When a letter writer speaks of “false Russian collusion” and claims there are witnesses to voter fraud and that some states changed the rules days before the election, I must question where she gets her information. Where are these alleged witnesses? Despite dozens of frivolous lawsuits, no one has been able to prove any significant fraud because there was no significant fraud. It’s a lie. What states allegedly changed their rules? I heard of no such thing. And anyone who looks past the white wash from Barr will find that the Mueller report indicated Russian interference in the 2016 election and cooperation with members of Trump’s team. I hope and pray that our country can move past the misinformation, lies, and divisiveness of the past four years.

Brian Wright


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Ray Fowler


There's a pattern in your comments... you cavalierly toss out adjectives and adverbs to describe what you don't like about Donald Trump. That's OK... it is your prerogative to do so. However, when those descriptions are questioned... your silence is deafening.

You say Trump is incompetent and unqualified, but when a list of his noteworthy accomplishments is provided... crickets.

You say Trump is a habitual liar, but when several examples of purposeful and outright false statements uttered by politicians you support are provided... cue the tumbleweeds being pushed across the road by a strong wind.

When the MSM's bias against Trump is challenged... your response, in the words of the indomitable Foghorn Leghorn, is like "a caterpillar sneakin’ across a moss bed in tennis shoes.”


Ray: If you still don't get my points, I have nothing to add, except let's wait until Jan. 20 and see what happens. Perhaps that'll open you eyes, - and your mind. Perhaps not.

Ray Fowler

Oh, I fully understand what you're saying, and I'm beginning to understand the obfuscation.


If you don't get it just by watching Trump behaving like a blasting idiot, there is nothing I can say that will enlighten you. I really thought at least you were brighter than that, Ray!

Terence Y

These pages are filled with so many JUNC (Jorg’s Unlimited Nonsense Criticisms) comments that you would think Jorg works at a salvage yard. And also as a part time boxing instructor, skilled only in the bob and weave and running from opponents.

Ray Fowler

Hello to all...

I'm glad Brian submitted his letter... there is a lot to banter back and forth. For example, he describes what he considers to be frivolous lawsuits. I'm not a lawyer, but I didn't think the suit filed by Texas, based on a 14th Amendment argument, would be successful. However, legal action against states with election procedures altered by governors, election commissions and local judges does seem inconsistent with provisions in the US Constitution. In my view, those filings are not frivolous on their face.

However... to my colleagues on the left side of the aisle... indulge me... hit the pause button for a few minutes.

I have not been reading and commenting in the DJ for nearly as long as most of you. But I have to say... this obsession over Chris-George-Patrick in the comments section seems a little odd to me.

Comments directed at Chris-George-Patrick often take the form of "gotchas" but they leave me wondering... so what? I didn't pay much attention in early November, but I have come to the conclusion that the the writing styles of C-G-P are close enough to suggest a single author. Again, so what?

Although I share some political views with C-G-P, I am not an apologist for anything submitted by him. He is certainly quite capable of defending his positions.

However, does the use of a nom de plume really matter when so many others in the comments section do the same? IMO, focusing on who may or may not have have penned a comment distracts from larger and more important issues... like Brian's submission re: disinformation.

To cite a prominent leftie...what difference at this point does it make? Back to play.


Sue: I am fortunate enough to have family and a vast circle of friends in the US and three Western European countries, - all very well educated and accomplished pillars of their various societies. Several have top education in various fields, some are entrepreneurs who have a started own, successful companies, many are in middle-management or in teaching positions. What do they all have in common? Not a single one has a fiber of respect for Trump, but deep contempt for what he has done, his lies and despicable behavior, - in sharp contrast to the MAGA-hatters attending his silly rallies. The correlation should be too obvious to elaborate on.

Ray Fowler

Good morning, Jorg

Hope you, your family and your vast circle of friends scattered hither and yon enjoyed last week's holiday... and that they will prosper and stay healthy in 2021.

Question... is your statement, "The correlation should be too obvious to elaborate on," another criticism of what you have previously termed as "uneducated" Trump supporters?


Ray: If it wasn’t so scary, you could laugh it off as a sick joke that so many are blind and oblivious to what is so obvious to the majority of us, - that Trump is a security risk for the nation, in addition to being an embarrassment and a fool.

Ray Fowler


So, your statement, "The correlation should be too obvious to elaborate on," is not another criticism of what you have previously termed as "uneducated" Trump supporters. Correct?

