Regarding “Straw man argument” (letters, June 5), I’m not an expert on critical race theory but I know an oversimplification when I see one. The letter makes it sound like white children are taught that they themselves, personally, are oppressors. Of course that’s ridiculous.

As I’ve seen it defined, critical race theory examines, more generally, existing legal, social, and cultural issues as they relate to race. It challenges the current approach to social and racial justice. It posits that white supremacy exists collectively and maintains power through the law, and that social problems are created by societal structures and cultural assumptions. As an older white man who’s been paying attention to what’s been going on in the world for the past 50 years, I don’t have a hard time believing this to be true.

Further, I believe it’s important that children be educated in a way that raises their awareness of these issues so that they can consider their possible ramifications in an enlightened and open-minded manner. So yes, I believe that critical race theory should be introduced in schools.

Brian Wright


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Wilfred Fernandez Jr

There are many ideas accepted as valid, until disproven. I see nothing wrong with teaching children CRT. Inculcate your progeny well, with critical thinking skills, and they will refute it. I see it as nothing more than academic poppycock.


I agree with one of your points, that it is absurd to teach white kids that they are oppressors. All your other points contradict that statement however. That is what CRT is doing, and its teaching all non-white kids that they are oppressed. I haven't heard what they tell mixed race kids. Are they both oppressors and oppressed. I say leave the kids alone.

Ray Fowler

"Hey! Teachers! Leave them kids alone!" - Roger Waters

Dirk van Ulden

Then Brian, how does one explain supremacy in other countries that do not have a majority white demographic? Ever been to China, Japan or Mexico? Or, most African countries for that matter. This CRT is just another way to continue Obama's legacy; racism everywhere in the US. Let's face it, Brian, you are just another, easily-swayed apologist who has not learned much in your 50 years. Based on what I learned, cultural and religious institutions, in general, have actually mitigated social problems. That is what our country is based on, Judeo-Christian values that do not include tribalism and racism. Those attributes are an aberration, not the norm.

Terence Y

Well Mr. Wright, if CRT as you say, “… posits that white supremacy exists collectively and maintains power through the law…” then it doesn’t just sound like white children are taught that they are oppressors, that’s exactly what they’re being taught. BTW, exactly what major demographic won multiple wars so you have the freedom to perpetuate racism? As a self-described older white man, you should be aware that as long as people keep emphasizing racism, the longer it will persist.

Ray Fowler

Hi, Terence

Civil War deaths... the numbers vary and modern scholarship may drive the totals even higher, but well over 300,000 Union soldiers died during the Civil War. That would be the equivalent of 3 million deaths for today's US population. Again, three million white soldiers died in a war to free slaves in the South. The cost was great but it had to be paid to set people free.

Dirk makes a great point by encouraging critical race theory advocates to take a look around the globe. Type into your search engine "most racist countries in the world" and you'll find the World Population Review's ranking of the most 25 racist countries in 2021. You know what you won't find on that list? The USA.

Terence Y

Hi Ray - thanks for the equivalency stat. Nowadays, it's a "what have you done for me lately" mentality and any sacrifice from the predominantly white population in the past is forgotten because racism must be perpetuated. BTW, how about "whiteness" being a malignant parasitic-like condition that is nearly impossible to eliminate, as per a Donald Moss article in the Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association? I get the feeling he's probably Facebook friends with Ms. Khilanani.

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