As I am reading again the phenomenal work by William Shirer covering the rise and fall of the Third Reich, I am struck by the similarities of what is becoming seemingly acceptable reporting of current events in this country.

Censorship by our social media empires and certain publishers is essentially performing the same role that Goebbels so infamously instituted prior to and during World War II in Germany. He would be proud of what has transpired in this country that historically treasured all provisions of the First Amendment that he scoffed at. Even articles by the CDC and the WHO are removed from the social media websites as they don’t appear to conform to censor-based criteria set by self-appointed, Nazi-like interpreters. Interestingly, just like the German population in the 1930s, the majority of our country’s residents do not seem to mind getting a daily dose of biased propaganda and appears to agree with the general direction of our current administration. There is virtually no mention of the exploding crime rate, the factual elimination of our southern border, the ever-increasing, inexcusable homeless crisis, and the thousands of overdose victims.

But, all is well, as the media asks about his favorite ice cream, Biden stumbles and smiles, Harris cackles on, and we have our own contributors on the DJ who miss Trump so much so that they can still spout their irrelevant disagreements with a president who has been gone since January.

Dirk van Ulden


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Goebbels had nothing on todays lockstep media that controls 95% of political messaging in the press and social media.

Terence Y

Mr. van Ulden – I think the letter was reprinted because the article was so apropos to the current climate. I see we already have a few takers, but I knew the reprint would again set off many of the usual lefties who couldn’t defend Biden if their lives depended on it. Great to see our great President Trump continues to live rent-free in their heads. Meanwhile, in other news, more forensic election integrity audits are being pursued. Why are Democrats so dead-set against election integrity audits? The officer who shot Ashli Babbitt is being protected by Democrats, the FBI and lame-stream media. What don’t Democrats want the public to know about this cold-blooded killing by an officer who was also confirmed in 2019 to have left his gun in a men’s room?



I should have mentioned a correction to your letter in my earlier post. In your last line you say that Trump has been gone since January. Trump has not been President since January, but unfortunately he is not gone.


Actually, Tafhdyl, I don’t think Trump ever was a US President in the true sense of the word, - as selfish, unpatriotic, and incompetent as he was. Banana Republican, yes, but not one who honestly worked for the best of our democracy. Despite not getting the majority vote in 2016, I have my doubts that there could be enough gullible and easily fooled voters to get him the Electoral vote, - without the cheating he has had the audacity of accusing Democrats for, without a fiber of evidence.


Apparently the usually sure footed Daily Journal tripped on this one and printed it twice, 6-30-21 also.

Dirk van Ulden

Hello Taffy - I am not sure why, but it may have been reprinted because my article struck a nerve with many on both sides of the isle. While I generally disagree with you, I always appreciate your thoughtful reactions. Today, our former President announced that his organization is going to court to address the censoring concerns that I articulated.

Ray Fowler

Hi, Dirk

I added some remarks this morning re: California missions over in the July 1 "Listening to those who know" LTE comments. FYI


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