I am honestly shocked every time I read the Daily Journal. Very rarely do I find a newspaper so dishonest, partisan and agenda based.

The reporting from the Daily Journal solely promotes progressive ideology at the cost of truth. Almost every article I read in the Daily Journal paints the progressive policies the state of California enforces with a positive light despite the reality of the situation.

For instance, I have been reading about employee shortages around the country and at no point do any of the brilliant minds at the Daily Journal mention how the sprawling vaccine mandates could be affecting employee shortages. Instead I am reading cushioned stories about how there’s a serious problem and it could be due to workers being wary of going back to work in a pandemic. I didn’t see any quotes supporting the notion of workers being wary of COVID, yet I certainly saw speculation.

I just hope the staff at the Daily Journal sees how translucent their agenda based works are and how lazy it is to just reprint articles from The Associated Press.

Ethan Pearson

San Mateo

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The DJ is doing a fine job with a limited staff. However, you are on to something about AP, which gained a virtual monopoly on news when UPI hit the iceberg in the 1980s. The book "Philip's Code" opened my eyes about this.

Mike O.

Mr. Pearson;

The Daily Journal is not dishonest in any way. Just because you don't agree with their coverage, doesn't make it dishonest. You cite the issue of the national worker shortage and say it is because of the vaccine mandate(s), not the apprehension of workers to come back to work because the Covid-19 pandemic. Their is absolutely no documentation that supports your assumption of the workers shortage because of the vaccine pandemic. There is reporting of workers being cautious and apprehensive about coming back to work because of so many other people still not vaccinated and, or, are anti-vaxxers. That is only common sense. Nice try discrediting the Daily Journal, but, it won't work. Mike O.

Terence Y

Hey Mr. O, maybe you should try reading Mr. Pearson’s letter again and this time, instead of trying to put words in Mr. Pearson’s mouth and creating a false narrative, look up the definition of “could” and how it differs from “does” or “is.” O what a difference it makes.


I have to disagree with your letter. I'm not a liberal but I think the DJ is more even handed in it's selection of news than any other paper in the Bay Area. It also allows readers to post comments like this which no other paper in the area does.

Terence Y

Mr. Pearson – I’d recommend that for the DJ, you ignore any AP bylines regarding politics, as AP folks continue to cover for Biden’s foibles while still consumed by Trump hate. You can obtain much better political coverage from other sources. Much of the other AP articles are serviceable and report the news as it should be reported. Might I also recommend perusing the printed Palo Alto Daily Post (their online version only includes highlighted stories)? Their coverage complements that of the DJ and as far as I know, there are no AP bylines. On a personal note, the first entry in Police reports summary of the DJ is a must-read. A good way to start the day. The Police Blotter in the Daily Post is a just the facts, ma’am summary, so the edge goes to the DJ.

Ray Fowler

Good morning, Ethan

I do not support progressive ideology, and I believe the voices of others who disagree with the progressive point of view can be heard in these pages.

The DJ staff certainly holds their own views on issues but the reporting is not "dishonest, partisan and agenda based." Isn't publication of your letter proof the DJ prints differing opinions?

Rudy E

Im with Ray.


Atta Boy, Ray [thumbup]

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