My goodness, how people hate the Electoral College and the Second Amendment.

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Mr. Woods: Do you really believe that the Founding Fathers intended that assault weapons should be available for civilians, even young, immature ones? Remember what kind of weaponry was available at that time, and how long it took to reload?!

Dirk van Ulden

Jorg - FYI, in those days, all weapons were assault weapons. The militias included children as young as 12 years old or even younger.


Dirk: OK, but do you really think that the 2nd. Amendment authors could foresee, and approve, of the kind of mass casualty assault weapons available today, and mainly meant for wars, not civilian use? Are you serious, or what? Are you OK with the mass killings we have had lately? What's the real, sensible reason for civilian availability of assault weapons like the AR-15? Any positive purpose to outweigh all the killings, especially of little innocent school children?

Dirk van Ulden

Jorg - maybe much to your surprise, but I agree with you. We have a major cultural issue here in this country that somehow needs to rectified. The mass shootings are abhorrent. I am just not sure whether prohibition of those arms is a solution. Sadly, most of the killers come from broken homes and have weasily parents. More people are killed with knives and handguns. We just seem to be so fascinated with weapons and that needs to change. If we were able through a concentrated effort to get a robust recycling program underway through early education, we should be able to get the next generation to view gun ownership as a Constitutional right but that it comes with responsibilities and accountability. I may be dreaming, unfortunately.

Tommy Tee

Of course they couldn't foresee AR-15s and the like. That's why we need to amend the 2nd amendment.


Dirk: No doubt that broken or shaky homes carry a lot, if not most, of the responsibility for misbehaving youth, including mass killers. Tracing back, perhaps abortion would have solved a lot of later problems, incl. lives. Nevertheless, modern assault weapons should be banned for civilians! They have no worthy mission that can offset the mass slaughtering we have seen, especially since the ban was lifted. Sure, innocent people are killed with knives, too, but not as quickly and massively as with assault weapons. I’m a knife attack survivor myself, and I realize that if the guy who attacked me had used a gun, I wouldn’t be here telling my story. Nor would I, if I had trusted a gun, instead of my right hook and instinctive reaction.

Dirk van Ulden

Mr. Woods, your comment on gun control must be tongue-in-cheek. These cities have the strictest gun controls in the nation and also the highest murder rate. It seems counter intuitive. Clearly gun control is not having much of a positive effect.


Tongue in cheek? Of course! I'm sorry, I thought it would be obvious.

Terence Y

Mr. Woods, thanks for your letter. I’d add that people should take a class or a refresher class (for those who didn’t do so well the first time around) on American Government, with a focus on the US Constitution and federalism.

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