Never have I ever collectively read so much ignorance, disrespect and lack of knowledge about the U.S. Constitution and the rule of law in America, then after I read three letters to the editor from Trump supporters Scott Abramson, Tony Favero and Joe Guttenbeil (“Iran should sue America,” “Congressional inquistion” and “Am I missing something?” in the Dec. 9 edition of the Daily Journal).

Even a first year lawyer could prosecute President Donald Trump and win in a court of law with all the evidence that has been piling up against him. The lying or distortion of evidence and truth of these letter writers doesn’t do Trump any good; there’s too much documented evidence from the Mueller investigation and the current House Intelligence Committee’s impeachment inquiry.

I am wondering if these three Trump-supporting letter writers are really in a “Best Liar For Trump” contest or something. I heard that the winner of the contest receives a trip to the White House to have dinner with the president. The menu includes a hamburger, French fries and a Coke. Gee, I don’t know who to vote for.

Michael Oberg

San Mateo

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Chris: Since you didn’t respond directly to any of my rather pointed questions, and instead tried to side-step the subject, can I interpret your non-answers as affirmative, or that you simply don’t like to admit you agree, - for whatever reasons? That’s something I would understand, - quite well, actually!

Christopher Conway

I didn't respond because all your questions are rhetorical Jorg. I love this president much more than the anti-American Obama. If I was in another country, I would love Obama as well, he was easy to manipulate, he was lazy and he put globalism ahead of what is best for our country. That is why Trump is president this very day.

Christopher Conway

Michael , you are full of hot air. Where is the indictment and where is your conviction? President Trump had every right to investigate corruption in the 2016 election in which president Obama was warned about and scoffed at. You are entitled to your opinion, but you are flat wrong. Because you and people who think like you are always wrong, president Trump will be elected for a 2nd term. Keep it up.


Are your standards for the US Presidency so low, Chris, that you’d like someone as inept, unqualified and incompetent as lying Trump re-“elected”? And, do you really believe there are still enough gullible, uneducated and easily fooled voters, or do you expect the usual Republican tricks and voter suppression, combined with foreign meddling, to do the dirty, unpatriotic job again? Wouldn’t you rather have someone as widely respected and admired as President Obama in the WH, instead of a laughingstock like Trump, - someone so small and childish that he engages in a twitter-battle with a young girl he feels “stole” the “TIME Person of the Year” from him, despite heavy campaigning and self-promotion on his part?

Christopher Conway

Your a tough case Jorg. Reason why is even if Trump wins decisively you would say he cheated, his supporters are stupid or he had foreign infiltration into our elections. We can beat you day in and day out but you will never concede defeat. What will it take for your to be proven wrong?

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