The correct answer to people’s demands for their rights, especially when it comes to the virus, is simple. Everyone has the right to do as they please if they understand and except the consequences that follow that action. Every action has a reaction, and we need to accept the fact that what we do can affects others, so our rights are only free if they don’t harm others. Millions are dying.

No one has the claim to a right that will harm someone else just because they think it’s their right. It’s simple if you want the right to go anywhere where other groups of people are getting vaccinated. Stop questioning your rights on this subject and come together with the science and your fellow Americans and help us all end this awful pandemic.

Robert A. Nice

Redwood City

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Wilfred Fernandez Jr

Terence and Tafhdyd,

In a sense, the three of us are correct. Checkout the Mayo Clinic website. Bottom line for me is, we live in America. The home of the free and the brave. This virus is something we must learn to live and die with. There is not yet a way to stop the spread. We should want to be courteous to others. Both ways. Mr. Nice and his ilk have no more rights than mine. Mr. Nice, your wishes do not matter more than mine. Mr. Nice, you should read about the science before claiming it as your cudgel. And remember, none of us is a scientist. Except Jorg, who also claims to be a genius and knife fighter extraordinaire.

Terence Y

Mr. Nice – if we replace your subject with alcohol and drugs, then people should also stop questioning their rights regarding alcohol and drugs and come together with the science, and even more importantly the results, to end the awful scourges due to alcohol and drugs. After all, our rights are only free if they don’t harm others. And alcohol and drugs harm tens of millions more, including both abusers and victims of alcohol and drug abusers. BTW, it’s been shown that jabbed folks have the same capability of infecting both jabbed, and un-jabbed folks.



Once again you are spreading misinformation about the "jabbed" folks spreading the virus. Where is the clarification and data behind your statement? BTW, how are you doing with your bamboo fibers?

Terence Y

Taffy – where is the clarification and data behind your statement that I am spreading misinformation that jabbed folks do not spread the virus? I notice you’re unable to rebut my facts. In fact, even your beloved CDC acknowledges breakthrough cases. Do you think that once jabbed folks get COVID, they’ll magically kill, or isolate, the virus before they’re able to infect others? Sorry, but COVID is equal opportunity. BTW, how IS your panda scat study doing?



I see you want me to do your homework for you. Your statement, “BTW, it’s been shown that jabbed folks have the same capability of infecting both jabbed, and un-jabbed folks.” is not true without the clarification I asked for, the clarification you almost gave in your reply to me.

The only way a vaccinated person can infect another person with the virus is if they actually have one of the breakthrough cases of COVID you mentioned. Just being vaccinated, they will not spread the virus as you try to imply in your comment. In the event that a vaccinated person does get the virus they will likely have a less severe case of COVID and likely not spread as much virus or for as long as the unvaccinated that have COVID will. Overwhelmingly, the majority of virus transmission is from the unvaccinated.

BTW, how are you doing with the bamboo fibers? I told you before I don’t have anything to do with bamboo or pandas, you are the one that has been hyping that.

Terence Y

Taffy, you say a jabbed person can only infect another person if they have COVID. True, but it’s also true that the only way an un-jabbed person can infect another person with the virus is if the un-jabbed person carries the virus. If they don’t, they can’t spread the virus because they don’t have the virus. You imply a majority of virus transmission is from the unvaccinated and that a jabbed person likely does not spread as much virus because they’ve been vaccinated. Where’s the clarification and data behind your claims? Bottom line, COVID is equal opportunity, and as stated earlier, jabbed folks have the same capability of infecting both jabbed and un-jabbed folks. BTW, if you don’t have anything to do with a panda scat study, why do you keep begging for help?



You really need to get a new tinfoil hat. I didn't ask for help, I asked how you are doing with your bamboo fibers. Go back and read the question again. BTW, how are you doing with your bamboo fibers?

As for back up, I will give you two. One for the vaccinations and one for your other misinformation about treatments you think work that don't.



Now where is your backup info?

Terence Y

Taffy, it didn’t take long for you to resort to your usual tinfoil hat shtick. If you’re not asking for help with your panda diet study, why do you keep bringing it up? It sounds like a cry for help or a cry for attention. As long as you keep asking, I feel I should be courteous and ask how your panda diet study is doing in case you want to discuss your results.

As for your anecdotal evidence link regarding vaccinations, my backup will be your same link, with the author saying “Additionally, for those instances of a vaccinated person getting a breakthrough case, yes, they can be as infectious as an unvaccinated person.” Note that the author attempts to couch his experience as evidence by tossing out vague terms like “likely contagious” and “may harbor less infectious virus overall.” I’ll counteract his example with the jabbed Israeli student who infected 83 of his fellow jabbed students. BTW, why doesn’t the CDC keep track of the number of breakthrough cases? Is it because the numbers are very high and would go against the narrative of “you must be vaccinated”?

