In response to the letter “Fraudulent claim about fraud” in the June 15 edition of the Daily Journal, the Jan. 6 committee is an absolute joke. The over-the-top production is actually embarrassing. I wouldn’t waste three minutes of time watching it. And any sensible person can see how voter fraud is going to be a huge problem for years to come.

So please, get real and understand that voting was not meant to be this way. You show up you show identification you signed a book you vote. So all this about people can’t get to the polls is a joke and elections are never going to be honest again.

Neil Wild

San Bruno

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The actual threat to our elections is real. And it's not the voting. It is the stochastic terrorism led by 45 and his allies against election workers, it is the ongoing misinformation campaign that feeds the terrorist acts, and, of course, the decades long Republican gerrymandering that results in minority rule in many states.

Interesting that you think the hearings are "embarrassing" while not having watched more than 3 minutes. Watch. You might learn some things.

Tommy Tee

Truth! They don't want to watch it because they can't handle the truth. Criminal Trump tried multiple times to subvert the constitution. There is no other side.

Terence Y

There’s no need to watch any minute of the Unselect Committee. After all, Pelosi would not seat Republican Reps. Jim Jordan and Jim Banks on the committee and instead Pelosi cherry-picked RINOs and TDS-infected Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger. Where’s the discussion on why Pelosi and DC Mayor Bowser, after being warned two weeks in advance that there may be possible violence on Jan. 6, turned down thousands of National Guard troops? Let’s also not forget recent polls show the majority of Americans believe this Kangaroo Court is biased. As Mr. Wild said, the Jan. 6 committee is embarrassing and an absolute joke.


Those who care about their country will watch. Those who don't will continue to spread lies aimed at weakening our democracy.

You can't seat accomplices to the crime on the investigative body. The Faux News construction that the Dems are to blame for the violence is just weird, I do find it interesting that so many people fall for the lies. But I guess that's the benefit of having so many like yourself tirelessly pumping them out. The cultists stay behind their wall, listen only to lies, and refuse to watch as the actual evidence is presented.

Terence Y

Westy, true patriots understand, like Mr. Wild, that the Jan.6 Unselect Committee is embarrassing and an absolute joke. What part of Pelosi and DC Mayor Bowser, after being warned two weeks in advance that there may be possible violence on Jan. 6, turning down thousands of National Guard troops do you not understand? I realize it doesn’t fit your faux narrative so perhaps you’ve conveniently ignored it. BTW, most patriots are likely watching a comedy they enjoy, like Young Sheldon, rather than the biased Jan. 6 clown show.

Tommy Tee

Westy: So true. When they worship an idol, there is nothing (even obvious facts) that will change their minds. They are, indeed, cultists, responding with the same trite nonsense. Just wait--you'll see.


Sigh. OK, lets fact check Terence Y once again. From Snopes.com (non-partisan fact checker): On July 27, 2021, a bipartisan group of politicians began their investigation into the attack on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 by hearing testimony and posing questions to four police officers from the U.S. Capitol Police and Washington, D.C.’s Metropolitan Police Department. As this hearing got underway, members of the Republican Party, including House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, held a press conference in which they attempted to place partial blame for the attack on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. McCarthy made similar accusations during an appearance on Fox News a week prior. During that appearance, the minority leader posed the question: “Was there a decision by the Speaker not to have the National Guard at the Capitol that day?”

Pelosi did not prevent the National Guard from responding to the attack on the Capitol. Pelosi does not have direct control of the National Guard.

There are still some questions as to why Capitol Police appeared ill-prepared for the attack and why the National Guard’s response was delayed. Generally speaking, however, the National Guard in Washington, D.C., reports to the president of the United States. Neither the speaker of the House (Pelosi), nor the minority leader of the Senate (Mitch McConnell), has control of the National Guard.

The D.C. National Guard writes on its website: the Commanding General of the D.C. National Guard is subordinate solely to the President of the United States. This authority to activate the D.C. National Guard has been delegated, by the President, to the Secretary of Defense and further delegated to the Secretary of the Army. The D.C. National Guard is the only National Guard unit, out of all of the 54 states and territories, which reports only to the President.

Terence Y

Sigh. Really Westy? A fact check from Snopes.com? The far left-wing Snopes. The Snopes who invented writers who don’t exist. The Snopes who was caught plagiarizing articles. Sorry, Westy, your fact check from Snopes is a waste of electronic ink.


I notice you can't refute them. The National Guard in DC is controlled by the President and his designees, which do not include the Speaker or the DC Mayor.

Terence Y

Westy, fake news is by definition, fake. There’s no need to refute them because you know, they’re fake. In regards to your National Guard thing, let’s remind folks about the part you’re leaving out… Our great President Trump authorized National Guard troops. The Capitol Police are responsible for security at the US Capitol and their police chief asked House and Senate officials for permission to have the National Guard be placed on standby. Pelosi and Bowser turned him down. If you're interested, John Solomon’s recent article provides more info:



Mr. Wild,

Your last words, "...elections are never going to be honest again." is absolutely true. Until the sensible American voters can vote out the side show fringe conspiracy laden Republicans that have no spine or testicular fortitude and believe Trumps garbage about massive voter fraud, there may not be a honest election. Their cheating, voter restrictions and crooked politicians controlling the voting process spells disaster for America. They have hi-jacked the traditional Republican party and replaced it with bigots, racists and genuine freaks. MTG, Boebert, Gohmert etc. if you want examples, or just look at the Texas Republican party.


Voter fraud use to be limited to dead people, non-citizens and people that moved out of state voting illegally. Now the wholesale mailing of ballots to everyone opens the door to voter fraud especially since voter ID’s aren’t required. Voter harvesters get paid to collect ballots and vote them. Democrats say requiring a voter ID is voter suppression but that’s nonsense since everyone can get a free ID to help protect our most important right


Have you ever gone to the elections office as an observer and reviewed their procedures? They are pretty tight. Furthermore, the only fraudulent votes that I saw verified in the last national election were single voter situations, such as the guy who made Fox News with his horror story about someone having voted for his dead wife, only to be eventually revealed as the person who voted for his dead wife. Most people won't risk prison to cast an extra vote. You "vote harvester" scenario is a baseless lie promoted by the twice-impeached former president.

Terence Y

Thanks for your letter, Mr. Wild. Stolen elections have consequences. Notice how all the rabid left-wingers so quick to criticize our great President Trump are doing anything and everything to distract from treasonous Biden and his America Last policies? There’s no attempt to list a Biden accomplishment – because there aren’t any.


Voting should be secure, accessible, convenient, transparent, and easily audited. San Mateo County has done a fantastic job providing voters with a myriad of ways to vote, including, absolutely, the right to walk into a polling place and vote in person. Everyone gets a paper ballot that can be audited, whether they vote by mail, drop-off box, or in person. Citizens can participate in poll monitoring and count monitoring. I was a poll watcher in the last election and was incredibly impressed by how secure the election was, what happened when there was some ambiguity about a person's eligibility to vote, and how professional all the workers were. In this primary election I got mailings letting me know when ballots would be going out. Then, I got an email and a text telling me my ballot had been mailed. Then, after I filled out my ballot and dropped it off at a box I got an email and a text around election day that my ballot had been accepted and counted. It works, beautifully and allows everyone who wants to vote a way to vote that works for them.

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