At any other time in our nation’s history, the recent revelations of Joe Biden’s corruption reported by the New York Post and the subject of Wall Street Journal editorials, Fox News and Fox opinion hosts’ coverage would be disqualifying for the former vice president. Neither Joe nor Hunter Biden have come out and declared that any of the emails made public thus far are false or that the laptop did not belong to Hunter.

In an Oct. 27, 2020, interview, one of Joe and Hunter Biden’s former business partners, wealthy international businessman and Navy veteran Tony Bobulinski unequivocally said that Joe Biden’s statement that he did not discuss his son’s business ventures, and that recent email revelations are some Russian misinformation campaign, are flat out lies. He also stated that the Biden Family received a $5 million “loan” from their communist Chinese business partner.

This Biden Family corruption and Joe’s central role in it is being censored by Twitter and Facebook and ignored by 95% of the media. Mr. Bobulinski is on record stating he twice met with Joe Biden in 2017 and discussed the Chinese business venture. Still, crickets from CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS and ABC, which demonstrates their own bias and corruption in failing to investigate and report the fact that Joe Biden not only knew about Hunter’s Chinese and other business ventures but was actively involved in them. This censorship and bias threatens our democracy and should concern all citizens regardless of political persuasion.

Bill Garrett

San Carlos

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Ray Fowler

Mr. Fernandez

Hello! I am busy with settling my mom's estate, but when I get the chance, I'm taking a quick peek at the comments.

Wow... the FBI. It depends who you ask when you ask them. First, I have to say I have faith in the FBI's rank and file. Unwavering. Then, you have to check your scorecard when it comes to trying to figure out what's going on and who is doing what.

The FBI was checking into Hunter Biden and this laptop business before the story broke. They primarily make inquiries and start investigations when directed to do so or they have some probable cause that a crime may have been committed. Which category accommodates Hunter's laptop? I think the latter. They get wind of the laptop and sure enough... there is legal justification to check it out. Their conclusions? We don't quite know, yet. What they have done is separate Vlad's lads and old school Soviet disinformation as part of the laptop story. However, that doesn't mean Hunter and maybe dad are off the hook for something criminal or at the very least something very, very shady. In other words, the US intel community saying that Russian disinformation is not part of the story and the FBI agreeing with them is not a clean bill of health for Hunter and Joe. I wish the FBI would follow the money trail because there is little doubt that someone wearing a blazer with the Biden family crest on the pocket is praying for a Biden victory next week so they can all get pardons a couple of years down the road. Back to the FBI... they know the Steele dossier is phony and they tell both Barack and Joe before Donald is sworn in as president. So what's going on? Kinda looks like the Comey FBI faction and whatever is now left of it support... wait for it... themselves. With Joe in the Oval Office, the work of renegade agents like Peter Strzok is made easier. If you think Strzok was the only one trying to ambush a president for political reasons, then I have a bridge that spans NY's East River that I would like to sell to you. Comey, Strzok, et al. are the reason Hillary's handling of emails was reckless but not criminal. I get it... she did not get into the White House, but she stayed out of the Big House. For some perspective... this is not the first time the FBI has strayed in an effort to accomplish their own political agenda. Remember the 1960s? They brought down the Black Panthers, but the Church Committee exposed the FBI's illegal tactics and violations of the law. The agency was no longer the FBI we liked to associate with Efrem Zimbalist Jr.

Wilfred Fernandez Jr

Mr. Fowler,

Firstly, I'm sorry for your loss. I lost my mom back in 2007. I hope you were able to enjoy your mother's last days as did I.

Ah, Mr. Fowler, you are indeed an American treasure. Your ability to regale the audience with tales of intrigue and misadventure is worth the price of admission to the SMDJ LTE. I look forward to the next chapter. I hear you on the rank and file. I saw what poor leadership foretold back in the basement meeting room of JC Penney in the Tanforan Shopping Center. Our austere manager laughing at sales reports of an upstart, "ankle biter", competitor...named Wal-Mart.

Ray Fowler

Thank you... genuine words of caring are always welcome. It's been a while, and unfortunately I was beset by several medical issues one after the other in the sic months after my mother passed. I am finally getting back into the real world with respect to her estate.

And thanks for your encouraging words about my contribution to the discourse. We have to remember, there would be no discourse if everyone shared the same opinion. I feel mixing it up a little is good for the soul. While no one will probably shift their viewpoint wholesale to the the other side... I can say that I value the other viewpoints because it makes me take a closer look at issues.

