No praise earned for your ungraceful way of being hauled out of office, kicking and screaming against the inevitable. Nor do you deserve thanks for what you have done to our reputation around the world, by demonstrating over and over again how uneducated and incompetent you are, and what a vulgar role model you have been, appealing to the gullible and easily fooled masses who see some communality with their own lack of praiseworthiness.

What you deserve thanks for, is something that Democrats have failed to accomplish, namely destroying the Republican party! That is at least one good thing you have done — although I realize you may not have understood what you did. Since when has Republican administrations done anything good for the country? All they have done, is mess things up and leave it to the following Democratic administration to clean it all up — and for the next Republican government to mess it all up again. Republicanism has only survived thanks to the Electoral College, which trumps the popular vote. Both Bush Jr. and you lost the latter, so neither of you had the majority behind you.

You also helped expose the true, murky mind of evangelists. Despite your disgusting behavior, your lying and cheating, they flocked blindly behind you, despite their conceited claim of virtue. All they wanted, was for you to pack the Supreme court with the intention of controlling other people’s lives. An ugly mission accomplished, Trumpy.

Jorg Aadahl

San Mateo

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(43) comments

Ray Fowler


You wrote, "What really puzzles me is that intelligent educated people will go to great lengths to explain and spell out all the things he does wrong and then support him. Sound familiar?"

I'm not so sure your observation matches up favorably with my earlier "cure for insomnia" response to you re: Trump and name calling. Every example you cited was a good one, but they have been worked over by the media a little too much.

And thanks for not sending a "simple character description" my way.

But your question is an interesting one... why do some seem to bother with spending time explaining Trump's miscues both purposeful and accidental? I respect the conservative "never" Trumpers and I am willing to leave the "always" Trumpers to their own devices. What's left? The "sometimes" Trumpers. They take the good with the bad.

In 2016, I held my nose and pulled the voting booth lever for Trump. I felt like there wasn't much of a choice. While I have not become a Trump devotee, I do support some things he has done, however, there are some things that make me shake my head. Take COVID for example... I'm not sure what another chief executive would have done differently. Would someone else have let travel continue? Would someone else have eschewed the Defense Production Act? No... I'm convinced almost anyone else would have taken those same steps as well as push the production of PPEs and ventilators forward as Trump did. But the opportunity to unify everyone against COVID slipped by Trump. What's crazy is that most Americans agree with that assessment, yet his favorability rating stayed fairly constant. Go figure.

For some, no number of positives will counterbalance the negative effect of COVID. That's an entirely reasonable position for them. However, there were significant positives. They include: reshaping the judiciary, improving the military, decimating ISIS, first real prison reform in decades, energy independence, USMCA, and others. But where is the unity?

As I said some time ago, I would like to say "no" to Trump but I cannot say "yes" to Biden. It's 2016 again... deja vu. Except this time, instead of an unpopular Democratic Party nominee, there were other issues in play. IMO the divisiveness came from the streets, the media and a super partisan House of Representatives clamoring for a link between Russia and Trump that never materialized. With that unholy triumvirate pushing a better liked candidate than the 2016 nominee and a progressive agenda looming in the background, I held my nose again and pulled the lever.

As a true NPPer, I would vote for a Democrat... I voted for Obama (once)... but I could not say "yes" this time. You'll notice that I started referring to Joe Biden as "president-elect" a day or two after the election. None of the "he's not my president!" yawping from me. No cries for impeachment on Jan. 20.

The answer to your question... the "sometimes" Trumpers take the good with the bad.


Good evening Ray,

I appreciate your thoughtful and thorough explanations and reasoning for your decisions. Some I agree with and others I don't but you have good arguments for your side of the discussion and at least back up your position. I think it is too bad some of the other commenters, one in particular, can only throw out the usual blah, blah, blah Obama/Biden bad, Trump great, rhetoric with nothing to back it up other than right wing hearsay and conspiracy nonsense.

I know you have voted based on values and issues rather than party and although I favor party heavily I have voted other ways also. I didn't vote for Clinton the first time around and I would have voted for McCain the first time he ran if he would have gotten the nomination. I forgot which election it was in the 80's but I voted for Anderson also.

Tomorrow starts another week so we will see what the letters to the editor bring for discussion.

