After pleas from seniors to enact an emergency moratorium barring their last-minute no-fault evictions, the Burlingame City Council set a “study session” for 6 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 13, instead of setting an emergency session when a vote could be taken.

Redwood City, San Mateo, Daly City and other California cities easily passed these emergency moratoriums without “study sessions.” They saved their constituents from evictions and homelessness during the holidays before a new law barring no-fault evictions takes effect Jan. 1.

Why then is Burlingame delaying a vote, forcing seniors and families to scramble to find housing in less than two months? Because Burlingame has the most reactionary and regressive council on the Peninsula when it comes to protecting renters.

Councilwoman Ann Keighran, celebrated by the San Mateo County Association of Realtors, and whose parents own apartments in Burlingame, asked the clerk to include the text of Measure R, a 2016 rent stabilization initiative, in study materials. The reason for this may be that she wants to show that voters earlier rejected eviction protections; however, the only relevant language is in AB 1482 which takes effect Jan. 1. She wishes to deny even this crumb to renters.

The Burlingame City Council never fails to disappoint renters and defers, delays and denies on issues not favored by the real estate lobby. How refreshing it would be to see them join neighboring cities and pass a moratorium before people are forced to move or become homeless.

Cynthia Cornell


The letter writer is the founder of Housing for All Burlingame.

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Best written letter on this issue Thank you the not me becomes the why not me..Time to protect residents Foster City was also wrong to turn down this help..two council members seemed to not enough know what we are talking about here..Shows the resident concern for others..They don't see the forest for the trees..Too bad they could have gotten votes in the next election to support this help. .

Gloria Gael

Property owners are always whining about their so-called "property rights." With rights comes responsibility. And property owners have a responsibility to treat their tenants fairly and equitably. If you chose to be a "housing provider," then you should have known that you would have to abide by certain laws, such as giving your tenant 24 hour notice before entering the rental property, giving 30 days notice for rent raises, giving 60 days notice if the raise is over 10%, providing heat and running water, and keeping the property free of rodents and vermin. Those are the responsibilities that you have as a landlord. Stop whining and do the right thing. Do what's good for a democratic community, not just for your selfish whims. I just can never understand why you all are so fragile and rigid, both at the same time!

Christopher Conway

Gloria, what about it's not your property don't you understand. Where is our state constitution does it say that it can take over private property rights and cap income and therefore cap value of asset. Gloria you need to wise up and realize you live in the United States. Hands off my property.


Excellent points GG.

Christopher Conway

Cynthia- I know you do not believe in private property, but the city council does not own the property you want them to regulate. What you might forget is that we live in the United States and there is a concept known as private property and the rights that go with it.


You never fail to amaze me...Conway for Potus in 2024!

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