Regarding Sharon King’s Feb. 4 letter to the editor, “The First Amendment,” it is correct that one’s personal political views should not be an impediment to their business activities, but what the “My Pillow” guy was advocating for was not protected political speech.

It was a call to overturn a legitimate election in contradiction to the rules of the U.S. Constitution. That is confirmed by the Daily Journal Jan. 23, 2021, article that was referenced alongside her letter. According to that article, the “My Pillow” guy “refused to accept Biden as the winner and posted, but later deleted a tweet in December calling on Trump to declare martial law and seize the ballots and voting machines in seven key states.” That is clear incitement to sedition (otherwise known as a coup), which is illegal and he should face the consequences.

David Crabbe

San Carlos

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Thank you Mr. Crabbe for your insight. I find it very sad that many of the commentators put their wallets first and not our Country. Mr. Trump was the worst President for the people unless all you care about is your wallet. I can't wait for most of you to stand at the pearly gates that you probably believe in.

Ray Fowler

Hello, Guest...

I agree... putting wallets first is sad. Do you think BB&B and Kohl's put their wallets first? Suggesting Donald Trump was the worst president except for those who put their wallets first is kinda shortsighted.

I have publicly stated that we must wait for the facts to be released, but don't you think there is a strong possibility that the Biden family has been very successful with putting their wallets first?

Now, I do not agree with some things said and done by Donald Trump, but if his political opponents continue to look to the past and blame him for everything, we're not going to get very far as a country... and we certainly won't be unified.

So, let's talk about what's going on, now. Consider a recent policy change... canceling the Keystone XL pipeline. No... I won't ask you to comment on the loss of thousands of jobs and the negative effect on local economies in the Midwest because those folks can't put their wallets first.

The Burlington Northern Santa Fe RR owns virtually all the rail lines between Canada and Texas, and they transport a lot of crude across those states. Berkshire Hathaway acquired BNSF in 2012. Berkshire Hathaway's CEO told Berkshire shareholders that year that BNSF was “benefiting from the resurgence of U.S. oil production” and “all indications are that BNSF’s oil shipments will grow substantially in coming years.” Who is that famous CEO? Why, it's Warren Buffett. Hmmm... a billionaire putting his wallet first. Imagine that...


Hi Ray,

I would like to add a few words but I am just too busy for a long discussion today. I did comment above about putting wallets first and I am sure you saw it by now. I think we discussed the pipeline before but it may have been with someone else.

Ray Fowler

Hmmm... I don't think we talked about the pipeline unless it was the Banzai Pipeline when we were filming the Endless Summer in the mid 1960s.

Yeah... putting wallets first... just like the NBA. They'll wear BLM on their jerseys... will they wear Uyghurs?



A good point. I know that has come up before because of the Chinese oppression and the NBA wanting to expand their market with the same background information. Hypocrisy? Maybe.


Ray, I find your commentary rather inconsistent. On the one hand, you want people to wait for the facts to be released first when it comes to wallets. Then you comment on the cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline projecting the loss of thousands of jobs without waiting for the facts to be released. The projections are that only a handful of jobs will be immediately effected. At the same time Biden has plans for millions of jobs to be created through the Green New Deal which somehow conveniently gets lost in the discussion.

Dirk van Ulden

Yes, perhaps millions of jobs. But they are all low paying, unskilled labor jobs that will need to supplemented with food stamps and Section 8 housing. Don't be fooled by Biden and his cronies. The real money will be made by his billionaire friends by trading with China.

Ray Fowler

Sorry, I did not see this earlier...

Wrong. Pipeline cancelled; jobs lost. Those facts are in...

When I said wait for facts to come in, I was referring to the situation re: Hunter and the Biden family's leading with their wallets. Let's wait until the facts are in before making any definitive conclusions... but, given law enforcement's in interest in this situation, isn't fair to say there is a possibility... and that's how I termed it... that the Bidens put their wallets first?

Facts are in re: BNSF... Warren Buffett's RR makes money when competition is eliminated... going all the way back to 2012.

Green New Deal and jobs? Where?



I thought we talked about the pipeline before but you said no and I will go with your definitive statement. As long as it is in the subject now I will mention what I thought we talked about before.

