Many residents of Redwood City are dismayed by the amount of development here. Our downtown is now inundated with condos and apartments, many with insufficient parking. While it’s already unrecognizable, the city has plans for thousands more spanning over 1 million square feet of land. The real question is, how many Redwood City residents are able to afford any of this new (or old) housing?

The city also has grandiose plans for huge construction projects, like the proposed 85,000 square foot combined Senior Center, Veterans Center and YMCA in residential areas, without forethought to the current infrastructure and the impact they will have on residents. The existing location of the center, consisting of just over 55,000 square feet, includes the Veterans Memorial Senior Center, Herkner Pool (the only public pool on the west side, which is being replaced by a members-only YMCA pool) and the NFL alumni building. The new Senior and Veterans complex will total 45,000 square feet and will contain a 300+ seat theater, a chef’s kitchen and dining area, a roof-top track, etc.

A portion of the draft of the environmental impact report states that the brand new, 45,000 square foot center would not have any impact on existing traffic because it is simply replacing the existing dilapidated, infinitely smaller senior center. Is Redwood City one that the Bay Area wants to emulate?

We need to take a step back and look at the big picture. Why do we keep building in the already saturated cities, with no forethought to traffic, parking and water? Our infrastructure, our quality of life and our sanity are in peril.

Linda Kruger

Redwood City

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Well said! Thank you. This also applies to our other cities with same problems. Traffic (and layout of streets) is huge unaddressed congestion and navigation problem.

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