My name is Aniya Majors, I am a resident of East Palo Alto. I attend Sequoia High School where I am the president of Sequoia’s Black Student Union (BSU). My club and I, have been involved in an Anti-Vaping Campaign with the Bay Area Community Health Advisory Council, which focuses on raising the awareness of anti-flavored tobacco and vaping.

My concern is that more youth are getting involved with using vape pens, flavored tobacco and other liquid tobacco devices. Tobacco companies, such as JUUL, have been known to use their social media platforms to target my peers. Over recent years, the percentage of youth using flavored tobacco vape pens and other e-cigarettes have significantly increased. More students are getting suspended from my school because they are getting caught vaping on campus. It has not only affected high schoolers but also the epidemic has expanded to middle schoolers, and even fifth-graders. I want local city councils and the county put tougher restrictions on the sale of flavored tobacco in convenient stores and other vaping products.

It has been proven that the nicotine inside of just even one pod is harmful, especially to teens. The nicotine and chemicals in the flavors are dangerous and can harm more than just the brain; our lungs may also be affected and teens who vape may get popcorn lung. I want my peers to know just how harmful and unhealthy vaping is and for city councils in Redwood City, East Palo Alto and Daly City to pass legislation on this issue.

Aniya Majors

East Palo Alto

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Well written comments on very important subject. It's great to see students involved and perhaps they can change the direction of very deleterious vaping (and smoking) for all generations. I understand that these young people are very instrumental in educating their parents and grandparents. Congratulations! Keep it up!

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