How is Trump a risk to the security of the United States?


Ray: Aren’t you paying attention at all? That anyone with a fiber of intellect, common sense and conscience can still support Trump, is totally beyond me. Why don’t you pay attention these next three weeks or so, - then we can talk about it?!

Terence Y

Jorg, I guess your vast education and superior intelligence doesn’t realize Mr. Wright’s first name is not Sue? Or do you know something about Brian that the rest of us don’t? I wonder if your other friends (probably also afflicted with sophomania), if they physically exist, are as afraid of answering valid questions as you and instead resort to insults because they have no answers.

Tommy Tee

It always cracks up when Terence accuses others of insults. LOL Thanks for the day-brightening laugh, Terry!

Dirk van Ulden

Jorg - has it ever occurred to you that you only run around with folks who agree with you? I have many relatives, friends and acquaintances, highly educated and otherwise who do and do not agree with me. Somehow I am comfortable with diversity and so are they. It appears that you live in a bubble.


Dirk: I certainly don’t live in a bubble, but why on earth should I waste my time mingling with anyone so uninformed and misinformed, and with such a low respect for the WH, that they find someone so inept, incompetent and unqualified as Trump even remotely worthy of the US Presidency? A habitual liar and a laughingstock around the world, a jerk who doesn’t even know how to behave like a gentleman around women, someone who has messed up everything so badly, is supposed to be good enough for the highest office in the world? Not in my book, and not among my circle of friends. I don’t even know where MAGA-hatters like that hang out, - not in my neighborhood, anyway, thank goodness!

Ray Fowler

Hmmm... it took a worldwide crisis to knock the US economy under the Trump administration off track... first major prison reform in many years... peace agreements in the Middle East... Warp Speed. How do those items square with your belief that Trump is incompetent and unqualified?

Habitual liar... remember "You can keep your doctor and your health care program?"

You know... Joe Biden said he would appoint an AG right away and now he is weeks late in doing so... does that make him a liar? No, of course not! But what about multiple instances of plagiarism, exaggerating academic accomplishments, false claims of civil rights activism, etc.? Then there's... "I don't know anything about my son's business dealings," however, Joe has been sharing office space with his son's business.

C'mon, man!

Yes, Trump has distorted facts, made some up, and embellished others. No doubt. It's a cliche now, but the left takes him literally and the right takes him figuratively. Not even the MAGA crowd thought he would build a wall from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean. But that's not the lie... the lie is the left's pining and moaning about immigration but doing nothing about immigration reform. Your hero, Barack Obama, entered the White House with a majority in both houses of Congress. No reform.

Is the MSM too literal? Sometimes. Trump was accused of lying when he said one-third (33%) of women crossing the border illegally had been sexually assaulted. The MSM challenged that statement because Doctors Without Borders put the number at 31%. Seriously?! 31%? 33%? The president's point was that women were being targeted and abused... illegal crossings are dangerous... and that's the truth.


Sorry about the mix-up, - blame it on old age, hangover, or all of the above!

Patrick Henry

I guess over four hundred sworn notarized affidavits is not enough proof for you or that election monitors were not allowed to watch the election process is of concern to you Mr. Wright. Like a true liberal, don't let facts get it the way of your argument, I would expect misinformation to continue as it all came from left wing media and the corrupt Democrat party and unfortunately these two organizations are not going anywhere. They both will continue to infect our society with their cancerous subversive rhetoric and un-American agenda.

Tommy Tee

Fake news, Conway. Nothing has held up in court. Get over it.



Just a morning muse. Prostitution has been around for thousands of years. I am sure prices varied widely depending on the needs and quality of those involved. The question I have is as follows.

When you first signed on you went by the name of George for a couple of hours and then switched to Patrick. Your comments are virtually identical to those of Christopher Conway and his views on almost everything you comment on. Are you being paid by Christopher to print his drivel and if so how much is your dignity and name worth on the open market?

Tommy Tee

Taf--He IS Conway. No doubt. But since he promised he was getting off this site, he lied and simply changed his name.

Christopher Conway

I would like to thank the usual cast of characters who were so fun to have a go with for getting me to fork over the dough to be able to comment again. I should not have let it lapse, but the hilarity of some comments made it irresistible. Whoever this Patrick person is, it is not me but appears to be just as good as driving the right people crazy as I was. Just remember, though I may not be commenting, I am still reading the SMDJ, six days a week. And a paying subscriber

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