As for your back up link to treatments, thanks for the one link. Below are a few links that summarize results from hundreds of studies for both HCQ and ivermectin.





I’d recommend reviewing the summaries and noting the overall effects showing the effectiveness of these two drugs but feel free to read these studies at your leisure. Just don’t try to cherry-pick one or two that aligns with your bias and cite them as the only results that count. BTW, India has been using HCQ and ivermectin for both treatment and as prophylaxis. Israel is one of the most jabbed countries, yet they’re on their 3rd or 4th jab, aren’t they - because of record COVID cases and hospitalizations?



Thank you for adding some background information to your statements. I looked at several and tried to decipher some of the data but I don’t have several days to research their research trying to find the devil in the details. The two things that I noticed are the source and comparison info. All off your links are from the same source, FLCCC, an organization founded by three doctors with a reputation for a lot of hype that don’t agree with modern medicine’s way of evaluating things. The other item is that all of the articles I looked at talked about varying degrees of success or failure, ie: 32% improvement, no improvement, 64% reduction etc. etc. The problem is there was no explanation about what they were comparing the data to.

I have a special blend of Wild Turkey and Johnny Walker that has an 86% improvement rate. How do you like them apples?

In other news, I forgot to congratulate you on the Arizona Sham Audit. You were right. They did find election fraud. The Republicans tried to stuff the ballot box and tried to toss Democratic votes. The end result was that Donald got fewer and Joe got more so our great President Biden won by more votes than originally reported. I just thought I would tell you because It wasn’t reported on right wing news, OANN.

Terence Y

Taffy, my friend, if, instead of reviewing existing summaries, you want to create a Sisyphean task for yourself, please begin researching the research. I’d recommend you first read the abstracts and pay special attention to the methodology and the sample sizes. Maybe you can create a spreadsheet with your findings and post it. I’m expecting it’ll look comparable, if not identical, to the existing summaries. Beware. More studies and results will be added to their totals so it’ll be an ongoing project. Bottom line - the effectiveness of HCQ and ivermectin has been shown, and doctors and governments trying to restrict their use are responsible for needless suffering and unfortunately, deaths. Real world results from India have also shown the effectiveness of these two drugs.

As for your complaint about the aggregate link source – you’ll note that these links include links to the other studies – for you to research the research if you don’t agree with the source. Maybe you can find a left-wing version of an aggregate site that summarizes and provides links to all other studies if that’ll un-bias your bias. (I’m betting there aren’t any.) Bottom line - you can complain about the source, but the studies speak for themselves.

As for your tidbit regarding the Arizona audit, that fake news has already been exposed to be a hoax. I’d recommend you start searching for the truth instead of mindlessly repeating Democrat talking points. Maybe this homework is more important than tackling researching research papers. Bottom line - as expected, the Arizona audit exposed what many already knew: voter fraud and criminal activity. I’m expecting other credible audits to show even more evidence of the stolen election.



I have a suggestion for you. If you catch the virus why don't you stay home and take your fish fungus and horse parasite meds and stay away from the hospital so people that need to be there will have a bed available. If I catch the virus I will go to the hospital, if needed, and trust traditional medicine. Then down the road we will see who turns up on the better end of the deal.

As for your sham AZ audit, you really need to get that new tinfoil hat. I would explain the error of your info but you wouldn't believe it anyway. As the saying goes, it is easier to fool someone than to convince them they have been fooled. BTW, how are you doing with your bamboo fibers?

Terence Y

C’mon Taffy! Back to your hackneyed tinfoil hat shtick again? Now you're also contradicting yourself. Maybe you don’t realize that traditional medicine includes HCQ and ivermectin. HCQ has been used since WWII. Ivermectin has been used since the late 70s. Is that traditional enough for you? Or is your definition of “traditional” referring to snake oil and lead- and radium-based ointments and salves? HCQ and ivermectin are much more effective.

Obviously, you haven’t researched the research on treatments, yet you continue to blindly follow fake news and lies. Just as you’re doing with the fake news and lies about the AZ audit. You’re right. It’s easier to fool you than to convince you that you’ve been fooled. But you know how to break that trend? Suggestion - get educated instead of lashing out with contradictions that undermine your credibility. BTW, how IS your panda diet study doing?



Once again, TRTRT.

Terence Y

Once again, Taffy Reluctant To Recognize Truth. TRTRT indeed!

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