Bishop E.W. Jackson, an African American minister and Harvard educated lawyer has said “the greatest danger for Black men in America is not a police officer, not somebody in a blue uniform. The greatest danger for a Black man in America is another Black man.”

One can imagine that if these words were uttered by a white individual that person would immediately be labeled a racist despite the truth of the statement being unchanged. Over the past year, more than 6,000 Black individuals have lost their lives through a violent act, mostly at the hands of other Black individuals.

In her guest perspective “Accountability versus justice” in the April 23 edition of the Daily Journal, the Rev. Lorrie Owens easily rattles off the names of those lives wrongly taken by police officers. But what about those 6,000? Does she know any of those names? Aren’t those lost lives as important as those she has named? Why isn't she as irate at the loss of 6,000 as she is at the relatively few taken inappropriately by the police? There is no doubt there are bad officers in departments throughout the country and that police practices should be reviewed and revised so that all individuals receive equal treatment for similar offenses.

However, we need to be careful not to cast a negative blanket over an entire profession because of the abhorrent actions of a few. In much the same way as it is wrong to label all young Black men as criminals, it is wrong to label all police officers and departments as racist. To truly reduce the violence in our country, whether it be the ugly far right assault of the Capitol or the loss of the 6,000, we must be willing to do the harder thing, to look inward for causes and solutions, Rev. Owens is correct that we must look upon these murders and make changes — but she should not forget the 6,000.

Steven Howard

Redwood City

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A excellent analysis. The liberal media ignores black on black murders. It'd be interesting see if the shooting of black suspects by white police would be reduced if only black officers were sent to respond.

Ray Fowler

Hi, Steven

I think we agree that Rev. Owens makes a good point about holding rogue cops accountable for acts of violence committed while they are wearing a badge, but you're point about accountability for thousands of tragic Black deaths has to be addressed. It cannot wait.

If the woke crowd accosts me on the street and demands that I "say her name," I will...

Jaslyn Adams

Terence Y

Wow, Mr. Howard, I’m in agreement with you on this issue. The Pink Moon must still be affecting the usual left-wing crowd. First Mr. Oberg and now Mr. Howard. Other than their politics, we seem to have some agreement between us. However, I’ll push back on your erroneous blame of the assault at the Capitol – it was caused by embedded Antifa members, not the far right.

Old San Matean

Terence Y, I can't let your incorrect assertion stand without comment. The assault on the Capitol on January 6th WAS NOT caused by "embedded Antifa members". It was caused by Trump-supporting insurrectionists. Please don't continue spreading the lies. And just for good measure, I'll add that the election WAS NOT stolen from Donald Trump; it was won HANDILY by Joe Biden. Thank you.

Terence Y

Sorry, Ms. Old San Matean, I can’t let your false statements stand without a rebuttal. We already did one dance last month. I said an Antifa leader, posing as a Trump supporter, was arrested in concert with the Capitol riots. I believe his brother turned him in. Search for John Sullivan. Registered Democrats were also arrested at the Capitol. As for the election being stolen, each day, more and more evidence is being uncovered to prove the election was stolen. Just last week, the LAA released their report on Georgia and added another 12k illegal ballots to the existing 355k illegal ballots (no chain of custody) cast in Georgia. Arizona has an ongoing audit of Maricopa County (which faced tons of resistance from Democrats). Please stop spreading lies. Thank you. BTW, over a million people attended our great President Trump’s campaign rallies with no riots or destruction, unlike the idiot BLM and Antifa goons. Hopefully, President Trump will again begin holding rallies in the near future.



I expect the only rallies Trump will be holding will be to try and raise money from his legion of suckers to pay for his legal expenses. Do you really think that Rudy will go to prison to protect DJT? Once they grab his short hairs he will flip faster than the speed of light. That goes for his CFO and others they are investigating also.

Terence Y

Um, Taffy, you do realize there was no cost to attending Trump rallies, don’t you? However, you do bring up a good point. Our great President Trump should begin asking for donations so he can help to primary out anyone who doesn’t want to help Make America Great Again, since bungling Biden is following an America Last policy. As for Giuliani, your beloved Amazon Post and failing NYT had to retract false reports regarding Giuliani. BTW, did you see that both Ford and GM plan on investing and moving auto production to Mexico? I think Biden should change his first name to Jo(k)e as it’s more appropriate.

