James Constantino’s Jan. 7 letter is riddled with contradictions and some outright falsehoods. He is right in saying that many Republicans are using legal means (like getting state officials elected) since his party lost the White House. Where he goes off course is saying that Democrats impeached the former president twice to stop what Constantino admits were his “racist and hateful tweets.” That is factual. Then he makes these statements without backing them up with facts:

1). “Democrats in New York City have allowed noncitizens to vote.”

2). “A Democrat in the White House is allowing illegal border crossing at an alarming rate, presumably so city councils in major cities can allow them to vote.”

3). Democrats in the Associated Press write articles so slanted to the left ... so biased ... so accusatory against conservatives that we are painted as stereotypical white rural racists.”

Can he back these statements up?

Finally, he says that these same Democrats have “tiny little minds.”

And readers are expected to agree with a person who writes such absurdities? Where is his proof that “Democrats” from the AP are writing slanted articles?

Come on, James! If you believe that other letter writers should be truthful, why can’t you be the same? Or is that too difficult for your tiny little mind?

Joanne Engelhardt

Redwood City

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One would have to be living under a stone not to know the liberal/progressive "news" is extremely biased. Read any edition of the New Yorker Times, LA Times, Washington Post, Mercury News, etc. and you'll see that 90% of the articles are biased against Republicans even thought they are 50% of voters in our country. The one exception in the Daily Journal which give both sides a say


How is it that every other right winger whines about the media bias against their positions, never questioning the underlying truth of the position in question? Why is it there is no corresponding outcry of the lack of "fair and balanced" of Fox News (which in the heartland is the primary source of information)? There is no alarm shown towards Qanon or OAN, or the bias of the Wall Street Journal. Please spare us your false sense of outrage.

Ed, your idea that Republicans are 50% of the electorate is false. It is not 50%, but more like 40%. See: https://www.marketwatch.com/story/the-number-of-americans-identifying-as-republican-is-the-lowest-its-been-in-a-decade-gallup-poll-11617812129

Terence Y

How is it that every rabid left wingie making comments swallows hook, line, and sinker everything the lamestream media reports, even though their fake news and lies have been debunked? There is no “fair and balanced” among their news reports because they make it up. Rel, it seems to me, even if you heard it, “You can’t handle the truth!”

Terence Y

Ms. Engelhardt – can you show Mr. Constantino’s statements are false? Evidence indicates Mr. Constantino is correct and you haven’t backed up your statements. Seems Mr. Constantino is correct when he says Democrats have “tiny little minds.” Are you a Democrat? I’ll let readers decide.

Tommy Tee


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