Yes jobs are lost with cancelling the pipeline but not the 11,000 number tossed about by the right anti Biden group. The pipeline company says that actual jobs at this time would be about 1,000. They also say that they had plans for 8 to 11 thousand temp jobs of 4 to 8 months in the coming year. Once built the pipeline will have less than a 100 permanent jobs to operate it, many of those in Canada.The jobs that would be lost are construction work such as welders, equipment operators etc. which could easily be absorbed and exceeded by thousands by a much needed infrastructure program nation wide to repair and replace bridges, highways, rail systems, water and sewer treatment etc. The massive program that has been talked about for years by both sides of the aisle with no results.

Ray Fowler


Joe's cancellation smacks of reversing a Trump policy... just because. I'm beginning to think if Trump had cancelled the pipeline four years ago, Joe would reinstate it... just because. Or... there's the possibility that the cancellation helped BNSF. While they did not contribute to Joe's campaign, the CEO of their parent company, Warren Buffett, contributed a lot to Barack who cancelled the pipeline in 2015.

I'm not seeing a Democrat behind every tree, am I?



I think we mentioned the get even just because scenario about a week ago. I would like to think that is not the case but I would not be surprised if there was a bit of that in some of the executive orders signed by Biden. Considering the obstruction and roadblocks Trump put up to stymie the smooth transfer of power I wouldn't blame him for doing it.

Ray Fowler

Hey, Tafhdyd

Don't know if you'll see this... Thanks for being open minded and considering other possibilities. I agree with you... there may be a hint of "just because" behind some of Joe's orders but I am also hoping that is nit the case. I cannot imagine Joe sitting in the Oval Office and saying, "Now, what can I do to make Trump supporters angry?" But it's likely Nancy and Chuck started mulling that question over after Nov. 3.



Although it is not the only item I have against Trump supporters it is one of importance. Trying to make a long story short. I have a friend (maybe) that only thinks of his money. We have argued, discussed, whatever about Trump for five years. No matter what the topic his answer is always “my IRA is going great” and he thinks it is strictly because of Trump.

About a year ago he was involved in a fund raiser for his favorite service organization and I offered to match his 1000 Trump dollars with my 1000 Obama dollars and he declined in true Trumpian fashion. All talk and no action. Money is more important than ethics, morals, human life, you name it.

Ray Fowler


I have not followed the My Pillow controversy, so thanks for the recap. Ms. King's LTE generated quite a bit of discussion, but I don't recall anyone saying that declining to do business with a supplier (My Pillow) over comments made by the supplier was illegal. The decision to stop using the supplier was political, however, private parties are free to make such decisions. And, consumers are free to boycott those businesses...

Terence Y

Sorry, Mr. Crabbe, but I also don’t accept Biden as the legitimate winner and I would also have called on Trump to declare martial law to seize ballots and voting machines to subvert the stolen election, if the “My Pillow” guy actually did what the article said (but it was probably just fake news).

Tommy Tee

Found a good site for you, Terence. https://www.newyorker.com/humor/borowitz-report/giuliani-to-be-first-guest-of-lou-dobbs-total-landscaping?fbclid=IwAR0ZwMvhUTo_LO7-xNDjr8cOv2s9rMVOnjnbEYzUt2NRtpm-ZF8f5aGVMA4

Tommy Tee

Excellent letter. I couldn't agree with you more!

Patrick Henry

I just ordered 5 sets of My pillows with some sheets with Egyptian cotton that are incredibly soft. I have stopped shopping at Bed, Bad and Beyond/ Krogers and have started the process of boycotting all businesses who have conspired against the greatest president ever elected. You want a cancel culture war, you will have a cancel culture war. Many Trump supporters have quite a bit of money and are ready to use it against the left in this country. All is fair in love and war.


I didn't know Kroegers was in the mix, last week it was Kohl's. While you are spending your money don't forget to send a big donation the Trump legal defense and future campaign fund so he can skim about 80% for himself and his grifter family.

Dirk van Ulden

Yes Taffy, the same principled Kroger that threatens to close stores if their grocery clerks are successful in getting a $5 hazard pay increase. Hypocrites on all sides!


Chris Henry/Patrick Conway, I cannot wait until 2024 when you and the Pillow Man form the nucleus for the GOP Presidential POTUS and VP.

Thank you for dedication to Mad Magazine's Legacy.



I think the GOP will be OK, they will just be a small group. The GEP (Grand Eunuch Party) is what the Trump followers are. Almost all the Republican Senators and Representatives in Congress have no testicular fortitude as seen by their recent votes. Of the 50 Republican Senators that voted to hold the impeachment trial, only five grew a pair and two of them were women, 45 said no.

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