Democrats are a far greater authoritarian threat to our government than Republicans because they wield far more power to propagate their “message” in the press, media and education.

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Terence Y

Great letter, Mr. Kahl. Looks like we have no peeps from the rabid left wingers in the SMDJ about the murder and mayhem caused by Antifa and BLM thugs. Instead we get rehashed, and debunked, Dem talking points. Keep the letters coming.


Ed, what a load of bull! Please tell us which party was before, during and behind the insurrection and literal attack on our Capitol on 1/6. Please tell us which party has resolutely determined in many states to limit voters right to vote. Please tell us which party was behind the loading of right leaning justices on SCOTUS for the past number of years. Please tell us which party has lead the way to taking rights away from women to choose their own medical decisions and rights they have enjoyed for over 50 years. Please tell us the party of the person who took top secret documents to his private residence and held them for anyone to see for 18 months. Please tell us which party is now proposing defunding the FBI for doing their jobs.

Finally, Ed, news flash. Majority rule is a basic tenant of our democracy. It is the very reason we have elections. The tyranny of minority rule is what is giving us more threats to our democracy now than since the early days of our country's foundation.

Ray Fowler

Hello, Rel

I don't belong to a political party, and the sentiment in your post is largely the reason I reject your party. To be fair, the return volley from the right re: your party destroying the middle class, pushing equality aside for equity, substituting orientation for education, defunding the police, assaulting the First Amendment, changing our country into a socialist state, etc. can be just as tiresome and a reason to not join the other party.

It appears your criticism of the Republican Party is directed at Trump followers or those described as "MAGA Republicans" by the president in a recent speech to the nation. He believes MAGA Republicans (Trump followers) make up a minority of the Republican Party. While that portion of the president's speech IMO was not as divisive as some on the right claimed... the speech missed a chance to unify.

I am not a Trump follower, however, I did like the border more secure, energy independence, changes to the criminal justice system, junking the Iran nuclear deal, crushing ISIS, moving peace in the Middle East forward, and making our military stronger. You can support those policies without being a Trump follower.

The president differentiated between Republicans and MAGA Republicans (Trump followers). Do you agree there is a difference?


Sure, I can agree President Biden's speech had to do with the extreme faction of the Republican Party which has taken over most of the main functions of the party. We can agree to disagree with policy differences and outcomes. However, my note here has to do with Ed's LTE and the tenure of his conclusion.

Mike O.


What is this BS about the Democrats "destroying the middle-class; pushing equality aside for equity; substituting orientation for education; defunding the police; assaulting the First Amendment; changing our country into a socialist state, etc."? Oh brother! If caring about other people besides just yourself is socialism, then, you need to look up the definition of socialism. All the other points are just typical Right Wing talking points. There was no assaulting the First Amendment, unless you think the treasonous attack on our nation's capital on Jan. 6, was just 'Freedom of Speech'. Then, you need to get a copy of the U.S. Constitution! The defunding the police was mostly from the BLM crowd, not Democrats in general. If education is suppose to include our nation's history, including slavery, and racial prejudice, that's not 'orientation'. I do agree that there is a difference between Republicans and MAGA (Trump) Republicans, but, they are too C.S. to stand up to Trump, so they are more of the problem and not the solution, in America!

Ray Fowler

Good morning, Mike

Please re-read my comment. I wrote that the claim from the right that the Democratic Party is destroying the middle class, pushing equality aside for equity, substituting orientation for education, defunding the police, assaulting the First Amendment, changing our country into a socialist state is a reason to NOT join the Republican Party.

Your defense of what some on the right find objectionable about the Democratic Party should be directed at them... not me. In these pages, I called Joe's victory in 2020 before the major networks did, I have said that every criminal act on Jan. 6 in the Capitol should be prosecuted, and I have stated the RNC should select someone other than Donald Trump in 2024. I have made those comments in this forum multiple times.

Now, if you would like debate inflation, the border, crime, energy policies and foreign policy debacles... let's go. Those are not Democratic or Republican Party talking points. Those are real life issues negatively affecting Americans... all Americans.

Wilfred Fernandez Jr


What is your source showing convictions for insurrection? What proof or evidence

supports your belief a political party was involved with the Jan. 6 debacles? What is your source showing legal voters being denied their right to vote? There are three DNC appointees on the SCOTUS. Of the five RNC appointees, Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Neil Gorsuch have sided with the DNC appointees when the Constitution said they should. As examples, Roberts saved the boondoggle DNC A.C.A. Gorsuch joined Roberts to uphold LGBTQ workplace protections. Neither of those cases were what I would call right wing leaning. The Supreme Court sending abortion laws back to the states is not taking away a right, granted by the Roe v Wade decision. Lest we forget, Justice Ruth Ginsburg expressed concerns about potential flaws within the Roe decision. As an aside, proponents are free to advocate and lobby for laws to be passed protecting abortion rights. If necessary, poor people can have their travel, meal and lodging expenses paid for through Medicaid or the A.C.A. Assuming local laws don't meet their medical needs.


Mr. Kahl,

I am sorry to inform you but there was a two-party system of government until Trump highjacked the gullible people of the Republican party and made it the Trump party of conspiracies, lies and divisiveness.

Dirk van Ulden

Taffy - are you sure you didn't confuse the President's names. I believe you meant Biden instead of Trump.

Mike Caggiano

Good morning Ed. On your letter, I see that poor

Thomas Webster the ex NYPD officer got ten years for assault on Jan 6. Imagine how his family feels to learn that he was actually a BLM agent or worse yet an Antifa stooge.

I really sympathize with the family.

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