What Steven Howard described in his letter to the editor published on Oct. 27 is called color blindness.

While good intentioned, color blindness enables white people to ignore how systemic racism affects people of color. Also, while I’m glad Mr. Howard feels represented by the current council, white privilege will continue to work in his favor regardless of the make-up of the council. In addition, his letter is an example of gaslighting where white people cause people of color to experience self-doubt about the systemic racism they experience as people of color. Dear fellow white people, color blindness is not the answer. Do better.

Chris Sturken

Redwood City

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The US is the least racist county with the most civil rights protections of any country. Critical race theory is a political construct conceived by neo-marxist academics. Leftist politicians see it as a way to divide our country into warring identity groups as a way to make American into a communist state.

Ray Fowler

Hello, Chris

Thank you for sharing your position on this topic; it appears to be a reasonable one for someone with your point if view. Yet, I am amazed that people sharing your position are described as "woke" when they are obviously just the opposite.

Yesterday, Virginians elected Winsome Sears to the office of lieutenant governor. Check out her comments re: identity politics at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YrOlCeE8cj0 and a completely reasonable conclusion anyone may reach after hearing the Lieutenant Governor-elect speak is that the mantra of systemic racism is not a position of wokeness... it is one for the comatose.

Dirk van Ulden

Dear Chris - it will never be good enough for you and your ilk. Many of us White folk are tired of your shaming. Instead, why don't you come up with actionable and reasonable solutions? You just cannot keep on blaming Whites for your own shortcomings.


I'm curious, Dirk... What do you mean by "your ilk?" Do you know anything about Chris other than what he wrote in this letter to the editor? And to what "shortcomings" are you referring?

Ray Fowler

Hello, Craig

You and I share some points of view, but disagree on others. While I cannot speak for Dirk, with respect to his "ilk" comment to Chris, I believe Dirk is rejecting the criticisms of the woke. Dirk may be nudging those making woke claims that the US is systemically racist... it's not... to start making some positive changes. Here is where you and I will agree... communities that are under-resourced need help... especially Black communities. Problems like gun violence, gangs and drugs, over-the-top teen pregnancy numbers, failing schools, joblessness, and scarce business opportunities need to be addressed. Guess where you will find those conditions? In inner-cities that have been run by Democrats for decades. "White privilege" did not create those current conditions. So, Dirk is correct in telling Chris to quit talking and to start rolling up his sleeves.

The competition to see who can be the most woke is a distraction. There is a lot of validity to liberal points of view, but when the left's progressives take over the conversation... everything is lost. It's said to see so many Democrats march lemming-like off the cliff of "free stuff for everyone" when you vote the Democratic ticket! Two days ago, some free thinking Dems in Virginia said "whoa!" to the steady march.

Yesterday, your compatriot, Jorg, proposed teaching CRT in our schools, partly because he believes conservatives are embarrassed by our past and try to deny the horrible stain of slavery on our nation's soul. What planet does he come from? Ask him, and he'll tell you "flat Earth."

Craig, I have not heard anyone in these pages say our children should not be taught our real history... the good and the bad. But CRT and it's sibling, the 1619 Project, are not history. Simply put, teaching children of color today that they are oppressed as a result of their skin color, and teaching white children that they are evil just because they are white is not part of our history. Period.

Our country was nearly ripped in two permanently when the side that said men should be free fought a war to end slavery. They were successful only after the equivalent of 3 million white Union soldiers died in that war. Look... I get it... even that great sacrifice cannot erase that dark stain of slavery... but neither does the barbarity suffered over too, too many years define our country.

When you teach US history, there has to be context and perspective. If you don't include them, then we would be teaching that the Democratic Party will forever be the party of slavery. Thank you, Andy Jackson.

The CRT and 1619 knuckleheads want to divide a great people... people of all kinds of color. The woke would also have you believe that things today are worse than they were in the 1960s. RUKM?

Watch Winsome Sears' comments after being elected lieutenant governor of Virginia at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUsxHbFHWR8 and then ask if the identity politics of CRT and the 1619 project have any place in our schools.

We have to teach real history, and some if it is embarrassing but no one is denying what happened. Americans are not trying to hide the tragedy of slavery... we can learn from it and become a better people... people of all colors. Again, Dirk is correct when he says... less talk, more action.

Terence Y

Chris - thanks for providing your definition of color blind. I guess I’ll look at your letter being printed in black and white in another light. Using racism to address racism is not a winning proposition. It only perpetuates division.

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