Ray Fowler

Hah! I thought this was a typo... "I think it is too bad some of the other commenters, one in particular, can only throw out the usual blah, blah, blah Obama/Biden bad, Trump great, rhetoric with nothing to back it up other than right wing hearsay and conspiracy nonsense." I thought you meant to say... "blah, blah, blah Trump bad, Obama/Biden great... " But I see where you're going.

Anderson? Wow... a blast from the past. A compassionate conservative turned independent before morphing into a Bernie supporter. I agree with you... even though I came from a long line of Democrats... a break from Carter in 1980 was the right move.

Tommy Tee

Wilifred--Yeah, right. I'm sorry you don't seem to understand the written language very well.

They say Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. It seems you have an admirer in Mr. Tommy Tee. Hehe

Wilfred Fernandez Jr

Tommy Tee,

If you are smart enough to believe what you write, I am not smart enough to change your mind. ROTFLMAO


Trump’s childish and wide-spread name-calling of his opponents aside, - I don’t know how to characterize in a polite way people who find him worthy of the US Presidency and occupant of the highest office in the world, - a world that rightfully calls him a laughingstock. How can they take him seriously? Someone who characterizes himself as a “very stable genius” for being able to recall 5 simple, common words, and then brags about it publicly, referring to the cognitive testers being impressed by his fantastic recollection! Someone who couldn’t even take the SAT himself and whose grades are so bad that he has threatened to sue anyone who dares to expose his obviously very meager academic records. Someone who denies science and gets into a debate with a 16-year old climate change spoke person, - and loses. Someone who has been lying and cheating his way through life, leaving a string of bankruptcies and unpaid contractors, - not to mention his unmanly behavior towards women. Someone who, as the supposed leader of the greatest nation on earth, surrounds himself with criminals and incapable people.

Indeed, what do you call followers of someone like that, who at the same time have nothing good to say about a true statesman like President Obama, who rescued us after the previous disastrous Republican administration, and handed Trump an economy he has been riding high on ever since, - until he managed to crank up the deficit to new highs, - way before Cocid-19. One has to wonder, if attitudes would be different, if Trump were black, - and President Obama white!

Ray Fowler

Here comes the race card... no surprise.

Mer varm luft fra Norge.


Be more careful, Ray, about a language you know nothing about! Your translation resulted in just about the opposite of what I suspect you intended. Funny, though!

Terence Y

Jorg, you mean the worst President in the history of the US, Treasonous Obama, who said:

1. “Over the last 15 months, we’ve traveled to every corner of the United States. I’ve now been in 57 states? I think one left to go.”

2. "We're the country that built the Intercontinental Railroad."

3. “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan. Period.”

Maybe you can explain why Americans should pay a 65% flat tax and 30% VAT to support Biden’s socialist plan. Cue the sound of scurrying.


Terence: Y did you forget to list Hillary's e-mails and President Obama's light-colored suit?

Terence Y

Jorg, thanks for the additional suggestions, but from my short list, people get the idea. We don’t have enough time or room to list all Obama-nable actions. BTW, flat tax and VAT numbers? As I expected, crickets.



Your same old tired comments about our great President Obama only show your childish behavior. Why don't you quit while the quitting is good. Your excuse for a leader, Trump, has made more gaffes than our great President Obama or our future great President Biden ever have. As for treasonous actions, Trump gives away top secret info to the Russians and Chinese to keep them from foreclosing on his loans. Why do you think the military big wigs only give him limited info at briefings?

Terence Y

Grandpa Taffy - documenting facts is childish behavior? Maybe you’re confusing me with Nancy Pelosi and her childish fit in ripping up the State of the Union speech. I do like the taste of $12/pint ice cream. BTW, I like how you make up fake news trying to deflect from Treasonous Obama.

Ray Fowler


I missed one! In your LTE published today, you referred to Trump supporters as "conceited." My mistake. Sorry...

Terence Y

Everyone who reads the DJ knows Jorg is only known for spewing TDS hate – he doesn’t have much else. If you ever ask him questions, Jorg runs away like a chicken from Colonel Sanders and folds like a cheap suit instead of debating anyone. In the past, I’ve already exposed Jorg as someone with no credibility who is afraid of a real debate. It reads like Ray has done the same.

