A rendering of the office and retail development proposed in South San Francisco. 

A builder planning an almost 2-million-square-foot office and retail development in South San Francisco near the San Bruno border is seeking public input on the ambitious vision.

Lane Partners is interested in constructing a sweeping commercial project across 25 acres of industrial land near the intersection of Huntington Avenue and South Maple Avenue at the southern tip of South San Francisco.

The project, comprised largely of high-end office space designed to attract tenants from the technology and life science sectors, is proposed only a short distance from the San Bruno BART station and The Shops at Tanforan.

Marcus Gilmour, project lead with Lane Partners, noted enhanced investment in the surrounding area fueled his company’s faith in the project’s viability.

“Looking out five years into the future, we really believe in this area,” said Gilmour, recognizing YouTube’s expansion plans of its adjacent campus as well as expected renovations at The Shops at Tanforan.

Beyond the surrounding redevelopment plans, Gilmour said proximity to central public transportation hubs such as the BART station and Caltrain lines furthered his company’s interest in the site.

“Outside of Millbrae with BART and Caltrain, there are no other locations on the Peninsula that offers that access,” he said.

No formal plans for the project have been filed, and some specifics remain yet to be determined. Gilmour said designs for the project have been in the works for about two years, and preliminary plans have been submitted. A project website suggests formal plans may be submitted later this summer.

Beyond the offices, Gilmour said the site will also offer retail space as well as potential recreation opportunities such as a bowling alley plus restaurant and dining locations.

Gilmour said the site is also expected to include open space, a community garden and other amenities accommodating the public, as the project is intended to serve local residents as well as workers.

As plans take shape, Gilmour said developers are seeking public feedback and established a website to collect perspectives from interested locals.

“Our desire is to engage the community early,” he said.

The project is intended to improve surrounding connections to the BART and Caltrain station too, as well as feature better bike paths and pedestrian routes, said Gilmour. Such improvements could partially be made possible through a connection of Sneath Lane headed northeast to the intersection of South Linden and Dollar Avenue, according to the project website.

Lane Partners is headquartered in Menlo Park, and is simultaneously planning to redevelop the Aaron Brothers site at 180 E. Third Ave., in San Mateo, into a mixed-commercial site with retail and office space. Gilmour said the South San Francisco project is among the largest the firm has ever proposed, though the developer entitled a 1.5-million-squre-foot project in Oakland as well.

The site is precluded from housing development because it is not zoned for residential uses and the plane flight paths from San Francisco International Airport complicate the process.

For his part, Gilmour detailed the vision for the site.

“We are envisioning this as a class A corporate campus that can attract both tech and life science tenants,” he said.

Visit to learn more about the project and offer feedback on the plans.

(650) 344-5200 ext. 105

Note to readers: this article has been amended to correct the spelling of Gilmour. 

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(4) comments


All these “improvements†yet department heads can’t keep up with the needed maintenance and code issues now. Who will suffer from additional needs for services. Current residents that’s who. Build and don’t look at the maintenance required to sustain quality of life. The councils see money for their agendas. Not residents quality of life. The councils at one time worked for residents of SOUTH CITY now its big business. The chamber of commerce dictates to the council. Oddly the chamber of commerce CEO was the mayor. Hand me down politics in South City is ripe and smelling. The chamber of commerce is also dictating leadership in our city government, that’s not there job, it’s our vote that should count. Spend on maintaining what we currently have, then residents may see the additional building as a positive.


Done in by spell-check once again! A TRAFFIC boondoggle, not raffia....


Um..... South Maple doesn't intersect Huntington. If Lane means to redevelop the properties (airport freight forwarders, building materials, and catering), in the dead-end behind the San Bruno PO, it's going to be another raffia boondoggle. And they'll surely need to add a TON of parking! But I bet they don't!


You can build aopartments litteraly feet from I-80 in SF. The airport noise is a cop-out on residential construction.

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