This election, we really get to vote for someone, not settle for the lesser of evils. We can easily find candidates who share our general views but more importantly we need people who have vision, ability-to-listen, to walk-the-neighborhoods and reinvent.

I look for those who have a shared vision of our future, our dreams, our hopes. That person must listen to what others say, to listen to those who are trying to get their voices heard so we can fix what is needed to be done. By walking in any neighborhood, they begin to see the world in a new light, not just their reality from their front yard. And finally, I look for someone to keep improving, keep reinventing our community to make life better for all of us as the world keeps changing whether we like it or not. Therefore, I’m supporting Amourence Lee for San Mateo’s City Council in this election.

Frederick Arn Hansson

San Mateo

The letter writer is a former member of the San Mateo City Council.

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Christopher Conway

Frederick, did you say anything there or just give a flowery letter about neighborhoods and rainbows that said absolutely nothing. Ms. Lee is a supporter of BLM, racial equity and a social justice warrior. She is supportive of the distribution of wealth based on racial equity, she is pro rent control, she leads efforts to defund the police, she is a transplant to the city of San Mateo via the East Coast and Columbia University with all the support of the far left. Do not let this cancer stay in city hall, she was not elected. if you want more protests by Black Lives Matter and other far left groups and if you want racial tension and division in San Mateo, Ms. Lee is your candidate.

Ray Fowler

Hey, Chris... good morning

Sorry to plead ignorance, but I don't know a whole lot about Candidate Lee. What has she said about BLM?

The reason I ask is that my city council in Redwood City pretty much sits on their hands when BLM advocates start their harangues at public meetings. I believe... in their heart of hearts... that a majority of those Redwood City council members do not agree with the BLM movement. However, they won't say so in public. So, is Ms. Lee cut of the same cloth or is she a unequivocal BLM supporter?

I did notice that the police union in San Mateo endorses Ms. Lee. I don't think they would do so if she was proposing a defunding of the police department. BTW... local police unions often support council candidates that they think will be friendly to them during contract negotiations... and those negotiations are all about funding the police department.


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