For 10 years, the Hall of Fame has rejected Barry Bonds for good reasons and now Barry wants in the back door. Barry was denied for good reasons for those 10 years and nothing has changed. Barry’s action while playing gave the wrong example to young upcoming players. Letting him in insults the players already in the Hall of Fame.

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Ray Fowler

Good morning, Robert

Barry was putting up Hall of Fame numbers before he came to San Francisco. If his performance before steroids qualifies him for Cooperstown, do you think he should be considered for induction?


Dear Bob, this is about your 6th LTE condemning Barry Bonds for what you call brazen violation of PED's. Before your 7th column I urge you to do some research. Commissioner Bud Selig (former owner of the Brewers) was complicit in rampant PED usage.

Under his watch there was a tie in the all-star game and NO World Series. Bud used the Sosa and McGwire HR contest to bring baseball back into the seats. Barry admitted using some product called the Clean and the Clear, zero needles in the process.

Also please research the Mitchell report and answer me WHY punch and Judy hitters who took PED's never hit more than 14 home runs even though they were saturated with shot-up thighs and hamstrings into their blood stream. PED's do not help you hit home runs nor even hit the ball, they help with recovery.

It is clear - you became jealous of his hometown prowess, compared to say your accomplishments on LL fields and Babe Ruth fields. I checked Max Preps for when you were in HS - but I struck out.

Like Ray said - he was putting up HOF numbers when he was at Pittsburgh. Please research Piazza, Pudge Rodriquez and several other starting pitchers already in the HOF who used.

Pudge played at 225 lbs. and two years ago I sat next to him watching his son Derrick pitch for the Giants and Pudge is now about 170 pounds.

The Mitchell report had 11 Dodgers in 2001 in the report and nobody were high - high HR hitters.

Hardly any of your former coworkers at the fire house agree with you. It is possible maybe that Barry stiffed you or one of your friends on an autograph - so you have that going for you. Also your choice of "Barry's begging" ..... leaves a lot to be desired. Show me where he is/was begging?

Ray Fowler


"There are three things I have learned never to discuss with others... religion, politics, and the Great Pumpkin." Linus Van Pelt, 1966

Maybe Linus should add a fourth topic... sports.

American sportswriters considered Barry ten times for induction into MLB's Hall of Fame and they turned him down each time. Today, MLB's Contemporary Baseball Era Committee failed to select Barry for induction. He will have another chance in 2026.

Mike... Barry may or may not eventually get to Cooperstown... but it's got nothing to do with Bud Selig. Sosa, McGwire, the Mitchell Report... and it's especially got nothing to do with whether Robert thinks Barry should get in. So, Giants fans... keep your fingers crossed and your focus on Barry's numbers.


Well he most likely did not get in due to one of these:

* He treated people poorly during his playing days

* The color of his skin

* Babe Ruth / Hank Aaron sentiment

Ray Fowler

Hey, Mike

I think you're batting .333 on this one. If there was a pro-Aaron sentiment working against Bonds, then how is the color of Bonds' skin working against him? So, it may not be the color of Bonds' skin but the content of his character... and treating people poorly during his playing days may have been a factor. Character apparently also played a part in Curt Schilling not getting the votes needed for HOF induction.

I understand Giants fans, like yourself, rooting hard for Barry to get into Cooperstown, but outside the Bay Area... you won't find such adulation and probably not a whole lot of respect for No. 25. That being said, we should expect nothing less than Giants fans keeping their fingers crossed and their focus on Barry's numbers for 2026.

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