I don’t know whether Ed Kohl feeds off of Matt Grocott or vice versa, but the two of them seem to spend their time trying to twist every bad thing that's happened in the last year to either the Democrats or Joe Biden (“China knew” letter to the editor in the June 3). It’s pathetic to read their lies and misinformation. I’m certainly not saying all Democratic actions and all Democrats are right — many are not, and many bend the facts to fit their own agenda. Likewise, many Republicans see the world through their myopic vision.

The point is, as some sane letter writers have pointed out, neither political party has all the answers. Why can’t we accept that and all try to work together to make things better?

Joanne Engelhardt

Redwood City

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Ray Fowler


In your LTE, you asked, "Why can’t we accept that and all try to work together to make things better?"

It appears the lefties responding to your query have given us the answer...

D Gilbrech

Ms. Engelhardt, thank you for a breath of fresh air, even if it brings out the nuts out of the wood work. All I know is that I'd like to know, is who made Mitch McConnell President. Let the senate do its job and vote instead of doing nothing. Please state your opinion and move on. Biden is our President. I don't want another Civil War. As it has been said, get over it. More people voted and they did not like Trump.

Matt Grocott

I would offer that "working together" begins with not laying false accusations at other people, such as labeling them liars and not citing any evidence of their lying.


Mr. Grocott,

We don't see eye to eye on a lot of issues but on this one I heartily agree. In the imaginary world of Terence, everything that is not "Trump is great" is a lie or fake news. I have told him that he is welcome to join the real world but he always declines. Maybe hearing it from someone from the right side of the aisle will awake him up. One can only hope.


Yeah, good luck with your grand idea, Joanne! Start with Mitch McConnell and his blind followers! Remember on President Obama’s first day in office, the Republican cult leader said, with an evil smirk on his face, that their main objective was to make Obama a one-term president. Despite compact opposition, Obama was able to accomplish far more than the Republican WH occupants before and after him. And, as soon as President Biden took office, McConnell was quick to state the Republican main objective, to resist everything that Biden would ever try to do!

That’s the new American Way, or what?

Terence Y

Well, Ms. Engelhordt, maybe we can all try to work together to make things better. Instead of tackling the world maybe you could start small and work some of your make things better magic on many of the TDS-related LTE’s submitted to the DJ which contain plenty of pathetic lies and misinformation. As for the world, you’ll need to get with the truth program as even your version of mass media is now reporting on the origins of COVID from China, as Mr. Kahl reported (and as our great President Trump already knew, over a year ago). I know I can count on you to get Democrats, Biden, and the sycophant media to stop with their lies and misinformation and begin to work towards America First, not America Last. Meanwhile, in other news, BLM idiots continue to wreak havoc with tacit acceptance from Democrats. So much for working together to make things better.



Find any bamboo fibers? Meanwhile, in other news, the sham audit in Arizona is now sending stuff to Montana to be tampered with because they don’t even know how to tamper properly. The petulant child shut down his “From the desk of Donald J Trump” blog because no one was reading it. Trump on Jan. 24, 2020 “China has been working very hard to contain the Coronavirus. The United States greatly appreciates their efforts and transparency. It will all work out well. In particular, on behalf of the American People, I want to thank President Xi!”.

Terence Y

Dear readers, see what I mean about TDS-infected folks? Perhaps Ms. Engelhardt can work her magic on Jorg and Taffy, who have no issues bellyaching about our great President Trump and yet can point to no successes by bungling Biden. I notice Taffy is copying my “Meanwhile, in other news…” intros. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so thanks, Taffy, for being a follower. Meanwhile, in other news, our great President Trump will be speaking in North Carolina tomorrow, with more Trump rallies in the near future. GOP leaders will be holding a summit with Trump. Fewer jobs were created because some make more money sitting at home than working. A PA delegation toured the AZ audit floor. PA, and even GA, to have audits in the offing? BTW, Taffy, your hero Fauci is being exposed by your own fake news sources. Isn’t it great to see them eating one of their own? Burp.



Find any bamboo fibers yet? In other news, the right wing National Review says that Trump is so far out of touch with the real world they don't know how to describe it. Mentally unstable would be a start, but everyone knows that.


TY: Your repetitive jokes are getting old and tired! Even Trump, believe it or not, may understand that you are making fun of him. Tempting, yes, but unnecessary to repeat ad nauseam. We get it.

Terence Y

First we have Taffy trying to rehash old news from before our great President Trump became president. Since then, the National Review has regained some of its credibility, unlike the failing NYT, whose print editions are favored by campers as their number 2 papers, just behind the Amazon Post. I guess Taffy is not willing to work together to make things better.

Then we have Jorg making an appearance after scurrying away from Mr. Fowler’s simple questions. Is two weeks long enough to keep you off his radar? It’s amusing you continue old and tired ad nauseam repetitive attacks on our great President Trump and his followers and you accuse someone else of being repetitive. Hypocrisy abounds! (Had to throw in at least one exclamation point in your honor.) I notice you’re also unable to list any blundering Biden accomplishments. I guess Jorg is not willing to work together to make things better.

Cindy Cornell

You do know that TDS - Trump Derangement Syndrome is a perfect term for his supporters, right?



I always considered TDS as Trump Demented Syndrome. Trumpers can't deal with the fact that he is off the deep end in his (and their) imaginary world.

Terence Y

Nice try at projection, Ms. Cornell, but no cigar. Maybe you can lead fellow TDS-sufferers in finding a bumbling Biden accomplishment, because they sure can’t. Meanwhile, in other news, Biden says COVID cases are down but deaths are up (maybe Uncle Joe means vaccination deaths) after getting lost giving another speech. Twitter is blocking links to Fauci’s emails exposing his hypocrisy. Biden making racist statements at Tulsa. Where’s the outrage? Maybe that’s why the idiot BLM goons rampaged in Minneapolis? And locally, sounds like there’s voter remorse over their choice of DA. Hey SF, you get what you voted for – more criminals on the street and higher crime rates.


Trump great? Facts do not support your opinion. Facebook has banned him for the next two years; his NY condos are going for record lows as no one wishes to be associated with his name there; and he thinks he is being reinstated as president in August - apparently in an insurrection near you. He will likely be assigned to the dustbin of history in short order.

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