I was pleased to see that the Daily Journal continues to cover the effects of climate change (“Scientists confirm July set new global heat record” and “NASA scientists fly over Greenland to track melting ice.”) However, I hope the Daily Journal will move beyond reports monitoring climate change and publish more articles about addressing the crisis.

According to the Yale Climate Communication Project, 82% of people in the SF-Oakland-Hayward metro area believe the climate is changing, 69% understand people are mostly responsible for it, 79% believe it will harm plants, animals and future generations, and 59% believe it is already harming people in the United States. With this staggering agreement in the region, we don’t need more articles telling us what we already know. We need reporting on how to address the crisis.

Locally, cities can adopt “reach codes” advocated by Peninsula Clean Energy, Silicon Valley Clean Energy and San Mateo County’s Office of Sustainability. The state Legislature can advance UC Berkeley Law School recommendations to “realign state transportation, housing, and other infrastructure funding and policies to support the state’s per-capita driving miles, greenhouse gas reduction, and affordable housing goals.” Nationally, Congress can pass HR 763: The Energy Innovation Act which would put a price on carbon pollution. HR 763 is cosponsored by representatives Eshoo, Speier, Lee and DeSaulnier. More reporting on these and other strategies addressing the climate crisis would be most valuable.

Alan Mattlage

San Mateo

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Dirk van Ulden

Alan, - if we have not learned anything from the past performance by politicians we need to be very concerned about HR 763. Should it pass, the industry subject to it will pass the incremental carbon cost to its consumers. Then, the benevolent government will return those carbon fees back to the consumers? I have a bridge to sell. Even if the Bill were to pass, the revenues derived from those carbon penalties will decrease over time leaving you and me to pay the bill. Don't fall for the hokey argument that our politicians are presenting without any substantiation of long-term climate change benefits. While we may need to address climate issues, HR Bill 763 is just another way to fleece us while our sanctimonious politicians flood the airways with their government-furnished airplanes to visit us grunts at their leisure. The economics simply are not in favor of this feel-good bill.

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