Wilfred Fernandez Jr

Common sense is timeless. You are in kinship with another great mind.

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”

― Aristotle

Tommy Tee

Terrence--your desperation is at its peak. Just one question: When Biden wins next week are you going to cry "unfair?"

Terence Y

Poor Tommy timidi-Tee. I think we’re all still waiting with bated breath for you to answer Ray’s questions. Your inability to defend brain-dead Biden speaks volumes about your confidence in him. MAGA, Again!


Lost Biden documents are found! ................https://www.theepochtimes.com/ups-says-it-located-joe-biden-related-documents-that-tucker-carlson-said-were-lost_35577

Wilfred Fernandez Jr

Mr. Garrett,

Kudos! And thank you for making the time to post your thoughts.


The lapdog media should investigate Hunter's brief stint in the Navy. He received a direct commission in a PR unit and then failed a drug test. Did Joe push for the commission? Also check out how many times the MSM uses "unfounded" in a story on Trump but not in Biden copy. Think I am nit-picking? I did until I read "Philip's Code: No News is Good News - to a Killer." Opened my eyes to where news comes from.

Ray Fowler

Hey, wlydecker

You are not nit-picking...

As direct commission officers, even in a PR assignment, need security clearances, Hunter's application would have listed Vice President Joe Biden's name as Hunter's father.

There are a couple of red flags popping up in Hunter's application. First, the standard age limit for a direct commission is 35. He was 43 and needed an age waiver. I know, I know... some applicants in their 40s are accepted without any hassle, but those applicants usually have highly valued training like some sort of medical specialization. That makes them desired commodities in the military. Hunter probably knew more about Ukrainian natural gas than he knew about PR... and he knew next to nothing about natural gas. So, what special qualifications or experience was Hunter bringing to the Naval Reserve? Next red flag... he needed a drug waiver. Over the past 30 years, the military has relaxed its stance on applicants' prior drug use especially with respect to use of recreational marijuana. However, Hunter's previous history with cocaine before submitting a reserve officer application is a huge red flag. The Navy processes about 30 direct commission applicants each year for assignment to a PR billet. Why wouldn't the Navy select an applicant who had better credentials and met the Navy's requirements without needing two waivers and special treatment by Navy recruiters? The answer is the last red flag. He was the Vice President's son. If his name would have been Hunter Jones or Hunter Brown, there's no way he gets a direct commission. He got the commission for the same reason Al Gore's four children were all accepted by Harvard... make no mistake, Hunter got the commission because of his father's political position.

Then, one month after he was assigned to his first Navy PR job, he tested positive for his drug of choice, cocaine. The Navy mustered him out with an administrative discharge. Setting aside the political wrangling that accompanies the discussion about Hunter using his father's name to get a prestigious appointment, it is sad that a young man like Hunter, with a lot of potential, is dragged down by substance abuse. I hope he is able to conquer the demons that haunt him.

Ray Fowler

Hi, Bill

Great letter! Very simply... why are Joe and Hunter failing to respond when evidence clearly indicates the emails and the laptop are real, and why is the media trying to ditch this story?

So, for the Biden fans who will most assuredly respond today in the comments section... spare us. Before you start beating the "We hate Trump" drum. Answer those two questions, please. Why are Joe and Hunter dodging questions based on hard evidence, and why is the media not covering this story? Oh, yeah... and why are social media platforms censoring this story?

Tommy Tee

My favorite story so far is that Tucker Carlson says he "lost the only copy of documents that nail Biden." LOL



It is hard to lose something that doesn't exist. Even if it did exist, Fox follows the directions of Trump so the ineptitude that probably rubbed off to them would explain it.

Terence Y

Uh-oh, Tommy swea-Tee and Daffy Taffy Dave! Even though there’s already ample evidence of Biden’s corruption, Lou tells us UPS may have found these additional documents. Both of you may want to get fans ready for your upcoming hot flashes. BTW, we’re all breathlessly awaiting your answers to questions from Ray…


Good morning Ray,

I think the answers to your two questions is Rudy Giuliani, New York Post and John Ratcliffe. Nothing to see here folks, move along.

BTW, did you get clearance for cocktails yet?

Ray Fowler

Non sequitur...

