In his July 6 letter to the editor, “National debt,” Mr. Perkins fails to explain why health care paid for with taxes is a horrorshow compared to health care paid for with non-tax dollars. Eliminating the profit-seeking middlemen and having a single entity negotiating prices means we will pay less for health care than we pay now. Meanwhile, illegal immigrants and others who cannot afford insurance must be cared for when they show up in emergency rooms today, meaning that the most expensive health care is passed on to the rest of us. Replacing emergency room health care with regular checkups lowers health care costs for all of us.

Perkins repeats the liar in chief’s bogus figure of $93 trillion for the Green New Deal, which is currently a collection of broad goals and not a detailed plan that can be costed. Even though that includes health care for all, Perkins insists on adding health care costs for the second time.

Do you think some of that far-left socialist free college education would reduce the ignorance on display in the Daily Journal letters?

Chuck Simmons

Redwood City

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