I am responding to the column, “The real truth about the college wellness center” by Mark Simon in the Nov. 21 edition of the San Mateo Daily Journal in which he was responding to my guest perspective, “Restore community colleges to basics” in the Nov. 19 edition.

Fifty years ago, we called them “junior colleges.” That term has since changed to “community colleges,” but at some, only the name changed. Years ago, I led a campaign to build a swimming pool at City College in San Francisco. The pool was finally built, but the public cannot use it. Even students are excluded, except when in a class. The San Mateo County Community College District isn’t that aloof, but its high fees price out some. One example is $20 per swim at the new taxpayer-funded College of San Mateo (CSM) Wellness Center.

With his taxpayer-funded $200,000+salary (2017) and public pension, it seems columnist Mark Simon can afford to be smug about the high recreation fees at CSM, but others are not as fortunate. True community colleges are vibrant community centers, welcoming all, not just the well-to-do.

Bill Collins


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