Ray Fowler

Oops... forgive my manners, please

Hello, Tafhdyd! (and Tommy, too)

Why are Joe and Hunter dodging questions... why is the media not covering this story, and why are social media platforms censoring this story? The answers are not Rudy Giuliani, NY Post, and John Ratcliffe.

Guys... we're starting to sound like Pee Wee Herman and Francis from 35 years ago... "I know you are, but what am I?"

There is a laptop and there are emails. Joe's refrain, "None of that is true," does not address this issue. C'mon, man! We don't have to muse over the time worn retort by some conservatives... "Well, what if the situation was reversed? The media would be all over this story!" Why? Because Adam Schiff said he had hard evidence and a whistle blower to support his claim of Donald Trump tied up in an inappropriate way with Russians. The evidence was never presented and the whistle blower never stepped forward. This is different. There is evidence (laptop and emails) and an eye witness has stepped forward. Yet, the Bidens and the DNC have circled the wagons and "stop the presses" is echoing throughout the media.

OK... off the soapbox.

Tafhdyd, my meds are still in flux... no cocktails. Remember when folks use to put "J" at the end of a message? This is where I would insert an "L."

How 'bout them Dodgers!!

Wilfred Fernandez Jr

Mr. Fowler,

I'd love to read your thoughts about the F.B.I. in this Biden intrigue. Thanks in advance for your consideration of my request.


Hello again Ray,

My comment about Rudy, the NY Post and John Ratcliffe are just basically where is the proof? Yes they say there is a laptop and the FBI has it, yes there are emails but so far I have not seen anything actually confirming any definite source or any definite link to any crimes etc. The Post ,IMO, is just Fox news on paper, Rudy is ...I guess Rudy is Rudy and Ratcliffe is the most unqualified person in D.C. to be the DNI. Mr. Ratcliffe said that it was not being looked at as a foreign disinformation attempt. Comment from another FBI person said it could well be a domestic political dirty trick because there was a sloppiness there that seems to sloppy for Russian Intelligence. We will have to wait and see. I don't see what the big deal is. Nobody on the right cares about the corruption in the Trump Camp, why should they care about possible problems with the Biden Camp?

OK...now for the important stuff.

As the saying goes, you learn something new everyday. I don't recall ever seeing a "J" or an "L" so I looked it up. Sorry you can't participate yet.

I will say that the best thing about the Dodgers winning is that it means it wasn't the Yankees or the Braves (or Atlanta if Braves is not politically correct) and it will be that much sweeter when the Giants beat them next year!

Terence Y

Another day, another cent contributed by Tommy and Taffy. Notice they can’t defend brain-dead Biden. And notice they can’t answer the questions proposed by Ray. Not surprising, since we now know Russia and China have corrupted the Biden’s and their family. I’m sure there’s more to come from Biden’s laptop. BTW, don’t forget to watch any of the Trump rallies (past, present, and future) on RSBNetwork. IMO, they have the best coverage and they show the enthusiastic crowds.

Tommy Tee

Tear-Ence--I know you watch Fox 24/7. *ucker Carlson is my favorite conspiracy theorist and apparently your idol. LOL Keep on breathing into that paper bag.

Terence Y

Poor Tommy negativi-Tee, floundering again and unable to defend brain-dead Biden and the Biden crime family. I hope we don’t break him again. Can we get some more glue over to Tommy? Or maybe some tape, but make sure it’s not Scotch tape? We don't want Tommy uncertain-Tee to pull a Hiden Biden and put a lid (like garbage can lid) on it for the next few days.


Sorry Terence, I have never heard of RSBNetwork. What channel is it? Not that I would waste time watching a Trump Rally, it is bad enough they show clips on the news.

Tommy Tee

Tafhdyd: RSBN is Right Side Broadcasting Network. It's a right wingnut conservative American news and opinion media company. They show Trump "Rallies" so don't waste your time.


As seen recently on a yard sign......"Did you know.....1 our of 3 democrat supporters are just as ignorant as the other 2."

Wilfred Fernandez Jr


I had a good laugh with your comment. It brought back to mind what was said by the late great RR.

“It isn't so much that liberals are ignorant. It's just that they know so many things that aren't so.”

― Ronald Reagan



That is a good one, I like it. That means all three are smarter than a Trump supporter.

Wilfred Fernandez Jr


Lou had me in stiches, you broke them. Thanks!

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