The fact is that the Democrats do not present a coherent, balanced and complete vision for our society because they refuse to discuss publicly the effects that their proposed new taxes, regulations and mandated minimum wages will have on our wealth and job creators and therefore on our economy. Unfortunately for our Democrats, every capitalistic economy in the world seems to slow down when taxes are raised and capital is withdrawn from productive investment through public spending. What the Democrats do not tell us is that they have a hidden economic policy which greatly mitigates the effects of their new taxes and programs on corporations and the rich, thus making Democrats’ public statements a lot of empty bluster; winking to her corporate donors is what Hillary was doing in her secret speeches to our biggest bankers.

How can one then trust politicians who have to first swing hard to the left in order to win a primary, then swing hard to the middle in order to win the actual election, who say one thing in public and yet another in private policy discussions with their corporate donors?

We need to demand from the Democrats their full and unredacted vision for our economy and society, their many trillions in new taxes and new regulations have to be modeled and their effects on our economy understood, their open border policy has to be modeled in order to determine its effects on our local real estate taxes.

Virgil Stevens

San Carlos

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The new Tagline for the Democrat Party is : "The Party of Hate" because this is all the world sees from them. Every talk show, Fake News CNN and MSNBC barfs up garbage all day long. Then they preach about how they want to save the Earth for their children while at the same time they are preaching hate.

Terence Y

Mr. Stevens. Thanks for triggering a few more snowflakes. Looks like the JUNC (Jname Usual Nitwit Comments) men are out in force. Kind of weird that all of these triggered snowflakes all have usernames beginning with J. Might they be all the same people? They all seem to be suffering under the same delusion. My advice for them - Get. Over. It.

JD Rhoads

Party over Country Conway. True American Patriotic Citizen.


Donald Trump Jr. subpoenaed to appear before GOP-led Senate Intelligence Committee.


so Republicans have a complete vision? Massive deficits, trade wars, no action on gun violence, nothing on healthcare other than repeal Obamacare, tax cuts to juice an already red hot economy, no action on the environment except for removing anything the prior administration did, lies upon lies, a revolving door of cabinet members. The GOP is an absolute disaster. The abdicated everything they stood for in supporting this president. They are no longer the party of fiscal responsibility. They are no longer the party of free trade. They are no longer the party of family values. You talk about the Democrats moving left for the primaries while the GOP moves to evil in their blind support of a wicked leader. History will be very harsh on Mitch McConnell and his army of the dead.


At least the Republicans are fair about their lying, - they lie both about President Obama and about Trump! That we can rely on!

Christopher Conway

Virgil, we do know the Democrats agenda. It is redistributing wealth, open borders and dispute the presidential election of 2016. This new field of Democrat candidates will be a cake walk for Trump to win reelection.

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