I was struck by the marches organized for predominantly children to protest alleged inaction by adults concerning the exaggerated climate emergency (“I want a future” in the Sept. 21-22 edition of the Daily Journal). For those who do not want history to repeat itself, it is easy to manipulate children after years of intensive indoctrination and brain washing. The Nazis instituted the fanatical Hitler Youth, Mao formed the “Cultural Revolution” that shamed parents and intellectuals, and the Khmer Rouge had children actually execute their elders. While extreme cases, they serve as an example that we, as ostensibly wiser parents, should not allow the ulterior motive forces behind this climate change hype to exploit our children for purposes better handled by authorities.

After observing crying kids thinking that they have only 11 years to live on Earth, we need to get back in our role as responsible guardians to let them know that the world is not coming to an end despite the ubiquitous idiocy blathered by politicians and pseudo scientists.

We need to also get back to our school boards and the education dynasty forcing them to refocus the curriculum on education that will serve our children instead of scaring them into a frenzied mob that we witnessed last week. The children offered no solutions, and how could they? Since when do we have children dictate a course of action anyway?

This ongoing baseless protest effort is an example of where socialism can lead us, and the result of weak-kneed, thoughtless parents who will go along with anything to please their kids.

Dirk van Ulden


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Your attempts to re-indoctrinate seem to neglect one important fact

that these young people will soon become adults.


Yes, a very necessary world movement inspired by a 16-year old girl, far more mature and engaged than our sorry excuse for a president, whose one and only native language doesn’t even stand up to this girl’s second language, English! And now we see how low Trump supporters can sink, attacking this youngster viciously! I predict that Greta will receive the Nobel Peace Prize for her efforts, - very well deserved, while Trump shamelessly promotes himself for a prize he would be the least qualified to receive.

Dirk van Ulden

Yes Jorg - she will follow in the footsteps of the Nobel Peace Prize that Obama received. It totally marginalized the concept. Probably unbeknownst to you, this Greta is a product of a very carefully orchestrated, absurd effort to bring adults to tears with cheap accusations that we normally dismiss as immature if one of our own children uttered those. Oh well, she is an actress of actor parents. She will be and should be forgotten by the time she has grown up.


How would YOU know? You don't even seem to know the Nobel Peace Prize statutes, the way you trash President Obama's well deserved honor.

Christopher Conway

Great points Dirk. This indoctrination that happens in our public schools has gotten completely out of control. I blame all the teachers wearing red and their union. Keep politics out of our schools and stop filling our children's minds with all this nonsense. Thank you for speaking up.

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