Mark Simon

During the recent power outage, which has yet to end for some, shamefully, I was in a couple of local cafes and coffee shops searching like so many others for Wi-Fi and a place to plug in.

As I was working away inside one establishment, it was hard not to notice a woman who walked in and sat down at her computer, accompanied by a fine looking and well-behaved German shepherd.

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Mark-O Polo-O

Regardless of the Edmund G. Brown utterance I believe the Health (code) Dept. located on 37th ave - inside SM County General Hospital - has precedence over the whims of society's finest emotional needs (another made up word/phrase is "Fido/Muffy is an emotional needs dog".

At the old Burlingame Post office county a widow once picked her Fifi and placed it on the counter as the owner wanted to buy stamps. The dog went wee wee on the counter in front of the USPS window clerk.

The dog owner asked the clerk "What did you do to my dog to make her do that"?


When did it became OK for people to wear their pants belt at the knees and baseball caps backwards? Great column, Mark. Hope you started something.


Bill Walsh - late great 49er coach and GM has been given credit for 'caps worn backwards. - The tale reads like this: Players coming off the practice field for lunch were wearing their new 49er baseball caps and as they sat down and began eating, several if not all found that the bill of their respective caps were ending up almost in their food. Coach Walsh suggested to turn their caps backwards.

The other person to point to is Ken Griffey Junior.


Get off my lawn! ; )


You've got some serious Andy Rooney vibes going on! Thanks for the smiles you brought to lots of faces today. I was in the supermarket a while back and a man had his dog on leash and the dog lifted its leg and urinated on a veggie display. I yelled out and the man watched the dog's last drops hit the box and just started walking further into the store. He was really upset when insisted that he leave.


those darn kids and their devices and dogs and pajama pants how dare they

Terence Y

Humorous column today, Mr. Simon... I’d add that these days, many might prefer the company of dogs to the company of some humans… Keep those “grouch” columns coming… We need more humor in these pages…

Dirk van Ulden

Mark - regarding Governor Brown's dog, it was allowed to run around in his Capitol office space. I remember attending a few meetings in his conference room when that animal made its rounds. Nobody had the nerve to kick it out, quite annoying.


I agree with Mark Simon... also it is snowing in (not heaven) aka Southern California.

Ray Fowler


Great column! I'm still laughing as I write this comment.

You are saying what most everyone is thinking when they see someone with dog in tow in nearly every type of business imaginable. Home Depot? Seriously? I like dogs... a lot more than cats... but they can be left at home while errands are being run. I have never seen a dog using a ratchet or buying a bag of gardening soil to make digging in the backyard easier.

Somehow, I feel dogs would rather be running outside than walking down cement floor aisles in hardware stores, grocery stores or the post office. Somehow, I feel they would rather be getting attention from the person at the other end of the leash instead of processing unusual sounds, lights and smells inside a local business.

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