyone who disagrees with them as racists, sexists, xenophobes, etc. divided the tribes long before Trump's inauguration. Is Donald Trump a racist? No. He says and does things that many people (including me) don’t like, but how does the left reconcile black unemployment at a historical low level during the Trump administration, prison reform that positively affects the black community, support for black families to use school vouchers, and a president who supports the pro-life movement? Why is that important? Since Roe v Wade was decided in 1973, 60 million unborn have been aborted… 22 million of those unborn aborted were black. Today, in New York, more black unborn are aborted than delivered, and overall, black women receive abortions at 5 times the rate of white women. Plus, 60% of Planned Parenthood clinics are located within walking distance of black neighborhoods. Such numbers in another region of the world would be considered genocide.

Black neighborhoods in Democrat run cities are rife with gangs, drugs, and violence. Black kids drop out of school in record numbers and teen pregnancy is off the chart. These conditions existed long before Donald Trump was elected; they have existed for decades. However, the party with the opportunity to bring sanity to our inner cities as well as education, opportunity and hope has failed to do so. So, you may not like Donald Trump because of his hair, or his tweets, or his tax cuts, but disliking him because you believe he is racist is buying into a false narrative.


So, Ray, if you opine Trump is not a racist, you have not been paying attention. His father was a fervent KKK member, and the apple did not fall very far from the tree. Trump started his political career based on birtherism and a lie. He refuses to mention any of the black men murdered by the police by name. By every reasonable measurement of racism, Trump qualifies. When a man shows you who he is, believe him.

Terence Y

Good points, Mr. Fowler. Unfortunately your facts won’t get through to the TDS-infected folks on this thread. They see racism in a panda, in a checkerboard and even in an Oreo cookie. They also conveniently forget Democrats are the party of slavery and the KKK. Thank goodness more and more people in the black community are joining the Trump movement.


Just listen to the liar-in-chief himself, Trump, claiming he is not a racist! Wouldn't that be good enough, besides all the obvious evidence?


Hello Ray,

Three days ago you asked why I thought Trump was a racist. I gave you some of the reasons. Did you read them and do you have a rebuttal? I won't list them again, they are on the other post.


Truman: "The buck stops here!" Trump: "I don't take responsibility!" Enough said, Hugdahl?

Terence Y

Biden: “I wonder if that little girl will let me smell her hair.” or, “I wonder how much I can get them to pay Hunter.” or, “Am I still in my basement or am I in the city of Arizona.” Obama: “I don’t want to endorse Joe because he’s mentally unfit for office, but I need to stay in good graces so they’ll protect me from being tried for treason.” Crooked Hillary: “I’ll blame anyone and everyone for me losing the election because it wasn’t me, although I was tossed into a van like a slab of meat.”

Tommy Tee

Cindy and Taf--yep. The Bobbsey twins should be logging in any minute, defending Drumpf. Unfortunately, there's not enough room to list Trump's failures. For me, #1 is his complete lack of leadership on the pandemic. Every expert has said we would be back in stadiums, theaters, restaurants, etc. had Trump taken the pandemic seriously in February. Almost 200,000 people have died on his watch. Instead he ignores science and hires a guy who reads MRI's to lead the Coronavirus Task Force. That's Trump's MO. Don't like bad news about Covid, hire a sycophant. Don't want mail in ballots, hire an unqualified person to run the post office. Dept. of Education, HUD, AG, who seems to act as his lawyer instead of the country's, you name it. Get rid of experts and hire people who donated to you and are like-minded. Violate The Hatch Act, Emoluments Clause, Lie, Lie, Lie, and your brown-nosed enablers will look the other way. Pathetic.

Cindy Cornell

Disrespecting and ridiculing those who have risked and lost their lives for our country; fomented racism and encouraging violence; separating and incarcerating parents and children; paying off prostitutes; refusing to show the voters his tax returns; championing and protecting Vladimir Putin; the list goes on and on. He cares for nothing and stands for nothing but his own interests. These four years will go down as one of America's darkest and most humiliating times.



Absolutely right! You could write for days and the list would still go on and on. It is about 8:15 as I am writing this and any minute the Bobbsey Twins and their brothers will be on to praise their golden (orange) idol and tell L.R. Hugdahl how great it is to be a fellow Trump minion.


I'm sure there will be many books written about Trump's "accomplishments", - especially once all his other and hitherto hidden crimes are exposed once he leaves the office he had zero qualifications for. Well, actually, not only zero, but a series of negative qualifications for, resulting in so much damage that we'll need someone of President Obama's strength and qualifications to fix, if at all possible. Obama did the almost impossible to clean up after the previous inept Republican administration, but the mess Trump will leave is even worse. Much worse, I'm afraid. Will we ever learn not to let Republican misfits too close to national administration?

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