As cooler weather rolls into the Bay Area, bringing with it an increase in respiratory illnesses, County Health officials are encouraging residents to keep updated on COVID-19 vaccines, influenza shots and other health precautions.

“We are engaged on several important public health protection fronts and value this monthly opportunity to update the community,” Chief of Health Louise Rogers said during a COVID-19 update to the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors Tuesday morning.

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The only thing they are "worried" about is people not listening to their fearmongering and lies anymore. These liberal bureaucrats have weaponized normal sickness to pass unconstitutional policy to suit their insatiable quest for perverted power.


Hello LittleFoot,

If you care to answer I am curious if you are vaccinated or boosted and also wonder if you believe in karma? I am sure you are aware that the number of people that suffer severe illness and hospitalization, and even death, vs those that have milder illness are those that have not been vaccinated.

Scott McVicker

The Jab and The Bogeyman

Your use of the word “karma” is inappropriate. The original poster is not incurring a “soul debt” as a consequence of his (or her) decision to not participate in this new-technology experiment. Individuals are responsible for the choices that affect only themselves. As a California resident, each citizen is forced to carry health insurance (remember that check box on your tax form?), so in the event of some unfortunate reaction to a viral infection, they have responsibly provided for themselves.

What you meant to say was, “Don't you believe in The Bogeyman?” Yes, FEAR has been the driver for all and sundry bad decisions, false forced consensuses, flawed approaches and misguided mandates throughout the past three years. Turns out, those of us who rejected the “safe and effective” propaganda were correct. The mRNA transfection (Bret Weinstein) technology (which asked each individual's body to produce a viral protein to which that individual's immune system could react) had problems. Never mind the lack of long-term safety data. Yet The Narrative is still pushing more of their injectables (boosters and bivalents) into people's arms. Even children. It is immoral. It must be stopped.


If you are going to make a pointed comment at me - yes I will respond. One of my Savannah cats is actually named Karma - yes I believe in it with all my spirit - but karma is arbitrated by God not man - so Im pretty confused on what self-righteous "karma" you are referring to. We all have free will and I will never cave in to peer pressure. When I was young we learned that in middle school. I also used to work at San Mateo Convalescent Hospital when i was in high school for reference sake. Yes I care about everyone - especially those who cant care for themselves. But you or anybody else do not get to tell me how to live my life.

Terence Y

Well said, LittleFoot. More and more evidence shows COVID jabs don’t protect you from COVID. I’d add that if folks go in for a flu shot, they check the vial label before being injected. The last thing you want is to be injected with an experimental COVID jab, or experimental boosters never tested on humans, only mice. We all know COVID jabs reward folks with known and unknown side effects. I don’t think you want that kind of reward, as your life is at stake and pharma companies won’t pay your hospital bills, or funeral costs.

Richard Pico

Wearing a huge blue badge with white fonts that read "Injection Nurse", Kaiser administered a flu shot in one arm and the Pfizer BA.4, BA.5 & Covid 19 "trifecta" booster in the other upper arm a couple of weeks back. Covid 19 and it's siblings: "On guard, I'm boosted and flued!"

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