Regarding the letter “Presidential charade” by Frank Scafini, San Bruno, in the weekend April 23-24, 2022, edition: Clearly Mr. Scafini is riding the FOX News, Sean Hannity misinformation train and then spreading that misinformation throughout the community via your newspaper.

If Mr. Scafini took the time to review the entire video of President Biden’s recent address at A&T State University in North Carolina, and not just the purposefully deceptive, edited and clipped FOX News version, he would see that the president was acknowledging his audience at stage level to the right of him with his hand gesture, and then turned to the folks on the left with acknowledgement and then walked off the stage.

President Biden could be gagged and blindfolded and would still be a far greater and more effective president then Donald Trump could ever hope to be.

Perhaps the who am I, where am I and what am I questions are ones Mr. Scafini should be asking himself.

However, I have another question. Why does the far right platform consist of absolutely nothing of substance and benefit for the American people but attempts to portray President Biden as displaying confusion or senility?

It is pitiful, shameful and embarrassing that the GOP and the likes of FOX News have no other tools in their tool box but feeble attempts to manufacture and spread false and cruel misinformation.

Linda Slocum Lara

San Mateo

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Linda Slocum Lara once again hits the nail right on the head just like she did 15 years ago when Bay Meadows was ripped asunder due to criminals and goons from LA - shoving their nose into the City of San Mateo affairs.

Her spot on analysis of everything Scafani - Fox - Biden leaves only the Fowlers of the internet blog to once again resort to having to be reactive rather than proactive.

Good job Ms. Lara.


The source of most news is the AP. Radio and TV talking heads rip-and-read. Learn the difference between news and commentary. Read the DJ.


FOX separates it news reporting (Bret Baier - The News Hour) from its political commentary- Hannity, The Five) while CNN does not.


Fox News is merely reflecting what most people on the left and the right have noticed about the "mannerisms" of our octogenarian President.

Tommy Tee

Fox News is an oxymoron.

Dirk van Ulden

TT - how would you know assuming that you are not watching Fox News? Another one of your profound, carefully-worded one-liners?

Dirk van Ulden

Ms. Lara - it seems to me that you are making a feeble attempt at pardoning Biden for his substandard presidential acuity. While I am no fan of Hannity either, there are many other news media who have been reporting this obviously concerning event. You must have been asleep when Trump was president but then again, folks like you will never admit that Biden is one of the largest mistakes the Democratic Party made for nominating him. And, you and I are paying the price. Please keep on wallowing in your belief that Biden is doing a fine job as verified by less than 30% of the US population.

Ray Fowler

Good morning, Linda

Thanks for taking the time to submit an LTE. I try to read reports and commentary from both sides of the aisle, and I'm sure we can agree that Sean Hannity brings little to the larger national conversation re: problems facing Americans today (and there are others in that same category).

I hope you have a DJ subscription that allows you to submit comments re: op-ed items published in the DJ. If you do, I would invite you to look over the discussion appearing in the comments section following Saturday's "Presidential charade" LTE.

Let's just set aside the back and forth about Joe's cognitive issues. I submitted these comments after reading the "Presidential charade" LTE... "What do left leaning DJ readers have to say about the here and now re: inflation, gas prices, crime, the border, COVID-19, and foreign policy failures? These and other issues have led to Joe's approval rating plummeting. That's another here and now issue ignored by left leaning DJ readers... how do they account for Joe and Kamala's low ratings? While some of your fellow Democratic Party affiliates will try to blame Trump for Joe's abysmal performance... they're just continuing to ignore the invitation to move the conversation to the here and now."

Again, setting aside whatever cognitive issues there may or may not be... how would you explain Joe's low ratings with the majority of Americans?

Terence Y

Ms. Lara, your letter is a bit late - April Fool’s Day was three and a half weeks ago. In the event you’re being serious, if you want to acknowledge an audience or a group of folks, you bow or you wave your hand. You don’t shake hands (sorry, hand gesture) with an imaginary person.

I would give Biden props for being a magician, a magican making the value of our money disappear in front of our eyes through both Biden-flation and shrink-flation. Things under Biden cost much more than before and package sizes are shrinking more than before. Congrats Uncle Joe, you’re doing a far greater and more effective job of ruining our economy (among other things) than our great President Trump. I hope you’re proud, Ms. Lara. Enjoy Biden’s magic show. BTW, it’s pitiful, shameful and embarrassing that the mainstream news continues to provide cover for America Last Biden. It’s even more pitiful, shameful and embarrassing that their readers believe the fake news and lies to cover for America Last Biden.



Once again, TRTRT.

Ray Fowler

Good morning, buddy

I don't think we'll hear from Linda. So, would you like to respond to this question... how would you explain Joe's low ratings with the majority of Americans?



Sure, People don't like the present situation we are in. High prices in the grocery store, restaurants and gas pumps. No visible signs of progress on many of the projects that Biden said he would provide to "build back better". In most cases people don't take a few minutes to study the situation and what may really be causing some of what they are complaining about. The knee-jerk reaction is to blame the politician in office. In many cases they deserve some of the blame because they over promise and under produce. I told you there other day in the other post that we exchanged barbs in what I thought the main reason was. Trying to please too many people while their dinner was getting cold. I am not sure if you saw it but I responded to you and Will the other day.

Ray Fowler


That's the most honest answer I have heard from the left side of the aisle... Biden's policies that "over promise and under produce" have caused a huge drop in his popularity. Joe owns what has transpired over the past 15 months. I'm guessing his low ratings will continue unless and until we see significant progress in reducing inflation, gas prices, crime and see improvements on the border. That's a tall order.

Hunter's situation? Most Americans believe Joe knew about his son's shady dealings. Did Joe benefit from those dealings currently under investigation by the FBI and IRS? Unknown, but let's not treat this like the four year Schiff Show and false allegations of Russian collusion. Looking forward and totally hypothetical... if Joe was enriched by Hunter's shady dealings and those dealings were influenced by Joe's position as VP... should Joe resign?



...Should Joe resign? Absolutely NOT.

Terence Y

Once again, no rebuttal. Instead we have Taffy Reluctant To Recognize Truth. TRTRT indeed!



I will be happy to give you a mirror if you can't find yours and I will even include directions on how works. BTW, still waiting on your report on your bamboo fibers.

Terence Y

The usual mirror shtick from Taffy. I’ll wait for your tinfoil hat shtick or your fantasy world shtick the next time you don’t have anything relevant to say. BTW Taffy, if nobody is willing to help with your panda pie study, you’re going to have to do it yourself. You can keep begging for my help, but I’d rather watch the grass grow.

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