Based on recent campaign ads on the internet (I don’t watch cable or local TV), one would have to believe that without the inspiring leadership of our current governor at the helm, everybody is doomed due to an apocalyptic-like spread of a flu virus.

With age, I have come to reach two conclusions about politicians and their campaigns:

Firstly, when a politician has no clue how to resolve issues (i.e. crime, homelessness, education, poverty, etc.) facing the populace, they simply raise taxes and fees and increase budgetary funds for social programs that have never succeeded. But at least they can put themselves high on a pedestal promoting their concerns and the fact that they actually did “something.”

Secondly, if a career politician can’t support his own campaign with a list of accomplishments (or even one accomplishment), said politician has only one resort, and that is to bash and blame others who have zero legislative influence or power in Sacramento.

With a slight twist of an old saying, the dominant majority of voters in the state of California hate any thought of political or social change more than they love the California weather.

W.R. Wise


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Tommy Tee

The conspiracy is already happening. Trump went on Newsmax yesterday to report that the recall election is rigged. And per Trump, with ZERO evidence.

Terence Y

Hey Tommy, we’re all still waiting with bated breath for your definition of equity. More homework required? BTW, for anyone voting in person for the recall, or even if you’re near a polling location, take pictures or video if you see any voting irregularities. There are several organizations where you can send your pics or video, including FixCalifornia, and all replacement candidates.



Why would someone want to take pictures of Republicans cheating at the polls and then send the pix to someplace that will destroy them and say there was massive (undocumented) fraud by the Dems like they did in the 2020 election. BTW, how are you doing with your bamboo fibers?

Terence Y

Taffy, my friend, unlike you, I believe in non-partisan election integrity for all, which is why I didn’t specify any “side.” Instead of continually asking for help for your panda diet study you should focus your attention and help them yourself. Maybe, unlike coward-in-chief Biden, you can actually accomplish something – perhaps Panda-mucil? I’m not sure there’s much of a market but whatever floats your boat.

Tommy Tee

Are you claiming election fraud now, or are you waiting until Newsom is NOT recalled on Tuesday? LOL

Ray Fowler


On Thursday, you appeared to be laughing up your sleeve re: some readers asking what is meant by use of the term "equity." The term is getting a lot of airplay without agreement about how it might be applied to government policies.

It looks like you assumed that everyone should know what "equity" means and how it should be applied. Fair enough... but when you're asked to describe what the term means... we hear... crickets.

I asked you three times on Thursday, “Well, Tommy... why don't you tell us what equity means?" Still waiting...

Terence Y

Actually Tommy, I’m claiming we should have equity in voter integrity, but first you need to understand the definition of equity, which wethinks, you don’t. LOLH. As for election fraud, I’ll submit the following for readers/viewers to decide: https://ktla.com/news/local-news/san-fernando-valley-residents-have-trouble-casting-recall-ballots/

Remember, if you see something, take a photo or video, and say something. Just like these folks in San Fernando Valley did.


You're correct on every point. All politicians are conflicted by self interest. They tell themselves that staying in office benefits the people which justifies an array deflections from their one incompetencies. The only way to stop this is to bring in a new group of politicians to clean out the corruption of the prior group.


Mr. Kahl,

OMG, I didn't think I would ever hear you say bad things about your leader. Calling Trump a corrupt politician means that there is hope for you in the world of reality. The only clarification is that he is not really a politician, although he is corrupt and a liar and a conman.

Ray Fowler

Mr.Wise... thanks for your LTE.

Concerning the recall vote on Tuesday... there is a lot of noise from the left side of the aisle deriding what they have labeled a "Republican" power grab. Textbook. Smearing the leading Republican candidate... also textbook.


Yes Ray, likely to be textbook. One wonders if the parties and roles were reversed whether you would deride the practices.



From what I have read of Mr. Fowler's comments over the past year I would say he would deride the practices of the other side if things were reversed because he has in the past. Even though he leans to the right, he will give credit to the left occasionally and call out the right occasionally (although maybe not quite as loudly). I disagree with his assessment that the recall is not a "Republican" power grab, mainly because the Republicans are dumping most of the money into the anti Gavin campaign. Although it is true that it may have started as a sour grapes with Gavin movement, the Repubs jumped onboard seeing a "possible" chance to get someone into the Governor's seat and mess up California like they are trying to do nationally.

Ray Fowler


Yes, the left's tactics of muddying the waters with claims that the recall is a deprivation of voters' rights is pure ackamarackus. Please tell us where voting in California is being suppressed. All registered voters... every one of them... can vote on Tuesday.

The left has also decried the petition process because the 12% threshold, according to the left, for petition signatures is too low. Of course, they make no mention that the threshold to get a proposed state constitutional amendment on the ballot is only 8%. If the left thinks either one of those percentages is too low, bring a change in the law to the voters... but criticizing the petition for adhering to present law just noise.

And that noise is intended to take attention away from the present governor's failed leadership.

Roles reversed? Here's a role reversal for you... the DNC heavyweights were pushing and shoving each other of the dais to support Jussie Smollett's unverified claim that he had been the victim of a hate crime due to his race. Did you see this week's video of a white woman wearing a gorilla mask throwing an egg at Larry Elder at a campaign event? Where's the DNC's outrage at what LA authorities said was a hate crime committed against Elder? The DNC is guilty of hypocrisy of Olympian proportions.

You wonder if the roles were reversed whether I would deride the practices? Short answer... yes. Long answer... heck, yes.

I submitted a guest perspective in support of the recall back on August 26. I focused on positions and not personalities. I choose to toss the DNC's playbook on the trash heap.



Hello there, looks like I beat you by a minute. For what it is worth, or not worth, a couple of days ago I heard a person on the radio say "I am a black person and if I was there I would have thrown an egg at him too." I don't know if he was black or not, but I just threw it in the pot so someone can stir it.

Ray Fowler

Hey, Tafhdyd...

Thanks for your even handed response to Rel's post. It would be great to debate Gavin's performance in office... such a discourse should be the basis for voters making their decision about whether Gavin should be recalled. Instead, from the DNC, we're getting a lot of... "Orange Man's party is bad" rhetoric cranked up full volume by the MSM.

I'd love to hear Rel's explanation why the DNC leadership fawned all over Jussie but went silent on Larry... but I'm guessing Rel will go silent, too.

Again, thanks for being fair and adding some thoughtful commentary to the discussion.

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