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Lou this for real? How can anyone be satisfied with Brandon's performance?

We are losing our country, freedoms, culture, family members, sanity, and businesses. People are dying with the virus complications, shut downs and imprisoned with the mandates.


Lou, are you for real? I am plenty satisfied with Biden. Diplomacy with most countries has been returned again, government competency is evident after four years, the war in Afghanistan is finally over saving us valuable lives and tons of money, we have an infrastructure bill passed after decades of trying, record employment for the past year, GDP at record levels, stock market is booming, and we are freed from the daily disaster and tweets of a mad man. How is it you blame Biden for the Covid disaster when your favorite called it a hoax? Please spare us your faux outrage.

Dirk van Ulden

So Rel - you are among the 33% that is satisfied with Biden's performance. The other 67% have expressed their faux outrage but according to you all is well. We left $80B in military hardware in Afghanistan which the Taliban is now selling, then they asked for and are getting a few 100 million bucks because of The Taliban's incompetence. You are paying over $5 per gallon at the pump and inflation is the highest at 7% in over 40 years. We have seen a massive wave of illegal immigrants from over 200 countries swarming our border, COVID is still killing us at alarming rates and according to you, Biden is doing such a great job. Biden is selling a bridge and you are the buyer.

Terence Y

Not only is Rel buying the bridge, Rel is also buying the air around it, especially the hot air. Note all Rel can do is reiterate debunked talking points about supposed accomplishments when in reality, as you’ve detailed, there aren’t any accomplishments.


Well Dirk, the military hardware left in Afghanistan has long since debunked as misinformation on the right (surprise, surprise) because the hardware is unusable or dated. A good tradeoff nonetheless for the money we save monthly for not being there and no more lives lost. Our prices at the pump reflect global supplies. Are you going to blame Biden for gas prices in Britain, Australia, et al? The massive wave of immigration is also an old wives tale as this last year was the highest number of southern immigrants turned back in over a decade. The killing rate of Covid is not Biden's fault, but was it not a hoax according to Trump? I already own a bridge of facts and you are welcome to cross it.

Terence Y

Sorry, Rel, but the information you’re spreading has been debunked as misinformation on the left (surprise, surprise) in another lame attempt to cover for Biden. As for lives lost, it looks like treasonous Biden is trading lives from Afghanistan for American lives, since Biden’s plan for COVID is to continue to let people die. Seems your bridge of facts is more a bridge of excuses that leads to nowhere.

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