Ray Fowler

Thanks, Terence

In my experience, Mr. Aadahl either censors other points of view or scurries away from questions that may expose his cacophonous and inaniloquent rhetoric. So, we'll just have to sigh and wait for the hot air blowing in from Norway to pass by...

Tommy Tee

Ray--I find it interesting that you don't call out your buddy, Terence, for his hate, vitriol, name calling, and cacophonous and inaniloquent rhetoric. Hypocrisy at its finest.

Wilfred Fernandez Jr

Mr. Fowler,

They say Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. It seems you have an admirer in Mr. Tommy Tee. Hehe

Tommy Tee

Is Jorg's spewing Trump hate worse than your spewing Biden hate? Asking for a friend.

Terence Y

Tommy, if you, Jorg, or anyone else has the discipline to refrain from spewing hate and name calling, I’ll return the favor. Of course, Jorg may have nothing to write. And if I remember correctly, your will power is lacking, too. BTW, don’t try to play the victim - you folks made the rules, I’m playing by them.

Ray Fowler


I choose not to contribute to the vitriol. Terence can take care of himself. He has stated on occasion that he uses harsh language because such language has been directed at him. Anyone reading through the comments section can decide for themselves if that is the case. I have publicly agreed with the philosophical underpinnings of some (not all) conservative positions articulated by others while pointing out that I would not articulate that position in the same manner. Again, a rejection of harsh language...

That's not hypocrisy. I reject the harsh language on both sides.

Biden hate? I have stated that I feel he is being used. Is that hate? I have questioned his suitability for president based on his senate voting record. Is that hate? I have scrutinized his choice for VP as that choice has conducted herself in an ethically questionable fashion. Is that hate? I disagreed with his silence on violence in our cities this past summer until polls indicated that was not a wise choice. Is that hate? I agree with those who believe possible financial misdeeds by his family have been quashed by the media. Is that hate?

My comments do not describe the president-elect or his supporters in hateful terms. That's a key distinction between what has been published in the DJ about Trump and Trump voters compared to my comments re: Mr. Biden, et al. What I find just astounding is the person spewing hate censors other points of view, and when they cannot be censored, they are just ignored... and that is apparently OK with some of the folks who contribute to the comments section.

Asking for a friend? Have your friend ask...

Ray Fowler


Spelling contest... oh, I thought we would start with "ad nauseam" or is it "ad nauseum"? How do you spell it?


I thought we had worked this one down to its death, - or are you still confused about the spelling?

Ray Fowler


These will be my last comments...

The Doc Holliday quote re: a spelling contest was a way to step away from your obfuscations and non sequitur responses by offering you an alternative, i.e. a spelling contest. Ike Clanton was no poker player, and you are no debater.

The extra layer of meaning goes back to you misspelling "ad nauseam" in a comment earlier this week, then your telling me that I had misspelled that term. I corrected your original use of "ad nauseum" by adding "[sic]" to your misspelling. Remember?

Still scurrying away from responding to the Obama issues?

You are correct. Online translators will not always convey an intended meaning. No surprise, there. Maybe "du tuller" has other meanings than the one I intended. When I read your comment that Trump resorts to name calling but when you refer to others as fools, totally dense, unpatriotic, etc., etc., etc... you are merely offering, in your words, a "simple character description" or "shaming." So, I responded in Norwegian with "du tuller" as a way of saying... you're kidding. Perhaps my use of Norwegian words missed the mark. But I guess you're not kidding. You're totally serious, and you believe your use pejoratives is not name calling. Wow.

However, there is no mistaking the application of "varm luft fra Norge" to your comments. It means "hot air from Norway." 'Nuff said... in any language.

Ray Fowler


No confusion... In your LTEs and comments, you have labeled Trump voters: gullible, stupid, fools, nonsensical, lemmings, uniformed, uneducated, unpatriotic, un-American, totally dense, liars, and cheaters. These are your words; there is no mistake.

Now, will you address the issues presented last night and this afternoon... or scurry away, again?


Ray: You still haven't grasped the difference between name calling, like Trump's "Crazy Nancy", "SleepyJoe", etc., and simple character description, or shaming, if you prefer? Hard to understand?

