While running for office in 1924, the KKK approached Harry Truman and offered to support him if he joined their group.

“They were congenital racists,” Truman said, “and I believe their philosophy to be the ultimate in vulgarity. I looked at those miserable creatures and told them that they could take their support and stick it where the good lord intended such things to be stuck.”

Truman later heard that some of them wanted to kill him. “I knew that you have to draw the line when your life is threatened, and my only choice was to confront them head on.”

He did so at one of their own meetings. He wanted to go by himself, but his Jewish friend, Eddie Jacobson, refused to let him go alone, and later relayed what Truman had said to them, including the “colorful” language Truman thought appropriate for such situations. Sensitive readers may want to cover their eyes while reading.

“I understand that some of you have threatened to kill me. Well if you want take your lives in your hands, let’s have a go at it right now! Telling me I can’t hire a Catholic or a Negro or a Jew is undiluted bull—t, cause I’m going to hire anyone I damn well please. Those jobs are for all the people, not just a few hooded bastards like you — Shame on you.”  

Truman’s stance was courageous by any account. We need only contrast that to Trump cowering in his White House bunker during the protests.

Kent Lauder


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(14) comments


i would be SHOCKED if Conway EVER wrote something or replied - keeping ALL Americans in mind instead of just himself. Even people from Shenyang deserve a more well rounded outlook.

Tommy Tee

Tafhdyd and Jorg,

So true, but look at their role model: The man who lies daily. The man who has lied to America about everything from Covid-19 to Veteran's Choice to Election Fraud.


Indeed, TT, - lying and cheating have become the Republican way, or should we call it the Repulsive way, led by the most loathsome of them all, Trump!

Dirk van Ulden

Jorg - you would make a great spin doctor for Biden. There is a difference between becoming wiser and better informed than reading the tea leaves and go with the flow. Apparently you can take principles with a grain of salt if it fits your narrative.

Tommy Tee

Well said, Kent. Trump sits back and embraces his support from white supremacists.

Dirk van Ulden

Strange, Tommy, I did not see any reaction from you when Obama was supported by Black extremist groups and he welcomed them in the fold.

Christopher Conway

Trump cowering in the White House during these protests? I think you are referring to Joe Biden. Democrats are the party of the KKK and you bring Trump into your story about the KKK and Truman. Kent, you have an extreme case of Trump Derangement Syndrome, you do know there is help for you out there, I suggest you seek it. Wasn't it Biden who raised the hand and eulogized the White Supremist Democratic Politician and KKK member Robert Byrd. Know your history folks before you write a letter.


Chris: This has been explained to you over and over again, that the Southern Democrats around the civil war, would more closely identify with Republicans today, while the Republicans back then, including President Lincoln, would more closely line up with today’s Democrats. Get it now?

And, how about knowing your history, as Kent obviously does?

Dirk van Ulden

Yes Jorg - it was like when Obama and Biden were first against same sex marriage but when the tide turned and their re-election was in peril, they quickly changed. They are disgusting, duplicitous politicians. That is recent history!


So, have you, Dirk, ever changed your mind when you got wiser and understood an issue better? Never?



Recent history shows Trump retweeting the video of old folks in the Villages complex in Florida shouting "white power" and Donald thanking them. Also recently, July 9th, David duke of the KKK endorsed Trump, again. Maybe because he feels Trump is a true white supremacy supporter and life long racist.

Christopher Conway

Jorg, you keep uttering the same nonsense it was the Democrats and you try to explain it by saying ya but............Democrats also opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Act of 1965. I don't know why Democrats are so scared of history and looking to re-write it at every opportunity. Thank God for the Republican party who freed slaves and were the ones who got the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Act passed. That is real history.


My goodness, what kind of Chris-nonsense is that? Both bills were introduced by Democrats and signed by Democratic President Lyndon Johnson, who was able to get substantial Republican support against a relatively small cluster of SOUTHERN Democrats in opposition. How many of those later switched to the Republican side, Chris, and how many of those districts are now under Republican control? And, btw., you still haven’t grasped my rather simple-to-understand explanation of the R/D historical switch?



You do an honorable job trying to teach Republicans the truth and facts but you are whipping a dead horse. Being truthful and factual are the two greatest sins in the Republican rulebook. If Republicans mention the truth or the facts at a gathering of their peers, not only are they castigated but they are castrated.

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