This letter is in response to yet another sales tax measure that would go to transit (“SamTrans officials to vote on sales tax measure” in the July 10 edition of the Daily Journal). Wow, that’s a new one.

Let’s see how these people who sit on these boards and commissions can get and waste, sorry spend, more of our money. 

Now they want to add a half cent for the next 30 years to help public transportaion, really. Let’s think back over the past several years to some of the tax measures that we have been approached with and they just keep on coming. 

There was a 12 cent gas tax (20 cents for diesel) per gallon, that Gov. Jerry Brown pushed. There was also BART’s multi-billion dollar bond combined with raised fares. Then there is the new “express lanes” from Interstate 380 to Whipple Avenue in Redwood City so that Google, Facebook and Apple can get their workers there quicker for only $530 million. Oh, and we can use it if we pay, more. 

We are paying for it every day. I think it would be great to have a job so that I could mismanage funds, have a bottomless piggy bank, and do projects that seem to help a lot of big political donors. When I need more money because I could put a tax increase on the ballot, wrap it with warm and fuzzy words like “advancing public transit” or “get us moving” and hope people pass it. 

Thank you, David Canepa for at least being the voice of common sense, which does not seem to be so common anymore, especially in public office.

Jason Kruljac

San Bruno

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What is really bad is the oligarchs are manipulating elected officials to use tax payer money to fund this campaign. They call it "educating the public", in reality it push-pull polls, biased studies and professional, feel good advertising.

Christopher Conway

They should have a third option for voting besides Yes and No. It is Heck No, and stop asking. I initially wrote something else but it didn't pass the censors.


I KNEW it, you and the POTUS share the same potty mouth Vocab.

Christopher Conway

Did you just know it Mike? What guys like you think about is pretty scary.

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