Ray Fowler

Du tuller.

Varm luft fra Norge.

Jeg er ferdig.


Auto translators can really fool you, Ray, - if you don't know what you are doing. You are ready, - for what? I thought you were done?

Ray Fowler

Well, well, well...

Hello, Jorg

I saw your latest LTE, yesterday, posted on your "honest opinion" blog, and didn't know until this afternoon that you also submitted it to the DJ. Ordinarily, using your own words... “You don’t need to repeat the same nonsense ad nauseum [sic]… ” would be the only comment necessary in response to your LTE.

However, I responded in your blog, yesterday. I offered a different perspective. Then I suggested we move our discussion to email. Oh, no... you said you wanted everything in the open so your global readership could follow our dialog. I also mentioned that you have blocked previous comments from me on your blog. Oh, no... you said you rarely delete comments. Then, what happens? You censored my comments and contacted me via email. You explained that you only block comments that are commercial in nature or over the top (in your opinion) pro-Trump. You added that there was nothing worthwhile in my remarks so you nixed them.

I asked if your world-wide audience should be able to decide for themselves if comments appearing in your blog are worthwhile or if you are the one who decides what they can read... well, I guess we know the answer. I wrote to you, "it's very telling that you skip over the fact that you censor comments you cannot argue against." Deleting and suppressing expression is censorship... pure and simple.

I submitted to you a list of 14 different Obama-era scandals, a description of Trump foreign policy accomplishments (most notably peace progress in the Middle East and the Balkans) plus remarks about the horrible plight of black communities during Obama's tenure and the positive impact the Trump administration has had on black communities. I wrote verbatim, "Jorg... no more Trump is an idiot and anyone who voted for him is stupid. Just address the issues in the above paragraph. State your position... present it with clarity... in language that cannot be misunderstood."

Crickets. Jorg... there is a big difference between "won't" respond and "can't" respond.

However, you did follow with an email that asked me if I watched an MSNBC special featuring Barack Obama. No... I don't watch MSNBC. They are too far left and the network lacks journalistic integrity. I added that I look to other sources, across the political spectrum, to try to stay informed.

Your response? In typical Jorgified backchat, "If you don't watch MSNBC, no wonder you are so misguided." Well, well, well... still waiting for a response re: the items referenced above.

Maybe political discourse just isn't your game, Jorg With apologies to Doc Holliday... "I know, let's have a spelling contest!"

Your response?

Ridiculous! You're not going to waster your time answering! The Trump presidency has nothing worthwhile!

Dirk van Ulden

Actually, the scary part is that Jorg believes what he writes. That should concern all of us. Trump did not destroy the Republican party but tried to change it to represent and protect the workers of this country. All this other nonsense that Mike and Taffy bring up is out of context and does not weigh against Trumps other enormous accomplishments. Compare that with Wall Street, High Tech and the US Chamber of Commerce who selected Biden and will now again export our jobs, allow millions of illegals that will lower wages and impose a tax burden the like that we have not seen for quite a while. But, as long as group thinkers like Jorg are happy, we should all be? All because Trump tweeted too much and was unfortunately not entirely successful in draining the swamp? Look who will now be running the show again and then ask yourself why Biden thinks he can unify us while he pokes you in the eye with his Harvard and Yale cabinet cronies?

Ray Fowler

Hi, Dirk

I agree. Jorg's obsession is a tad unsettling. I find his constant name calling and personal attacks on everyone who does not share his point of view a huge distraction. Remember what our mothers told us about others who resort to name calling... I did a little research that I feel is on point with regard to Jorg's brand of name calling. From the "Grounded Girl's Guide," people use name calling:

1) to distract from the main issue

2) to make themselves feel better

3) to look cool

4) for fun

Hold on a sec, Mike and Tafhdyd! Before you burn up your keyboard. Yes. Trump engages in name calling... and I have clearly articulated more than once, more than twice, that I do not support that type of rhetoric. But there is a difference... name calling has a propaganda benefit. Trump throws red meat to his loyal followers by poking (figuratively) his opponents in the eye and attaching unflattering names to them. I'm sure you would agree that he gives as good as he gets from the media and the other side of the political aisle. However, Trump focuses his name calling on political opponents. It's a whole lot different when someone, like Jorg, attacks a politician's supporters. That's how veterans become unpatriotic and un-American.