Tommy Tee



Old San Matean,

You should know by now that it is a waste of keystrokes to try and explain facts or reality to a dyed in the wool Trump supporter. They live in an alternate world of fantasy and get there info from OANN, RSBN, Newsmax, Qanon and Trump himself.

You may enjoy reading about the sham "audit" in Maricopa County.


Terence Y

Sorry, Taffy, providing a link to a left-wing site doesn’t do anything to help your cause. As soon as you start providing links from real news sources supporting your TDS-bias, I’ll start worrying. BTW, it’s amusing you’re accusing someone of living in an alternate world when you fervently believe in some fantastical Republican to Democrat party switcheroo hoax. BTW, it's "their" not "there" but don't worry, it's a common mistake.



I know that “there” is “their”, spellcheck didn’t. I saw it after it was printed. I know you must have been about two or three years old the last time you made a little mistake like that.

If you spent more time checking real facts and news sources rather than your right wing suck-up to the golden idol sources you would know that more jobs were offshored during the Trump administration than during Obama’s. 185,000 during Trump, 172,000 during the same time of Obama. The US auto industry shipped 2,500 jobs to Mexico and another 1,000 to China just during the first six months of 2020, (Dept. of Labor, not “left wing source”).

Terence Y

Nice try, Taffy, but you’ll need to get back up on that horse. I researched your claim and I can see your information is from left-leaning Bloomberg hacks purporting job information gleaned from the Dept. of Labor. At least they have the integrity to admit they’re (no, not their or there) doing an unfair apples-to-oranges comparison as they write, “… in theory…” in regards to more jobs leaving during our great President Trump’s tenure than the Obama-nable era. Meanwhile, we have Biden’s Transportation Secretary lying about the number of jobs the “infrastructure” bill would create. We have Biden’s Commerce Secretary admitting Trump’s China tariffs helped save jobs. And then there’s (no, not theirs) the Washington Examiner article on 100 Biden failures in 100 days. From America First to America Last. Thanks Jo(k)e Biden.



Back again. I hate to disappoint you but the job losses, companies shipping production overseas and offshoring under the Trump administration is available on many news sites that are considered central, not right or left leaning.

BTW, I think it is time you give up on the "stolen election" you and Donald keep talking about. Even his new favorite, Newsmax, has apologized and admitted that it is not true. Just in case you missed it I copied the headline and a few paragraphs for you.

Newsmax apologizes to Dominion executive who sued over 2020 election allegations.

Newsmax also reached a settlement with Coomer, who dropped the company from the defamation lawsuit in which the Trump campaign and lawyers Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani are also defendants, according to Business Insider. The terms of the settlement were not immediately available.

"Newsmax would like to clarify its coverage of Dr. Coomer and note that while Newsmax initially covered claims by President Trump’s lawyers, supporters and others that Dr. Coomer played a role in manipulating Dominion voting machines, Dominion voting software, and the final vote counts in the 2020 presidential election, Newsmax subsequently found no evidence that such allegations were true,"

Smartmatic, another election technology company that has faced similar allegations from her and others in President Trump's orbit, sent a letter making the same request to Fox News, Newsmax, and One America News Network. Newsmax and Fox News both aired fact-checks debunking the claims they had been making for weeks about these companies.

Terence, I am just trying to help you get back to the real world.

Terence Y

Another nice try, Taffy, buy you’ll need to again dust yourself off. What you’re describing is called perpetuating a myth. One article is written with TDS-bias and then it’s perpetuated because spoon fed TDS-sheep will gobble up anything that provides confirmation bias, regardless of the truth. BTW, did you see Jo(k)e visiting an elementary school in Virginia and then asking if they were teenagers in high school? Maybe Biden is signaling his education policy: a commitment in the race to the bottom. Thank goodness there were plastic partitions to keep the children’s hair safe from Jo(k)e’s sniffing habits.



I am not sure what your drivel is about today. It sounds like you think my info is from the usual left-wing biased sources as you call them. The info is from your right-wing biased Washington Examiner. Like I said, just trying to help you get back to the real world.

Terence Y

Sorry Taffy, if you can no longer follow a train of thought, your multiple falls off the horse may have scrambled your noggin. You might want to take a long break in the saloon. And make sure you tie up your horse.

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