To the author of “Party now, pay later” (letters, June 1), I note the following:

• One person’s “boondoggle” project may keep another person alive, or at least solvent.

• Welfare programs have not been shown to discourage work. The vast majority of recipients have pride and motivation.

• During a time of crisis, as we have been in, it is the government’s duty and responsibility to get us through it. Sometimes that requires a level of spending that is of concern but is necessary.

• One might consider that the motivation of these moves is to serve constituents rather than to buy votes.

• A low interest rate doesn’t just aid government borrowing and spending — it provides critical aid to businesses that have been in an existential crisis, as well as to consumers during exceedingly difficult times. I do share concern about inflation, but the data so far are from a limited sample.

• Yes, we’ll have to pay later, but I’d hardly call this a party.

Brian Wright


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Terence Y

Mr. Wright – I’m just glad I’m part of the party now group and can take advantage of low interest rates and get COVID bonuses (to exercise my 2nd Amendment rights and to fund candidates to promote America First). Who cares that kids and grandkids and their descendants will have to foot the bill? Or maybe not – we’ll just continue spending and take over those countries that provide necessities, especially oil.


Mr. Wright,

I think you may have misunderstood the previous letter. It definitely is a party for the big corporations and the elite 1% that got the trillion dollar tax cut with no practical way to pay for it under the Trump administration.

Ray Fowler

Tafhdydicus Maximus

I have some other projects in the works, but I will come out and trade some shots across the bow with you once in a while. I find you to be someone who can debate respectfully and bring issues to the table in a genuine fashion. You're a smart guy.

Yes, Terence wants to party "now" or so he says. I think deep down he would like to see some good ol' fashioned Albert J. Nock economics thrown into the mix.

But I am curious about your reference to the "party for the big corporations." Your not suggesting the Republican Party, are you?

Uber, Lyft, Zillow, Etsy, Reddit, Patagonia, Salesforce, ViacomCBS,Twitter, Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Cisco, American Express, Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Coca-Cola, Delta and others said they opposed voting laws like the ones passed recently in Georgia.

It's curious... when Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) questioned some of the CEOs for those companies, and asked them to describe what they didn't like about voting laws being enacted by states... their answer? Crickets. According to Senator Scott, nearly 45 seconds of silence can be a quite an awkward pause. Guess who was uncomfortable... the Senator or the CEOs?

So, Mr. Buffett... who IS the party of big corporations? It's just a wild guess on my part but some of those companies listed above must feel they can avoid being canceled and avoid what they feel will be a negative backlash (that will hurt sales) if they don't come out in support of progressive ideology.

Do you think those companies will come out against racism, discrimination and concentration camps in China? Sorry, that wasn't a fair question; we all know the answer. Ask the NBA...

I added to our discussion over in Jonathan Madison's column. I'm finished with that topic for now, but please comment... you can have the last word.



By coincidence I was posting on Jonathan's column while you were here.

As for the "big corporations party" I was thinking of the ones like you mentioned. They are always happy to improve their bottom line with a tax cut or rule change that lets them profit more. Both political parties cater to the big corps but I think the Republican leadership gets more for their corrupt dollar than the Dems.

As for them coming out against XYZ, probably not. I may have mentioned it before but it is not big company but they do practice what they preach. It is a spice company called Penzeys from Wisconsin. I have used their products for 15 years without knowing anything about their politics. When trump was elected they came out against him and what he stood for and they sent emails to all their customers regardless of political party. If you get a minute you might google Penzeys boycott and read about them. If you like to cook or bake you might look at their web page also. BTW, it's 5 PM here now also.

Ray Fowler

Hey, Tafhdyd

You did not disappoint. Thanks for your insight over on Jonathan Madison's column. You are truly a patriot... and your willingness to say maybe your side contributes a little more to the acrimony is HUGE... because maybe they don't... maybe the right side holds the edge. Why is this huge? It means we CAN set aside all the finger pointing and name calling that goes on between the tribes.

That's a great first step...

Things are looking better than they have in a long time for me medically. I wanted celebrate with a nice Chenin or Sauvignon Blanc but settled for a Sonoma-Cutrer Chardonnay. I flipped on a two-hour Steely Dan playlist... the wine is gone but the Bard College duo is still hitting the high notes... Peg, Do It Again, Hey Nineteen... classic.


Good to hear you are on the up and up. Best news we have had on these pages since some of the haters stopped posting. Maybe we can get the worlds problems solved pretty soon. BTW, just curious if you took a look at Penzeys?

Ray Fowler

William Penzey is an interesting guy. Unlike the corporations mentioned earlier in this thread, he is firm in his beliefs. Those big companies are taking a position opposing the new voter laws but they're not all in like Penzey. They will alter their position if it starts to affect the bottom line. I don't think Penzey would yield.

Penzey belief that conservatives "openly embrace racism" is wrong, and I would ask him to respond to the left's systemic racism criticisms noted in our discussion over the past couple of days. That would be a good exchange because ol' William seems like a regular guy.

Interestingly, Penzey's sister also owns a spice company. It's not as big as William's business, but his sister is welcoming Penzey customers who disagree with his politics. Quite a few Penzey stores closed in 2020, and I'm guessing it's a result of the pandemic and not a dip in revenues due to Republican customers buying their spices elsewhere.



Thanks for taking a look. They have a store in Menlo Park that will probably be open to regular shopping soon. They have been doing internet orders with pickup at the door for most of the pandemic.

After one of his emails a couple of years ago he did lose some customers short term but word got around and ended up with a net gain with the new customers he picked up. I agree that he seems to be one to stand by his principles. He has done promotions by giving equal goods to homeless shelters and soup kitchens to match what people bought of select items over a weekend or what ever the promotion was for. Later!

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