It's one thing to call an elected official a knucklehead... most of us do it in one way or another... but it's a lot different to call someone a knucklehead because of their bumper sticker. That "knucklehead" is standing in line with you at the market, tuning up your car, cheering next to you at a Giants game and rooting for your kid to get a base hit at a Little League game.

Frank Costanza said, "Serenity, now!" I say, "Civility, now!"


So, Ray, - how , who and where did I call anyone names? You must have confused me with Trump, - oh, my goodness, what a shame!

Ray Fowler

OK, Jorg

Here's the deal... I'll answer, then it's your turn.

I entered "Aadahl" in the DJ's search box then perused a series of letters and comments. You have compared Republican politicians to prostitutes, and you have said much worse about Donald Trump. However, with respect to Trump voters, you have labeled them: gullible, stupid, fools, nonsensical, lemmings, uniformed, uneducated, unpatriotic, un-American, totally dense, liars, and cheaters. I stopped looking before reading your diatribes directed at persons of faith.

Now, your turn. Please respond to the list of Obama-era scandals mentioned earlier, explain why you believe there have been no foreign policy accomplishments by the Trump administration... specifically, eradication of the Daesh caliphate, Middle East and Balkan peace, denuclearization talks with North Korea, first president in 40 years to not engage in a new armed conflict, advocating for US troop withdrawals...

finally, the horrible plight of black communities during Obama's tenure and the positive impact by the Trump administration in those same communities.

Or... we could have a spelling contest.


As I expected, Ray, you keep confusing Trump's infamous name calling with justified character shaming! As you just inadvertently proved, I have done none of the former. Your turn!


A spelling contest, Ray? Sure, which language?


Hello Ray,

Sorry I am a bit late to the comments.

First I will let you and Jorg duke it out as you see fit.

My contribution is a disagreement with your opinion of Trump focusing his insults and name calling at his political opponents and not other people. We know about his name calling of political foes, “Sleepy Joe”, “Nasty Nancy” etc.. Let me add a few names that I feel disprove his focus is only on political rivals.

How about Khizr Khan and his wife (the Gold Star family he insulted), Serge Kovaleski (the reporter with a disability that he mocked), Rosie O’Donnell, Megan Kelly, Greta Thunberg and Iowa voters in general (he called them stupid people). That is just a few but it shouldn’t be hard to find many many more.

None of the names are politicians but they all disagree with Donald some or all of the time. Does anyone that disagrees with him qualify as a political foe open to insults? If so, I hope he insults me. It would be a badge of honor.

Ray Fowler

Good morning, Tafhdyd

I do not approve of many of the things Donald Trump says, and some of his name calling are many of those things.

Words have meaning. That's why I chose to say he "focuses" name calling on political opponents... that's not to say those opponents are exclusively the persons identified in disparaging terms by Trump. Maybe we have to expand what we consider to be "political" opponents. Hollywood types, while not elected officials, definitely voice their political bents in public. Are they, like Rosie O'Donnell fair game? Maybe. While I would not engage her in the way our president has done, many think it's OK. That doesn't make it OK. A lot of those who think it's OK will "focus" on Trump's deeds not his words. For example, everyone knows Trump was not going to build a coast to coast wall and insist Mexico pay for it... but a lot of people wanted a president who does not support an open border. Back to Hollywood... can a liberal-minded actor speak out against Trump? Sure. It's very American to do so. But how about Kathy Griffin and Bette Midler? Yep, them too. But when they say hateful things, they have been paid back in kind. I personally would not have bothered.

The media... are they "political" opponents? Mostly, yes. With 90+% of journalists in the liberal camp and many of them using their positions in a political fashion, they expose themselves to negative attention in the president's tweets. Would I bother with Megyn Kelly? No.

Now, we come to others... did Trump mock Serge Kovaleski? Well, of course, Trump denies it. The media was outraged. One journalist, John Stossel, examined footage of Trump "mocking" others who had challenged him well before the dust up with Kovaleski, and Trump had used the exact same gestures that he used when responding Kovaleski. While we should not simply dismiss it as "Trump being Trump," was he really mocking the reporter? There is certainly cause for disagreement.

