Here’s the deal. If Biden wins, it will be the “Harris-Bernie-Pelosi” presidency and Biden will sign whatever he’s told to. The left will pack the Supreme Court, open our borders and admit two Democrat states to create permanent and corrupt one-party government. 

It was Trump, not Biden, who achieved the lowest unemployment rates in 75 years for minority groups. If Biden wins, the left would plunder our economy, indoctrinate our children with a hatred of America and raise taxes to increase Democrat’s power and our dependency on government. Biden fails to condemn Antifa as it uses trucks to dispense riot gear and then stuffs them with stolen goods. It is the Democrat left, not white supremacists, who caused billions in riot damages and over 20 deaths. 

Biden’s economic plan would increase taxes and regulations which would reduce jobs, exports, wages and economic growth. Biden would let China, who knowingly spread COVID, resume stealing our technology. He’d undo Trump’s rejection of the Iran deal, a move that enabled an historic peace deal between Arab countries and Israel.

China caused COVID — not Trump. Most virus deaths in the United States were caused by Democrat governors confining the elderly to virus infected nursing homes. Biden has no COVID plan but Trump’s plan will have a vaccine ready for distribution years ahead of schedule. Treatments have already been developed under Trump’s watch to reduce deaths and the severity of the disease.

Hey man, Biden is not the man. 

Ed Kahl


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Ray Fowler

Tafhdyd and Tommy...

OK, gents... I know you must have more to say re: Mr. Kahl's letter.

Mr. Kahl makes some very good points. So... why is China rooting for Joe Biden? Why did Joe Biden eschew (not Eshoo) law and order during the DNC? What was Joe Biden doing during his eight years as VP to move forward with peace in the Middle East? What was Joe Biden's position on Donald Trump stopping travel from China in late January?

And for good measure... what about all those thousands of emails? Sorry... just so we're clear... Hunter Biden's emails not Hillary's emails...


Mr. Kahl,

Do you take medications for your hallucinations? I am sure they are covered by the ACA.

Tommy Tee

Taf--It's the Kool Aid he got from Terence.

Terence Y

Well written, Mr. Kahl. You’ve covered a few of the hundreds of Trump accomplishments so I’ll go off on a tangent. During the debate, remember when Biden yelled out, “Will you shut up, man?” People assumed Biden was speaking to Trump but other people are saying Biden was yelling to the folks talking in his earpiece. Biden’s mental facilities couldn’t process the voices in his head quickly enough so he had to yell at his handlers to zip it. Needless to say, Biden and his team failed miserably.

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