Over the last 25 years I have advocated for conservative issues in the city and county of San Mateo. With the open-mindedness of Jon Mays, the editor in chief of the San Mateo Daily Journal, I was able to express the conservative views of those in our community in what I hope was an articulate yet biting fashion. After many conversations with my family, I promised I would end my conservative advocacy for our community and put down my pen once and for all.

I leave the fight and I only hope that those in our community who are conservative and demand an accountable government, keep that fight going. I have seen an organic groundswell of like-minded people who are standing up for their right to have an opinion without being threatened, both verbally and physically.

This is my last letter to the San Mateo Daily Journal; however, I will keep my subscription to the paper forever as a token of my appreciation to Jon and all those working at the San Mateo Daily Journal. As a last request to the San Mateo city voter, please make sure to vote yes on Y and no on R. Also, vote for Ms. Papan and Ms. Nash for the City Council of San Mateo. Let’s remove the appointed Ms. Amourence Lee from the council and save it from the domination of councilmembers who do not have the best interest of the people living in San Mateo.

Christopher P. Conway

San Mateo

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(30) comments

Tommy Tee

See ya! Are you joining The Proud Boys?

Christopher Conway

Yep- see you in the streets

Terence Y

Tommy Tee – I highly doubt he’ll join the KKK that was established by Democrats. I also doubt he’ll join the the idiot BLM and Antifa goons endorsed and supported by Democrats.

Tommy Tee

I didn't inquire as to those organizations. I only wondered about The Proud Boys, because he said, "I love the Proud Boys, that is why I am one in spirit."


Love is patient, love is kind.

It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.

It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking,

it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.

Once a Padre, Always a Padre.


Moving to a Red State?

{How's your health?}

Christopher Conway

Stay classy whoever you are

Dirk van Ulden

Dear Chris - I am also sorry to see you go. I understand that we all need to move on for whatever reason. As you said, there are others that are picking up the slack and will continue to irk Jorg and the other TDS members. Take care.


Oh, no reason to worry, Dirk! With the very rich and rewarding life I have been blessed with, no Trumpist will “irk” me! But, I appreciate Chris’ constant reminder how uneducated, ill informed and easily fooled Trump followers are. At my age, it is so easy to forget. In Chris’ absence, I’m sure other fanatic Trump followers will remind me while they ride with him off the cliff.

Christopher Conway

Jorg, I would not expect you to respond any differently. You give a bad name to all new immigrants to our country and I have never met anyone with such a limited ability to write something besides Orange Man bad and people who like Orange Man bad too. You really need to broaden your topics Jorg, your ignorance is on display for everyone to see.


Hardly "new", Chris! I was invited over here more than 50 years ago, mainly because of my science background. Doesn't seem to have done much good, though, the science challenged are still as bewildered as ever. A big difference, however! Where I come from, those who don't know or understand much, try not to advertise it. Here, they brag about it, - even the one we have in the WH!

Christopher Conway

Thank you Dirk, keep up the good fight, it isn't easy but I want you to know I will be looking for you defending the good people of our community

Mike Caggiano

All the best Chris. I had the impression you were leaving the area. Either way I'm sure many will miss you. As usual, I'm 180 degrees out from you last parting positions. I voted for Amourence Lee in part as she is the only candidate with very young children and naturally with a great stake in our town and our schools. Also I voted for R and against Y although Jon Mays made a good point for voting against both. I think it's too late to just start developing that point though.

So stay well and stay safe and ignore any health advice from your 'leader'.

Christopher Conway

Mike, though you were in the opposing camp, you always wrote very well and presented yourself as someone to be listened to. I will continue to read the paper and I look forward to your letters. Take Care of yourself, you give your side a good name.


Chris, I am very saddened by your notice, at a time when we need your perspective and intellect more than ever. Yours has been one of the most beneficial and awareness raising voices to SMDJ and our community. You'll be missed.

Christopher Conway

Thank you Lou. With you and Dirk and Terence, I feel that we are in good hands. It takes a lot to hold the positions you and I hold, and it is not easy. Don't ever give up the fight, I will be watching and praying for you.

Ray Fowler

Hello, Chris

Well, we'll miss you. Take heart in knowing you can say... I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. 2 Timothy 4:7

I'm sure you are familiar with the quote featured in the link below. I believe it applies to many, on both sides of the aisle, who visit this forum. I feel it is apropos, today.


Good luck!

Christopher Conway

Ray, it is good to see you back here on SMDJ. You are another person whose letters I enjoy reading. You have a much more even measured tone than my flamethrowers. Keep up the great writing, it is good for you and good for your community, take care my friend.

Terence Y

Mr. Conway – I’m sorry to hear you’re finalizing plans to leave the area. Best wishes to you and your family. I hope your new location doesn’t have as many people that hate their great President Trump more than they love America. I shall keep the faith and continue to address the half-truths, lies, and historical myths perpetrated by TDS-infected folks. You shall be missed. BTW, are you taking your recalcitrant puppy, JustMikey, with you? I hear he eats a lot of Life cereal. I also hear he makes just as many messes at home as he does when he makes comments.

P.S. You’re probably well aware, but if not, I’d recommend finding all home improvement receipts and any other legal methods to lower your capital gains tax if you sell your home. No sense in gifting CA with more money to waste.

Christopher Conway

Terence, if I can give you one word of advice, don't stop doing what you are doing. It is going to be people like you that make the change. You and I are similar in that we are fighters. I expect to read articles or comments from you that are like an overhand right. Keep punching hard and let the victims fall at your feet and do so unapologetically like I know you can.

Terence Y

Mr. Conway – thanks for the advice. I only wish there were more TDS-infected commenters to “debate” with. The usual Democrat lemmings, Jorg the JUNC (Jorg’s Usual Nonsense Comments) man, Laffy Taffy Dave, Tommy Tee-DS, and Just Mikey650 were never much of a challenge. Again, best wishes to you and your family.


Will miss your opinions, which are rare in these parts.

Christopher Conway

thank you, I appreciate that.


I’ll certainly miss you, Chris, - and sorry that I won’t hear your reaction when Donald Trump loses in a landslide on Nov. 3, - if he even makes it that far!



We might get some reaction from him. The letter says it is his last letter, it doesn't say it is his last comment. After all he emulates Donald Trump and Donald recants everything he says and claims credit for everything he doesn't say or do.

Christopher Conway

Taffy, here is hoping that Dirk, Lou and Terrence keep you in check when I am gone. My money is on the three of them as TDS has infected you pretty badly, you are almost at the level of Jorg and there is no hope for him. So be careful Taffy, being on the wrong side of history is one thing, have a mental disease is another.



We will have to see how history plays out. One of us will be right and one wrong. As for Dirk, we don't agree but at least have had a couple of civil discussions, I am not sure about Lou but Terence, he is just a lost soul. I worry that he will really suffer without you to give him guidance. One last thing. Speaking of mental disease, have you been following Donald's actions lately? Have a nice day.


Welcome to your own Serra going away party.

You should drop by when the SMDJ endorses their candidate for VP and POTUS.

Christopher Conway

and lastly, to my little anonymous stalker. To think that you were once a Padre yet still attacked me and my family anonymously tells the reader everything they need to know about you. I am looking for the words to describe you but I do not want them censored or removed. I just think the worst when I think of you, I question your manhood, your dignity and morals. I never did find out who you are, now, maybe it is not so important. You are the one who has to live with yourself, that is as bad of a punishment that could be given to you.


Define your use of the word attack, Mr. C? Mostly what I referred to was your presentation that your immediate family members feel the same way you do, and other social media sources prove that to be true. Also JSerra HS does not support Mr. Trump.

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