California’s upside down. Our third-world blackouts are caused by reliance on solar energy that only works during the day and we’re outlawing the only other source of energy to our homes — natural gas. For a third-world travel experience, go to San Francisco where you can practice side-stepping piles of feces. Why are we trying to pack people into high rise buildings where diseases like COVID can spread faster. Why spend $100’s of billions on a high-speed rail to Bakersfield when the real demand and emission reductions are from high speed mass transit to affordable living areas.

Cities and counties are being hit for more money to pay for unaffordable government worker pension benefits. CalPERS’ solution for juicing returns is to borrow money to invest like a Wall Street hedge fund – what could go wrong? Our union-run schools are a disgrace.

Fires are caused by a 100 years of undergrowth, not climate change. Our courageous fire fighters at CAL FIRE are significantly underfunded by cowardly politicians who refuse to give them adequate budgets for equipment and aircraft to fight fires. We should be building fire breaks near housing and installing remote fire detection networks in our forests. It’s much easier to fight a fire that’s detected early.

It is time for Californians to stop being victims. Corrupt politicians in Sacramento who prioritize spending on issues that line their pockets need to be stopped. Californians needs to return to their roots as innovators and visionaries before we become another failed blue state.

Ed Kahl


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Terence Y

Well said, Mr. Kahl. However, CA is not becoming a failed blue state, we’re already there. With this China virus shutdown, things are only going to get worse as nobody wants to pay additional taxes with high chances of even more wasteful spending.



You can end all the California forest fires for $200 million. Just issue a rake to everyone 16 to 60 and a mandate they use it.

Dirk van Ulden

Don't be silly Taffy. Even the Forest Service has said that clearing the underbrush through controlled burns would go a long way. The native Americans used that method and I have seen the same controlled burning practice in Central America. The environmentalists here don't have a clue and would suppress any natural occurrences which are now the disastrous results of their ignorance. The BAAQMD even had the nerve to prohibit outdoor barbecues as if that would make a difference. Leave it our regulators and they will make our lives miserable without any accountability. Of course, Cindy would prefer that all of us live in stacked housing as in Europe where folks can't wait to get into their cars when they have a chance to get out..

Mike Caggiano

Dear Ed, of course things appear upside down because you seem to be standing on your head. About the only thing I can agree with is the need to allot more funding to Cal Fire. They are indeed the heros of the piece. But for those to care about science, the facts are very clear. Human augmented climate disruption is at fault around the world. The Green Dew Deal worldwide is the needed prescription. We humans are indeed soiling our own nest. Not an intelligent path forward.

Terence Y

Mr. Caggiano, do we drink the Mountain Dew, buy it, make it, use it to pour on forest fires?

Cindy Cornell

So don't build high density housing because of Covid, but keep building further east and pack people on trains to get their covid there?

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