Sabrina Brennan

Following an infamously unruly board meeting, county officials agreed additional oversight is needed to determine the fate of the San Mateo County Harbor District.

The San Mateo County Board of Supervisors unanimously agreed Tuesday, May 19, that the Local Agency Formation Commission should investigate operations at the coastal agency charged with operating the harbors at Pillar Point and Oyster Point.

The decision comes in the wake of an April Harbor District meeting which was unceremoniously disrupted by Commissioner Sabrina Brennan, who broke up board conversations to air grievances with fellow Commissioner Tom Mattusch.

Supervisor Don Horsley alluded to the most recent incident, as well as the long history of dysfunction at the Harbor District, in building his case for allowing LAFCo to scrutinize operations and asses the future.

“Unfortunately, the Harbor District has been unable to address variations of this problem for three decades,” he said, also noting previous LAFCo and civil grand jury reports which have called into question the district’s necessity and functionality.

Under the county’s decision, LAFCo will review Harbor District operations and conduct interviews with staff and elected officials. A consultant approved by both agencies will be brought in to discuss expected behavior for elected officials, and the county supervisors will pay half the consulting fee.

For her part, Brennan said the county bears responsibility for assuring Harbor District commissioner conduct is appropriate. Contention on the district board surrounds Brennan’s sexual harassment allegations against Mattusch, which she claimed yielded an inadequate response from county officials, including Horsley.

Meanwhile, commission President Nancy Reyering said the Harbor District offers critical service, which she questioned whether the county would want to adopt. And rather than investigate the district’s operations, she raised the possibility of the district board moving from elected positions to appointed posts.

Such a perspective seemed to resonate with Supervisor Dave Pine, who acknowledged the district does important work along the coasts. But he balanced that thought against an acknowledgment that uncontrolled outbursts by elected officials diminishes public trust in the district.

Meanwhile, Horsley remained critical of the district, which he believes flies under the radar of public scrutiny due to its limited sphere of influence.

“This is an organization that most people don’t pay attention to and there is not a lot of oversight,” he said.

As a result, Horsley said he believed it would be best for a third party to intervene and assess next steps.

LAFCo should complete its investigation and “make a determination of what is the best way to manage these facilities in the future,” he said.

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(7) comments


I know nothing about the Harbor Commission but the reporting on this meeting sounds like it was on a bunch of kids in high school. What exactly does this commission do and why are they necessary?


This district has had problems for years. They should just skip any consultant and move ahead and dismantle. The County Park & Rec. Dept. can take over. The board of supervisors can do a better job.

John The Baptist

"She said as part of the review the agency will look at whether the lack of decorum at Harbor Commission meetings resulted in a failure to complete business." -- Martha Poyotas

Kiraly, Reyering, and Mattusch all voted twice to suddenly end public meetings before the agenda was completed. Will that be an issue? Probably not. The good old boy network in this county has a narrative it wants pushed and it is getting pushed.

Horsley said nothing about how Kiraly loses control during meetings and accuses other commissioners of being high. Of course, Horsley has supported two Sheriffs who need to pay women for access to their bodies and Horsley may very well have been on the list of 40 men Mattusch sends photos of women's shaved privates.

Horsley has seen the photos San Mateo cops were emailing each other photos of women being abused. Horsley has seen the derogatory language used to describe teenage girls that San Mateo cops were sharing with each other. And Horsley, like Mattusch, is easily manipulated by attractive women who lean in close: --

Virginia Kiraly also plays the victim card extremely well. In this link you will see how Kiraly has accused members of the other board she serves on of being out to get her:

Pretty women who play the victim as well as Kiraly does have always found men like Mattusch and Horsley to defend their honor.

Then we have Nancy Reyering who wrote this hit piece against Tom Mattusch:--

That was then of course. Reyering just wants to be in with the popular girls and Kiraly is THE popular girl in San Mateo politics. Reyering apparently is a lite weight with no real convictions other than she wants what Kiraly has. Reyering is so desperate for approval from the in crowd she has publicly thanked Tom Mattusch for being brave enough to cast the deciding vote against Brennan.

Reyering has finally gotten her revenge. Not against Brennan. But against the people who called her out for what she is in her own community of Woodside. Reyering managed to lose an election where she ran unopposed. The humiliation has affected her sense of right and wrong. Don't believe me? Read her screed against the man child who sends out explicit photos to a list of pathetic men but who Nancy Reyering now admires.

"The Harbor District commissioners are elected by voters of San Mateo County, all of whom should call for Tom Mattusch’s resignation. There should be zero tolerance for Mattusch’s admitted actions. As there is no dispute about the facts, he himself should have immediately submitted his resignation." -- Nancy Reyering

Reyering is as easy to manipulate as are men like Mattusch and Horsley. Like all wannabe popular girls who compromise themselves just to get next to the homecoming queen, Reyering will find out that she is being used the first time she dares to vote against Kiraly and her subs.

Jeff Regan

This is a coordinated political hatchet job. Weeks after a contentious Harbor District meeting, KGO-TV reporter, who happens to be Jackie Spieir’s daughter, does a story interviewing two county supervisors, then Mark Simon’s bullying piece in this paper, now this vote covered here and the HMB Review. Question is; what’s behind this effort? How much will the consultant firm cost? Why now? Is it a power grab by County supervisors? A way of silencing commissioner Brennan? Taking away elected positions to make them appointed does not serve the public. Taking away local oversight and giving it to county does not serve the public. What’s really going on here?

John The Baptist

"What’s really going on here?"

This is what is going on: --

Kiraly used the same technique to get Mattusch to think with his privates. She would touch his arm, lean in, and whisper in his ear. Took Kiraly less than five minutes to dom her sub. Now Mattusch does as he is instructed.


It is time the County just take over this district.

Christopher Conway

end the Harbor District entirely.

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