I just finished the latest installment of the Jan. 6 congressional inquiry on CSPAN. I was totally impressed with how these members of Congress have left no stone unturned and no subpoena unanswered. They are showing the American people what can be done when the Congress of the United States sets its mind to fulfilling its obligation to hold not only members of Congress, but the president and the American people accountable for these seditious acts.

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Great letter Sam - you nailed it.

Terence Y

Mr. Scafani, perhaps the Unselect Committee could make amends and instead of allowing hearsay testimony, Congress could actually provide some facts in telling us why Pelosi would not seat Republican Reps. Jim Jordan and Jim Banks on the committee and instead Pelosi cherry-picked RINOs and TDS-infected Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger. In telling us why Pelosi and DC Mayor Bowser, after being warned two weeks in advance that there may be possible violence on Jan. 6, turned down thousands of National Guard troops. It’s not a surprise that recent polls show the majority of Americans believe this Kangaroo Court is biased. As for viewership, if people want comedy, reruns of Young Sheldon are better than the puppet show known as the Unselect Committee. Meanwhile, thanks to the Unselect Committee’s kangaroo court, our great President Trump’s influence continues to become stronger and stronger.


1. Please look up the definition of hearsay, you do not understand what it means. 2. Jim Jordan and Jim Banks were witnesses and participants in the crime you would have them help investigate. 3. Rep Cheney and Rep Kinzinger were the ONLY House Republicans willing to stand up for our democracy. 4. The National Guard of DC is controlled by the President and his designated appointees, and many people were begging them to order the Guard in. The Speaker of the House and the DC Mayor do not have the power to order the Guard in. You keep bringing up this lie, it must be a popular one in your alternate reality. 5. Polls show that more and more citizens are tuning in and becoming aware of how close we came, and how close we still are, to losing our democracy.

Terence Y

Westy, 1. Please look up the definition of hearsay, you do not understand what it means. 2. Just about everyone in America and even many global folks were witnesses so current participants shouldn’t be part of the Kangaroo Court, either. 3. Both Cheney and Kinzinger (both willing to sell out for 15 minutes of fame) were hand-picked by Pelosi so there’s obvious bias. 4. We’ve already gone through this before and sadly, I’ll again have to correct your lies and alternate reality: Our great President Trump authorized National Guard troops. The Capitol Police are responsible for security at the US Capitol and their police chief asked House and Senate officials for permission to have the National Guard be placed on standby. Pelosi and Bowser turned him down. 5. Polls show more and more folks are watching reruns of just about anything else and tuning out the biased Unselect Committee. They’re getting their fill of gossip elsewhere.


Terence Y: I don’t think many who know your usual uneducated nonsense, expected you to understand much of Westy’s very clear, detailed explanation. The Jan. 6. Committee is being praised by the vast majority both here and abroad. They have done an excellent job, in a very difficult environment, - whether you understand it, or not. You haven’t even followed the hearings, yet you entertain such an immature perception of their work. All you manage to do, is to hang yourself out as a totally confused, incurable Trumpist.

Terence Y

Another JUNC (Jorg’s Usual Nonsense Claptrap) entry… Sorry, Jorg, you’ve included about 80 words and have no valid points. In fact, your only valid point, an exclamation point, is also missing. BTW, the soap opera that is the Unselect Committee has only moved the needle to the right.


Terence Y: Sure, if it makes you feel better, you have a right to question 2+2=4 and other things equally obvious to most of us uninhabited thinkers!!!

Dirk van Ulden

Westy - Those witnesses were not called but confirmed independently that President Trump offered to bring in the National Guard but he was rebutted by Pelosi and the DC Mayor. Isn't that very suspicious? And if you believe that Cheney showed courage, you may not be aware that she bet on the wrong horse. Like most solid career politicians she was just hoping for a boost in her standing. Politicians do not generally have scruples and she demonstrates that daily. If these hearings are part of a democratic process, I have a bridge for sale.

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