I would like to thank the editors of the Daily Journal for endorsing no on Measures Y and R (Oct. 2 edition). I agree with the reasoning that we have to let the update of the General Plan be used to set zoning and planning policy for San Mateo. Let us not leave it to the ballot box. If either measure passes, any changes to their policies would have to go back to the voters until the end of 2030.

Ballot-box planning is not a good idea. It restricts creative thinking and reduces flexibility in unique situations such as the city’s desire for affordable housing, and the need to address our development patterns so that we can reduce our dependency on fossil fuels.

I appreciated Sue Lempert’s use of the climate crisis in her decision to oppose measure Y ( “Climate change — the litmus test” in the Oct. 5 edition of the Daily Journal), but I disagree that Measure R is the answer. Measure R just opens a few areas to higher heights and densities, but again makes it much harder to make other changes to the General Plan.

Measures Y and R’s height and density limits impair San Mateo’s ability to create a General Plan that mitigates climate change, reduces resource dependency, lowers carbon emissions, and helps lower-income families who want to live in our great community. These measures circumvent a planning process that allows a community to learn and weigh the future impacts of planning decisions.

Please vote no on measures Y and R.

Nancy Schneider

San Mateo

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Christopher Conway

Nancy the people who live with you in San Mateo will not be listening to you for a second. We are better informed than you think and we will be voting YES on Y and No on R.


You said you are selling out and leaving town. In your own words, "If you live outside the city of San Mateo, who cares what you think".

Ray Fowler

C'mon, Tafhdyd...

Admit it. When Chris moves, you will miss him.

I don't live in San Mateo but the thrusting and parrying between the Ars and Wyes has piqued my interest. This definitely is an important issue for San Mateo folks.

Christopher Conway

I will be moving I said, I need to assist my family in selling our real estate holdings in the state first We are cashing out of California after 170 years while real estate values are still high. You are not rid of me yet, I have one more good election in me before I am gone.

Ray Fowler

I am also in the process of selling family real estate in the state, but when that chore is completed, I will still be in the Bay Area.

My family history does not go back 170 years... only about 90 years... the Dust Bowl. My mother and my father's families drove Hwy 66 to California from Arkansas and Oklahoma, respectively. I'm a first generation Okie-sei.



I know you won't be able to stay away even if you move to a far away place. The internet works worldwide so you can still log on and give us your everything is hunky-dory opinion of things. BTW, I know 170 years is a good stretch of time but I am 8th generation Californian dated back to 1800+- a yr or two on my mothers side so that is about 220 years.

Terence Y

Grandpa Taffy, if your family has been around so long then you, of all people, should know that Democrats were pro-slavery, zero Democrats voted for the 14th and 15th Amendments, Democrats passed Jim Crow laws, and Democrats founded the KKK to terrorize slaves and to silence Republicans. So why are you trying to push false history narratives when you know better?



When are you going to learn that history does not stop at the 1960's. Your first sentence says it all. The democrats "were pro-slavery" were is the key word, they are not anymore, the Republicons switched to the slavery party in '64 as many people have explained to you before. Have a nice evening.

Terence Y

Grandpa Taffy Dave – when are you going to learn that history doesn’t change because it doesn't fit your narrative? Slavery ended during the Civil War so I used past tense because I’m assuming Dimmocrats gave up on that dream. Do Dimmocrats want to reinstitute slavery in the present? And are you still trying to cling to that ridiculous party switch myth which has been easily debunked? I guess I’m not really surprised, since you were so easily fooled by the Russian collusion and impeachment hoaxes. I guess I am surprised that somebody whose family has been in CA for about 220 years still does not know American history.


I feel sorry for you Terence, you are obviously just a lost soul.

Terence Y

Thanks for your insight, Grandpa Taffy. I’ll let God decide whether I’m a lost soul. However, I’m not the one who falls for debunked hoaxes and I’m not the one who doesn’t know American history. If you like your fantasy world, you can live in it. Just don’t expect anyone else to believe your party switcheroo nonsense.

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