Khizr and Ghazala Khan. As vets, we both extend our condolences to them for the loss of their son in combat. A patriot. Did the DNC expect Trump's response after the Khans delivered remarks criticizing Trump in the most political of arenas, the Democratic party's convention? Maybe. The party certainly kept fanning those flames afterward to take advantage of the president's response. Then, a calculated move to shift the discussion to the "Muslim ban." As you recall, Trump issued a travel advisory that applied to seven Muslim majority countries with ties to terrorist activities. It was not a Muslim ban. If it was, why didn't the advisory apply to the other 42 Muslim majority countries across the globe? Oh, yeah... that list of seven countries was approved by... wait for it... Barack Obama. I feel both sides exploited the Khans. That's just me.

Almost done... Greta. More exploitation. Before we go any further... we have got to take better care of the planet. No question. But to prop up a child to deliver that message is fraught with all kinds of problems. I feel Greta is being used. Her message should be aimed at the two biggest problems... China and India. Even then, the adults in the room should do the heavy lifting. That being said, Trump should have just let it go. His responding to a 16 year old virtually guaranteed the focus would be directed on the exchange and not the issue. That helps no one.

So, are children off limits? You would hope so, but left journalists have been very unkind to Barron Trump (BTW... younger than Greta). He has done nothing to draw the media's scorn. He has not been propped up as a spokesperson for a conservative agenda. I would tread lightly... not because he is the president's son but because he is the first lady's son.

Finally... Iowa voters. Did Donald call Iowa voters stupid? His comments back in 2016 were aimed at political rival, Ben Carson. He questioned Ben's story about an incident of violence involving Ben when Ben was a boy. He asked how stupid would Iowa voters have to be to believe Ben's story. Spin by Donald? Absolutely. Again, not what I would say about Mr. Carson... a respected neurosurgeon but more importantly a person of character. Did Trump's political gambit work? Maybe. Although Ted Cruz won the Iowa primary, Trump beat Hillary in Iowa by 10 points in the 2016 general election. Now, compare Trump's comment to comments made by Obama's architect of the ACA, Jonathan Gruber. He remarked how the "stupidity of the American voter" was key to getting the the ACA passed while holding back information about how much the program would cost. No question that he called Americans stupid.

That's it for me, today.

Hope your Thanksgiving was a good one.


Hello Ray,

We agree that Trump always opens his mouth and says inappropriate things at inappropriate times and even in appropriate times he sometimes says the wrong things. In every case one of two things happens. Trump doubles down on the insults and lies or the next day tries to walk it back saying it was misunderstood or he was joking. The next thing that happens is the spineless members of the Republican congress enable him by not calling him out on it. Once in a while a couple of them that don’t have a full spine but do have a couple of vertebrae will say something non inflammatory like they disagree with the statement but won’t actually call him out on it.

What really puzzles me is that intelligent educated people will go to great lengths to explain and spell out all the things he does wrong and then support him. Sound familiar?



Sorry I forgot the important stuff.

Yes we did have a nice Thanksgiving. One turkey for two people with the trimmings and pumpkin pie. Time for break though. Three days of turkey is enough. Salmon tonight but still zucchini and corn casserole and pumpkin pie leftovers. Hope yours was good also.

Wilfred Fernandez Jr

Mr. Dirk van Ulden,

The mewling of Mr. Aadahl does not frighten me. His belief that he is wiser than our founding fathers terrifies me. The idea that the electoral college should be replaced with majority rule is alarming. Given that so many of his ilk agree with him. Or, perhaps, Mr. Aadahl is simply is a closeted Marxist.

"Democracy is the road to socialism."

Karl Marx

Terence Y

Blah, blah, blah, Trump bad, you’re bad. Another JUNC (Jorg’s Usual Nutty Comment) entry. I wonder why Jorg is still melting, even though his candidate supposedly won. Because Jorg knows the election isn’t over?



With so many things to thank Trump for it is easy to miss a few. Things like turning the calendar back to the '50's, trying to undermine education, working on taking away safeguards for clean water, clean air and the safety of workers. There are so many more examples but the readers get the picture.


CC Might break his vow and resurrect his POV's. [cool]

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