Matt Grocott

Lately, I’ve seen a lot of videos pop up on YouTube with titles like, “Why I’m Leaving California.” Granted, after I watched the first one that came to my attention, YouTube made sure I would see many more. However, until recently, there were none and now there are a plethora. So what’s the reason?

The first one I watched gave insight from the perspective of a 29-year-old Asian female whose handle on YouTube is “Honey & Absinthe.” This young lady grew up and spent her entire life in the Los Angeles area, so her decision to leave wasn’t made easily. In her presentation, she outlined three areas she considered before deciding to pack up and leave: the cost of living, quality of life and opportunity.

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Dirk van Ulden

Matt - it has been brewing for some time but our so-called leadership has been failing us. Both sides of the isle have lost touch with our needs. The political establishment makes it impossible for new blood to advance viable candidates and the ones now on the ballots are endorsed by incumbents. That guarantees a continuation of mismanagement and catering to loud-mouth interest groups. Instead of returning accounting-manufactured budget surpluses to the taxpayers, Sacramento is drooling at funding even more pet projects to pay off a minority of the aforementioned constituents. While the State appears to swimming in cash, many education districts are placing bond requests on the ballots, another insatiable group. Where does that money go? Fancy administration quarters, gyms and event palaces. This while education achievements are sinking. We need a wholesale change in leadership, the elimination of public service union influence and a candidate who does not owe anything to the political and corporate establishment. I will likely not see that happen in my lifetime as long as Pelosi, Newsom, McCarthy and their sycophants are running the show.


Very glad you are leaving. May you enjoy Texas, and its political climate of misogyny, xenophobia, and suppression of human and voter's rights. And remember to take some extra water with you for the next time the grid goes down. Cruz won't help you; he'll be in Cancun.

Terence Y

SMPool, while the headline implies it, I’m not sure either Mr. Grocott or Mr. van Ulden indicated they were leaving California. Even if they did, they would leave CA’s political climate of misogyny, xenophobia, and suppression of human and voter's rights. Yet, they’d enjoy all the advantages that Mr. Grocott discussed in his letter. As for bringing extra water, I’m unsure how that relates to a grid going down. Seems to me Californians need to worry more about extra water, or any water, and the grid going down in CA more than in TX.

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