Letter writer Chuck Simmons believes government-run health care should replace all private sector health care. I can’t wait to have my medical records on 30-year-old government computers and have to wait 6 months for an appointment with a doctor’s assistant.

Private sector health care companies make a profit because they compete with each other to provide better services than any monopolistic government can. Politicians should focus on expanding better Medicaid to the poor who can’t afford Obamacare instead of plotting to take away the private health insurance most Americans want to keep.

Ed Kahl


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So, how can you explain that the Scandinavian countries, with universal, single payer health care for all, provide better services at a much lower overall cost than we’re faced with here in the US, where the insurance industry add enormously to the overall cost of medical care? Whatever you need fast “over there”, you get, while non-emergencies get in line. In addition, there are private clinics, where you can pay for your tummy tucks, nose jobs and other electives.

Dirk van Ulden

Jorg - I can explain that. The Scandinavian countries have small, almost homogeneous populations with a strong work ethic and a healthy life style. There is little or no medical and pharmaceutical research being done because they rely on us in the US to figure that out and reap the benefits. Scandinavian citizens do not overwhelm the ERs with hang nails and colds. We are a different people and diversity has its benefits but there are also downsides. But, as our fabulous President has said, if it is so great there in the land of the morose, you could also go back to your origins.


Dirk: You are certainly making some good points about the Scandinavian life stiles! However, why should a larger population and lack of homogeneity stand in the way of universal health care? Medicare seems to be working quite well, - even here! But, where you get the idea that the Scandinavian countries ride only on medical research done here, I don’t know. Medical research is shared world-wide, and the Scandinavian countries are major contributors to the world scene, and in many ways leaders despite their smaller populations. Don’t jump to easy and convenient conclusions that the Trump-supporting ignoramuses will happily fall for.

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