Ed Kahl’s letter to the editor in the Sept. 14 Daily Journal is an epitome of uneducated, uninformed opinion. He states that “Democrats are a far greater authoritarian threat to our government than Republicans.”

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Copy of Ed Kahl's letter for readers reference:

Democrats are a far greater authoritarian threat to our government than Republicans because they wield far more power to propagate their “message” in the press, media and education.

Democrats need only win the presidency, a majority in the house and 60 votes in the Senate to pack the Supreme Court, end the filibuster and give 5 million noncitizens the right to vote. We would then become a tyranny of the majority, which our founders fought mightily to avoid. As with all one party authoritarian governments the possibility of armed conflicts would increase as they did in 2021 with the Antifa riots that occupied many cities, killed 23 people and destroyed $2.7 billion in property with hardly a peep from leading Democrats. Democrats better hope they don’t get what they wish for. We can not maintain our freedoms without a viable two-party system of government.

Ed Kahl



Thank you for your unbiased guide to leftist opinion articles but their narratives are already infused in most of the media, newspapers, ABC,NBC and CBS and cable news. Everything the Republicans are accused of were first done by the Dems. Hillary was first caught with top secret messages on her computer. Then the Dems accused Trump of being an illegitimate President elected by Putin without any evidence and none was ever found despite 90% of the attorneys on Muller’s investigation being Democrats. It was the Democrats that first showed their “muscle” when they implicitly supported of the riots in 2012 that killed 23 people, occupied centers and destroyed $3 bil in private and government property. The capital rioters were wrong but killed no one and only lasted a couple hours. The use of violence in any cause is always wrong unless you’re a Democrat.


Facts don't lie only liars lie.


Terence Y

JustMike650 –based upon your link, you must be calling out the liars at the NYT who continue to lie. Thank you.


Thank you, Mr. Kistler. I agree 100%.

Dirk van Ulden

Of course you agree, I did not expect any other comment from a group thinker.



Brilliant come back [scared]

Ray Fowler

Hello, Larry

Thanks for another LTE that should inspire commentary from both sides of the aisle.

In your Sept. 12 LTE, you included some interesting “research” in response to John Marty’s claim that Democratic Party controlled cities rank higher in crime than Republican run cities. You refuted the claim by citing a list of Republican states with very high per capita crime rates. However, your research did not account for the impact of large urban areas controlled by Democratic Party officials on the per capita crime rates in the states on your list.

Now, you challenge another reader, Ed Kahl, with skewed research. It is no surprise that the beyond “somewhat liberal” sources in your LTE support your point of view. That’s OK. However, those sources do not provide the definitive word on the subject of which party may pose the greatest threat to American democracy.

You questioned whether Ed has access to Google. I’m guessing he probably does and based on the list of sources in your LTE, it appears you also have the ability to search the internet for information. Question… do you think you could find just as many right leaning sources that express the opposite point of view articulated in your LTE?

As an aside, you seem to have forgotten that in 246 years of our democracy, there was a chief executive who wanted to hang his vice president. If you research this point, you will find scholars don’t question “if” a president, Andrew Jackson, said he regretted not hanging his vice president, John C. Calhoun, but there is some disagreement concerning “when” that comment was made. However, there is no debate about their political affiliation… both were members of the Democratic Party. And there is no debate about another fact re: their personal histories… both were slave holders.


Thank you for your reply. Please see my posting above.

Terence Y

Sorry Mr. Kistler, but providing debunked fake news on the assault on the U.S. Capitol by only the “red” faction won’t help your cause. Citing articles from a bunch of left-wing rags won’t help your cause. It appears your access to Google is limited to fake news. If Fox News is licensed as entertainment because they’re allowed to lie and not be held accountable, I guess we can say bumbling Biden and his supporters should be forced to get their own entertainer licenses. BTW, have you heard the yuge number of lies from Biden and his spokeswoman? Where are the left-wing fact checkers when you need them? Oh right, those left-wing fact checkers need to be fact checked. Sorry, I’ll stick with Mr. Kahl’s arguments.


Thanks for your reply - please see my positing above.

Dirk van Ulden

Come on Larry - the real threat to our democracy is the refusal of Democrat candidates to accept debates and push for early voting so that debates if scheduled at all become meaningless. Our own governor is one of those who refuses to appear following in the footsteps of Biden. And do you really expect any intelligent reader to believe the authors in your selected left wing publications? Their exaggerations are preposterous.



FYI, I took a quick look and came across this article you may like to check if you want to expand your knowledge of who is and is not debating.


Terence Y

So Taffy, you are able to do homework… Now search for “California Democrats refuse to debate” and check out those closer to home results.


Thanks for your reply - please see my positing above.

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