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The Daily Journal is a newspaper of general circulation in San Mateo County and is adjudicated to publish legal and public notices. The order form below is to place your Name Change notice for San Mateo County. After you have submitted the form, you should receive either a phone call or email from us confirming receipt. If you do not, please follow up with us at 650-344-5200 or info [ at ] For other legal notices, please call or email us directly for instructions. Thank you for your business and for supporting a locally owned company

Name Change Details

Please use the information on your court order.


The fee for a Name Change Notice is $160 for ONE name change. Each additional name in the same form is $20.

Select your Package(s)

Price: $ 160.00

Price: $ 180.00

Price: $ 200.00

Price: $ 220.00

Price: $ 240.00

Price: $ 260.00


I hereby authorize the San Mateo Daily Journal to charge my card accordingly.

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