When I read, I like to use incandescent lamps. The light frequency makes reading easier on my eyes. The small amount of heat generated by the bulb makes a cold room more comfortable.

I recently attempted to buy two light bulbs off the shelf at Rite-Aid. The cash register indicated that the bulbs are not available for sale.

Existing products are going to be destroyed in the name of energy efficiency. Political correctness causes stupid outcomes.

Bill Williams

San Mateo

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Dirk van Ulden

Bill - I believe you mean the light color not the frequency? Incandescent lamps are measured in degrees Kelvin and are rated at 2800. If you prefer that color, you can now buy LEDs rated at 2800K which provide the same light color. Ace Hardware and Home Depot have them on the shelves. Remember that LED sources are far more efficient and because of that little heat is generated by that light source. But, help is on the way, President Trump has recently declared a reversal of Obama's edict that prohibited the sale of most common incandescent sources and we should see them for sale again soon in the stores. Unless of course, Nanny Newson prevents it.

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