Paul DeMeester laments that certain states made it easier for people to vote by mail in the 2020 election (guest perspective, Feb. 19).

He, like our former president and his followers seem to be unaware that mail-in ballots were available to all voters, not just Democrats. They point an accusing finger at the much larger number of votes for President Biden by mail as opposed to in-person votes. There is no reason to believe that all those votes were cast by Democrats. Also, the fact that “downline” Republicans defeated their opponents in the same election and on the same ballots belies that claim.

The fact that many fewer Trump supporters voted by mail is easily explained by the fact that he told them many times to eschew mail ballots in favor of in-person voting. I suspect enough court cases have already agreed the vote is valid and it’s time to accept the facts.

Bob Stine

San Mate

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Wilfred Fernandez Jr

Mr. Stine,

Mr. DeMeester's guest perspective, of Feb. 19th provided legal context for those of us wishing to better understand the cases before the SCOTUS.

The tone of your rebuttal LTE denotes contempt for the interests of your fellow citizens. To what end? Also, that you consider yourself an authority in jurisprudence. For which you provide no evidence. If I am incorrect in my thinking, forgive my conjecture. But in the likely event my discernment of your intent is spot on, you ought to research your assertions before regurgitating the lazy and meaningless media reports you must consume. Elsewise, explain the worth of saying, "There is no reason to believe that all those votes were cast by Democrats. Also, the fact that “downline” Republicans defeated their opponents in the same election and on the same ballots belies that claim." In the questioned States of AZ, GA, MI, NV, PA, and WI, 32 House seats went blue and 35 went red. All contested Senate seats went blue. Further, until mail-in ballots were counted, Trump won the day according to the count in those same States. How do you explain the chasm between blue and red mail-in ballots? Or do you expect me to ignore the 89% thumbs up Republicans gave Trump, pre-election; only to turn around and vote against him by mail. So much for your theory that there is no reason to believe all the votes were cast only by Democrats. Come on man, Biden won regardless of possible skullduggery. But some folks are aggrieved and suspicious, not unlike those questioning gerrymandering and voter suppression by Republicans.

Ray Fowler

Bravo, Wilfredo!

Christopher Conway

Bob, the Democrats changed voting rules in many states ahead of the election. True? They looked at the numbers and realized Trump was going to smoke them in the election and only through the changing of laws did they have a possibility to correct that. Democrats are the party of government and not having that power was a shock to their system and they could not live in an America with Trump as president. So they did everything including changing laws unconstitutionally, breaking many laws that is supported by signed/notarized affidavits and the complete shutdown of monitors to the election on the Republican side. The Democrats in key cities, states cheated and stole the election from the American people. Many in the Republican party have no faith in the election integrity of this country any longer after what we saw in 2020. If I was a Democrat, I would absolutely be ashamed of myself for doing anything just to hold power. There is another judge in heaven who will straighten that out.


You have a very unrestrained fantasy, CC, - in more sense than one. However, there are many of your kind, - called Trumpublicans, - too many, actually, for the good of the country and our respect around the world.

Ray Fowler


"Too many" people like Chris?

What are you suggesting?


Ray: Don’t try to make me repeat myself, - again! I have said enough about the uneducated, easily fooled Trumpublicans, which doesn’t necessarily include you. OK?

Ray Fowler


Well, no... I am not trying to get you to repeat yourself. I am asking what is your solution, i.e. what would you do with the "too many" conservative voters who disagree with your point of view?

Remember, Jorg... people are not "uneducated" just because they did not graduate from a college or university... and that is true of folks who voted for Republicans and Democrats.


For the umpteen time, Ray, my use of “uneducated” has nothing to do with academics. I’m referring to a lack of information, political understanding, and ability to analyze clearly what is being said and done, as well as the consequences thereof.

Ray Fowler

Jorg... you have asserted that persons who do not share your political view lack information, political understanding, and the ability to analyze clearly. What science are you pointing to as support for those assumptions?

But you have still not answered the question... what would you do with the "too many" persons who disagree with you?


Sorry, Ray, - I have no solution for those too dense or too unwilling or dishonest to learn or accept reality.


So, Ray, how do you open the eyes of people who blindly admire someone like Trump, who declares himself a very stable genius for being able to remember 5 simple words, who brags about it publicly, and who calls his opponents “Sleepy Joe” and “Crazy Nancy”, - not grasping how that makes a mockery of the US Presidency and a laughingstock of himself? I have no solution, do you?

Ray Fowler

Jorg... Jorg... Jorg... have a sip of some chamomile tea.

You have made your disdain for Trump and people who voted for him clearly evident over a period of years. That's where you're at... it's your choice... and you are, of course, free to make that choice. No Republican can change your mind, and what is equally true... no Democrat can change the mind of that guy wearing the Viking hat* in the Capitol on Jan. 6.

So, you have no solution to educate, inform and bestow understanding as well as analytical skills on persons who disagree with you. OK. That would be a steep hill to climb.

But you said there were too many... so, if you cannot educate, inform and improve their critical thinking skills... what would you do with them?

* totally unfair to Vikings

Wilfred Fernandez Jr


You claim to be a scientist and by reducing Trump supporters to nothing more than lemmings, assert your thinking to be superior. Yet all of your diatribes against those supporters are based on assumptions derived solely media reportage. Are you lacking critical thinking skills, required in science, or am I to understand you possess a crystal ball? There are many reasons to support an agenda while not caring for it's standard-bearer. Need I remind you that President Biden has plenty of documented flaws, comparable to those of President Trump. Yet a majority of voters chose to overlook them in order to back the agenda of the Democratic Party. Scientific thinking or fantasy, it's your choice.

Ray Fowler

Amen, brother...



Mr. Stine said the same thing many have said on these pages, if the election was rigged why would so many down ballot Republicans win. If I was stuffing the ballot box I would certainly get rid of the likes of McConnell, Graham, Paul, McCarthy, Nunes etc. etc.

As for "Many in the Republican party have no faith in the election integrity of this country any longer after what we saw in 2020." the simple translation is that even with all of the Republican dirty tricks, voter suppression, postal manipulation and court appointees they still couldn't win.

Finally about the judge in heaven. If Trump doesn't get his just rewards with the upcoming criminal and civil trials, the almighty will give him his last sip of water before sending him to downstairs to his buddy Satan.

Tommy Tee

I see you're still wearing your tinfoil hat. As your BFF would say: blah, blah, blah. Lots of allegations with zero proof.

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