Mark Simon

As we blessedly near the end of the 2022 political cycle, I have been considering what might best sum up the year — the campaigns, the candidates and the atmosphere that have characterized this election. Sadly, it seems to come down to one word — disappointment.

Far be it from me to sound a note that, in any way, might discourage people from voting.

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If people want to know Linhares' stance on abortion rights, they can ask. He can either answer or not. Clearly he felt like it would be unpopular with voters for him to stay silent for so long. But ultimately he's clarifying his position and now we vote.


Vote early and you will likely receive fewer mailers, emails, and phone calls. Abortion is not a local issue and should not be part of a local campaign. Following the money tells a lot about the candidates.


As someone who is deeply pro-choice, I respect Rod Linhares position on Prop 1 and hope he wins the District 5 City Council seat. Why? Because we need to get San Mateo City Council away from the toxic politics that has been introduced by Mayor Bonilla and Council member Amo Lee. Choice will never be an agenda item under City Council jurisdiction. And after all the dirty politics, I don’t think we have to worry if Rod will run for higher office. I think he’s probably seen enough, and I don’t blame him. But he will be a blessing for San Mateo as the District 5 representative along with Lisa Diaz Nash for District 1 and Rob Newsom for District 3.

Ray Fowler

You are correct when you write. “… rhetoric that colors so much of our national politics has leaked into our local politics…” You are also correct when you say misleading rhetoric issued by local politicos is “disappointing.”

Rudy Espinoza-Murray wrote in a column a while back that local politics matter. He is spot-on, and the DJ deserves credit for publishing so many LTEs submitted by local voters. However, IMO the disappointing rhetoric from local politicians like Papan, Parmer-Lohan, Lee, Bonilla, and Corzo has apparently leaked into a good number of those letters.

I am a First Amendment guy. It’s OK if a letter writer wants to parrot something negative said by someone else, but how persuasive is such negative rhetoric?

In stark contrast is an October 4 LTE submitted by Alison Proctor titled, “Mental health is at the top of mind for us.” In her advocacy for Noelia Corzo, Alison did not tear down Corzo’s opponent, Charles Stone, but she told readers why she thinks Noelia is worthy of support at the ballot box. To be fair, Charles’ supporters have presented positive reasons to vote for him.

My advice to any undecideds out there is to look at the positives then vote for the candidate with more meaningful accomplishments and admirable qualities.

Tommy Tee

Stone has used 2 below-the-belt hit pieces this cycle. I didn't expect him to go low this campaign. It's not very becoming at all. But I guess he's desperate, because to lose means he's out of local politics until next election cycle.


McCarthyism is alive and well in this race.

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